Turning a 3-car garage into a 4-car garage in Dallas, TX

Finished out another garage makeover for John & Brian in Dallas last week. They have a tandem 2.5 car and needed additional parking for the Aston Martin. With the addition of the 4-post lift we were able to turn this 3 car garage into a full 4-car garageā€¦.all for under $4300, not bad for adding another parking spot in the garage!

The floor was also redone with a new coating system as the old one was coming up all over the garage. To keep with the modern look of the house, we went with a granite colored mix on the colored flakes with a deep gray base coat. The garage floor coating system here in Dallas really sets the garage off and complements the modern looking home very well. The lift is a 8000lb cap 4-post that runs on 110v, so no special wiring is required to put one of our 4 post lifts in your garage. The garage ceiling height was just around 9 feet, so it was a tight fit with the car on there and one under it. You can see the hood of the Jeep fits right under it nicely. Congrats Brian & John on the new Custom Garage Works makeover, was great working with y’all on the garage.

All the best,

The CGW Crew.