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The Benefits Of Coated Concrete Floors

Do you enjoy the look of an exposed concrete floor? Or are you looking for an alternative to expensive hard flooring options and high maintenance carpet? If so, the team here at Custom Garage Works may have the ideal solution for you. While we specialize in garage remodeling, we are also very experienced with treating concrete flooring anywhere you may need it. Today we will go over some of the benefits you can get from a professionally coated concrete floor.


concrete floor coating

Everyone Can Enjoy A Coated Concrete Floor!

First and foremost, let’s discuss style. For the interior of a home, the traditional choices have been tile, wood, and carpet. However, due to advancements in concrete coating, coated floors look just as nice, if not nicer than some traditional options. These floors boast unique patterns, high shine, and a striking appearance. Coated concrete floors are rising in popularity for bathrooms, basements, exercise rooms, and even kitchens!


Concrete coating is significantly cheaper than installing any type of new flooring. This is an ideal money saving option, particularly if you are remodeling. After removing the existing floor, you’ll find concrete underneath, and our team can grind and coat that floor in hours.


Imagine that you had a floor as durable as tile, but without the tiny areas of grout that just won’t come clean. Coated floors take grout right out of the equation, so you can finally enjoy a floor that is truly easy to clean completely. Better yet, you don’t need any special materials to clean it, ,just a mild soap and some warm water, and it mops to a perfect shine.

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