Does Your Garage Floor Crack You Up in DFW?

If you are applying a garage floor coating, most cracks can be repaired with an epoxy or flexible concrete compound. We must make sure the areas around the cracks have been cleaned and that any large cracks have been washed out and vacuumed to a dust-free surface.

For cracks that are smaller than 1/8?, we can use a high powered blower to clear out the crack and then vacuum it clean. We can then fill the crack with the repair compound and use a putty knife to smooth it over. For larger cracks we ideally want to chase the crack using a 4” grinder, clean it out, and then fill it with the repair compound using your putty knife to trowel it smooth. This is done to remove any weak edges surrounding the crack. crack3

If you have a crack that is ½” wide or larger or that is exceptionally deep, we would clean out the crack and try to create a backward-angled cut. We will also use a grinder with a masonry wheel for this as well. We will fill the crack with fine silica sand till it is about 3/4? from the surface and then apply our repair compound to it. The reason for this is to avoid sinking of the repair compound as it slowly fills the crack while curing. By taking these steps to your garage floor cracks this will help prevent the repair from upheaving further.

This is an essential step in our process of applying our custom garage floor coating. In order for us to deliver a seamless, uniform floor coating, we feel it very important to address any surface imperfections i.e. crack or divots in


the garage floor surface. If your garage floor has the aforementioned imperfections and you would like to see if these blemishes may be taken care of by the application of a custom garage floor coating, please give us a call at 817-308-1305 and let us help bring back the beauty to your garage floor.