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Concrete Paint VS Polyurea Coatings

polyaspartic coatings

Polyurea Out-Performs, Out-Shines, And Out-Lasts Concrete Paints.

When you are choosing a new floor coating for your garage, one of the first things you are going to consider is the cost. Because of this, many homeowners first look into cheap epoxy DIY kits, or even just concrete paint. While both of these products are far from useless, they are not a great choice for high traffic areas, such as a garage floor. Today we will discuss a few of the key differences between concrete paints and polyurea coatings.

Concrete Paints & Epoxy Coatings

As two of the major DIY systems, you can find these products at your local big chain hardware store. Both are also  great fro small areas that need a temporary coating, or areas that won’t be receiving heavy or heated traffic. Driving your vehicle into the garage will almost certainly ruin either of these coatings, particularly on hot tires. Even regular foot traffic causes too much friction for these thin and flaking coatings. Another big problem with these DIY kits is that the prep often requires acid etching, which is not only inconsistent, but also harmful to your concrete flooring.

Polyurea & Polyaspartic Coatings

These coatings are specifically designed for garage floors, and can only be applied by professionals. Our team uses proper diamond grinding to ensure that your floor is properly prepared. Additionally, these coatings are made of several layers that interlock together to create a powerful surface that won’t be disrupted by heavy or regular traffic.

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