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How to Customize Your Garage on a Budget

If you are sick of your outdated, rundown garage that is taking up space, why not remodel it? Not only will the new and improved custom garage boost your curb appeal, but depending on how you remodel it, it could actually increase your property value! Remodeling could be anything from applying a restorative epoxy floor coating over your beat up flooring to transforming your old garage into a custom garage that is more like a studio office. Here at Custom Garage Works, we can help you create and install your custom garage in Haslet and Fort Worth, TX. Call us at 214-494-9068 to set up an appointment today.

What Are Some Ways You Can Create a Custom Garage?

If you are wanting to utilize the extra space you have and turn it into something useful, there are a ton of things you can do to make a custom garage that is perfect for you! If you don’t use it as a carpark, you could turn your garage interior into an extra bedroom. All that would be needed would be installing some insulation and adding some epoxy floor coating or carpet to make it more homey. A lot of garages end up becoming storage sheds or workrooms. Many homeowners like to make it into a studio, man cave, or children’s play area. Or you could create a hybrid of your own and make a custom garage where half of it is a carpark and the other half is a workroom! The possibilities are endless!

storage space in a garage

We Can Create Your Custom Garage With Tons of Wall and Ceiling Storage Space

What is Garage Floor Coating?

A garage floor coating is a protective sealant applied over your concrete driveway to help preserve the life of your garage floor. Think about how much damage it sees on a daily basis. The weight of multiple cars, chemical and paint spills, oil, extra storage, landscaping equipment and other tools, and sometimes even the weight and heat of a refrigerator. All of these can leave stains and cracks on your garage floor and cause it to deteriorate. By getting a custom garage floor coating, you are not only covering up the imperfections, but protecting your floor from getting any more harm done to it.

There are two types of garage floors: coatings and coverings. While coatings allow you to create a more custom garage with their more versatile selections, coverings are better for for floors that have seen and will continue to see chemical spills as they resist moisture and acid better. If you are having trouble picking out the best coating or covering for your custom garage in Haslet and Fort Worth, TX, call Custom Garage Works at 214-494-9068 for help!

Best Garage Floor Coating Options

  • Epoxy garage floor coating: Garage floor epoxy is available in many different kinds of formats such as clear, polyurethane, high solid, or waterborne.
  • Concrete floor paint: Available in latex and oil-based paints, this concrete floor paint is easy to apply and touch up, but not as tough as epoxy floor coatings.
  • Concrete floor stain: Used for strictly decorative purposes, concrete stains are like a wax that gives a translucent shine to concrete to make it appear like stone, but it does not provide any protection.
  • Concrete sealers: Coming in clear and tinted versions, concrete sealers are tougher than concrete floor paint and even cheaper and easier to apply than them.
  • Rigid snap-together tile coverings: Made of stiff plastic, these tiles can handle heavier loads. Easy to install, they just snap right into place.
  • Rollout mat coverings: While offering many perks like easy installation and maintenance, these rollout rubber maters, can get permanently stained by tire marks and chemicals. They also expand and contract due to temperature fluctuations.
  • Interlocking flexible tiles: Offering the same negatives and positives as rollout mat coverings, interlocking tiles are different in that they are available in unique patterns and colors that help to let you create a custom garage.

How Do I Maximize My Garage Space?

If you are wanting to remodel your garage in a easy way by simply increasing your storage space, there are tons of way you can do that. Depending on how much space you need and how many items you need to store will determine what type of garage storage units will be best for you. Just needing to make more room for your car by getting those bicycles and pool accessories out of the way? Install an overhead hanging rack to place them there. For smaller objects like athletic equipment and tools, custom garage cabinets that fit against your wall or ceiling are best.

organized garage

Our Custom Garage Storage Systems Allow You To Have More Car and Walking Space

Garage Organization Ideas

  • Install a hanging storage system from your ceiling
  • Store long and large tools flat against your wall on horizontal pegged boards
  • Increase space by making a workbench that folds into your wall
  • Using cheap but durable materials like metal workbench covers and plastic POVC drawers help to dramatically reduce the budget of your custom garage
  • Get everything off the floor and move it all into a wall storage system
  • DIY your own scuff guards by drilling pool noodles into the wall
  • Renovate your unused garage into an office
  • Prevent thieves by installing a garage door light or get an app on your phone that tells you when you leave it open
  • Make opening the garage door easier by connecting your smartphone to your bluetooth and electrical system that can open the door while you are pulling into the driveway
  • Set your garage up into specific zones so you know where everything is and can easily get to them