How To Remove an Oil Stain From A Garage Floor in 3 Steps

Oil spills lead quickly to oil stains. Move fast and you can keep the concrete surface of your garage floor or driveway from developing a permanent scar. You’ll just need a few common household items: liquid soap, a bristle brush, and kitty litter.

1. After sopping up the oil, get the stain wet as soon as possible to slow the spread of the stain. Follow up with soapy water, and let the stain soak for about 15 minutes.

2. Scrub the stain thoroughly with your brush.

3. Cover the soapy, oily stain with a layer of kitty litter. Put some weight on the litter to absorb the stain by walking across it, grinding your heels in.

This process will work best on fresh stains. Soaked-in spills will be far more stubborn. More extreme treatments may help: brake fluid, engine degreaser, or even strong acid. For a safe and permanent solution to oil stains – covering old ones and preventing new ones – we offer attractive chemical resistant coatings.

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