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Garage Floor Coating Frisco TX, With Garage Cabinets & Overhead Storage

Here is a great example of what we can do with a standard size 2 car garage. This Frisco Garage Floor Epoxy Coating is around 400 sqft. We did the floor in a custom 4 layer system coating and a heavy broadcasted colored flake. We then installed a few of our CGW Metal Garage Cabinets and then topped it off with a couple 4×8 overhead storage racks for even more easy access garage storage. This was all done over a 1.5 day period and the client was floored with the way it all came.

Back From Christmas Break

Well it’s the Monday after the Christmas break…. It’s 35 degrees outside and we are starting on 2 large garage jobs in Montserrat in far west Fort Worth today. Too much food and rest makes for a very slow moving Monday for the guys! There is a dusting of snow, or ice on the ground today… Fun fun. Everyone be safe out on the roads, some over passes are still a bit slick.

Garage Floor Coating Frisco, Texas

We did the garage a couple years ago, came back to install 2 4-post lifts as his collection increased but his garage size did not. With the 2 lifts we turned his 3-car garage into a 5 car garage!

Here’s a few garages from last week and some lift installs. Dec has been very busy, sorry to those folks that we had to get to after the Christmas holiday. We like to take a break in Dec for family, hunting, and just to catch our breath… not this year! We have 4 more garages this week before we break for Christmas break on weds evening.

Custom Garage Fort Worth, Texas

Here is a garage completed with a custom cobalt light blue mix. The walls were done floor to ceiling with a slate great Slat-wall system.

The single bay garage portion has 14′ ceilings to accommodate the the extended height/length 4-post storage/service lift. This 4 post is beefed up to handle anything from a Porsche to a extended cab work truck.

This was a totally new custom build in west Fort Worth and the garage was as nice if not nicer than the copper roofed house.


Garage Flooring & Cabinets Mansfield, Texas

Another satisfied Custom Garage Works client in Mansfield. The Vett just looks like it’s made for this garage. The floor we did in a granite gray color and then the back wall and flanked on the sides of the garage was finished out with custom garage cabinets in a rough cut rustic finish with raised door panels.

Congrats Greg on your man cave! Now on to the muscle car restore you have been waiting to do. Always great to see folks turn there plain garages into truly great works of art… At least in a garage art sorry of way.

Dallas Plane Hanger Garage Flooring

Finishing up on the last hanger job here in Pecan Plantation for the week. Here are a couple shots of the first one done this week. Couple of sweet planes in there already and the lounge area set up. These retired pilot’s don’t waste any time!

Congrats to Mark and Mike on their new hanger areas and the garages. Look forward to the hanger parties that will take place in them. I’m just 2 miles up the lake from ya so fly by with a touch and go anytime. And Mike, looking forward to my ride in the red tail… That will be a item to mark off the bucket list to do a few barrel rolls and stall dives in that bad girl!

Dallas Area Garage Flooring & Cabinets

Here are a few shots of a 3 car garage we finished up a couple weeks ago with a custom bordered floor, the border was 12-14″ wide and went around the whole garage and split the bays as well.

The cabinets are all custom built into the wall stud system and then accented with some cedar colored slat wall. The color of the cabinets are a one off custom color that we tried to match with the floor. This was a big project that had some challenges to overcome but in the end it came out great.

Thanks Lou for choosing Custom Garage Works for your total custom garage makeover.

Burleson, Texas Restaurant Flooring

This is a dining and food prep floor we did for a new business in Burleson called Wild About Harry’s its a gourmet hot dog and custard shop if you’re down in the old downtown area of Burleson we highly recommend you stop in and try their wares… very good. We did the floor in a custom grey cobalt color and it works great in there dining areas and kitchen areas. this is an old building that is over 130 years old, so a great challenge/opportunity to work with concrete from that far back totally different beast.

We have done 4 different garages for the families that own this business, we appreciate all the confidence you all have in our work.

Best of luck with the new business!