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Identifying the Best Garage Updates

a messy garage filled with various items

Updating Your Garage

When you’re preparing your home to sell, there are many standard improvements and upgrades that are known to bring higher offers from potential buyers. Remodeled and updated bathrooms and kitchens are on the top of the list. Upgrading the back deck for a luxury outdoor living area is another. But one upgrade that many homeowners do not consider is garage updates.

Why should I update my garage?

This is likely your first question. The garage is often a forgotten space. It’s there, we utilize it, but most of us aren’t getting as much usable space as we could. That’s a shame, because getting more space is something that doesn’t require adding more square footage! Read on for a few ways to gain usable space in the same space you already have with garage updates: 

Extra Storage

Adding storage is most functional garage updates that you can do. It is helpful and productive to store away things we only use on holidays, or things we just save simply because. And the storage of our every day or weekly things is important too, and organization is key. 

Garage storage upgrades should start with creating a structured storage section by installing shelving for storage bins and tubs. From the floor to the ceiling, this vertical storage space will make it easy to find things because labeling these bins and tubs should be part of all garage updates! 

Safety Precautions

There are probably very few garages that don’t have dangerous things in them. Automotive fluids, lawn and garden chemicals, and tools. Garage updates should include installing specialized ways to put these things out of reach for children, whether it is a locking cabinet or high upon a shelf, or a combination of both is better. 

Versatile Space

A garage is more than just a place to park our vehicles, and garage updates should take that into consideration. A double or triple-car garage can be divided up into a specific space for the car(s), and another area for an art studio, woodworking hobby, or party area complete with a bar, counter, refrigerator, and comfy seating. 

Higher Resale Value

Organized garage updates increase home value. Plain and simple! Take your garage from a dull area of your home and make it functional – something a potential buyer could picture themselves using. 

Energy Efficiency

Spend a little money on garage updates can save you money when you use energy-efficient ideas and materials. Garage door upgrades and window upgrades can bring your home more value. Insulate the walls and attic space, then make it temperature controlled is even more value. 

Neighborhood Envy

When you open your garage door now, it may be embarrassing as the neighbors drive or walk by. Garage updates can give you more organized space and that can give you a garage to be proud of when the doors open! A Garage floor upgrade is one of the most eye-catching things you can do that will make your neighbors envious! 

Technology Upgrade

There is so much technology that can make our lives easier, even in the garage. Adding technology is a big part of garage updates today. Start with new garage doors that can be opened and closed remotely from your cell phone.  If you’re a car buff, add a car lift made especially for residential garages. 

Self-Sufficient Kids

As a parent, it can be frustrating when the kids don’t put their stuff away or can’t get to the stuff they need or want. Garage updates should include a way for their sports equipment to be easily stored so that they’ll utilize it every time. 

What can I update my garage with?

Professional organizers suggest the following as some of the best Garage Remodel Ideas you can do: 

  1. Install and upgrade garage door(s)
  2. Insulate and ventilate the garage space
  3. Create a purposeful storage strategy
  4. Gain adequate, ample lighting
  5. Include flooring that is easy to clean
  6. Add more electrical outlets
  7. Add a walk-in door

What are the most cost-effective garage updates?

With garage updates, like any home update, you want to get the most bang for the buck, and these are what real estate professionals recommend: 

  • STORAGE: From vehicles and crates to lawnmowers and sports equipment, a garage can get crowded fast. But with a well-planned storage system, you have more footage available than you realize. Go vertical and don’t forget the ceiling has ample storage with hooks. 
  • INSULATION: Garage updates that include insulation are not overkilling! There are many benefits that you aren’t realizing, but not only will your car be protected, but all the stuff you’re storing will be safer too. 
  • ELECTRICAL: In a garage, updates with more electrical outlets is never going to be a waste.  
  • FLOORING: If your garage concrete flooring is cracked, crumbling, and stained, fix it up! Clean it, patch cracks and holes, and consider applying paint or sealer. Waterproofing the garage floor is a huge improvement that will bring a good ROI.
  • DOOR: An updated garage door is the most effective improvement to the curb appeal of your home, and it doesn’t have to be the most expensive door! 
a well-organized and updated garage space

In Closing

So, all that being said, what are the current best garage updates? Everything we’ve discussed here can be a great choice when you’re seeking garage updates. But, if your budget needs you to pick and choose, these are the ones to focus on: 

  • Storage
  • Flooring
  • Doors

If you can only do one, determine which of the 3 is the worse condition and go with that one. If you can do all three, even better! 

Do Garage Remodels Up the Value of Your Home?

a messy and cluttered garage

Garage Remodeling Projects

Maybe you’re considering putting your home on the market or maybe you’re just needing to improve the area. Either way, there are many reasons to perform garage remodels! Before you dive into the project or commit a budget, most likely, you have concerns and questions, like does remodeling your garage add value to your home?

If you’re looking at garage remodels for a resale feature, most real estate experts will tell you that while a prospective buyer may be impressed the garage is clean and organized, don’t expect a high ROI. Unless a prospective buyer is a gearhead or has a hobby like woodworking, the value of garage remodels isn’t worth going into major debt. However, there are benefits of garage remodels: 

  • Property Value: Okay, yes, we just said most real estate experts say that garage remodels will not give you much ROI, but that doesn’t mean any value at all. If you have a small 2 or 3-bedroom home and no den, office, or playroom, then garage remodels can add some value for resale. After a year of quarantine that had families together under the same roof 24/7, that spare room or an extra bedroom has the value-add that maybe it didn’t 5 years ago.  Whether it is a game room for the whole family, another bedroom to give kids space, or an office for work-from-home aspect, garage remodels were being done, and still are today. 
  • Access and Enjoyment: Remodeling garages has been done simply to give homeowners a better space to enjoy or utilize. Maybe you didn’t realize you needed some space until 12 months of mandated quarantine. Then you realized just how crowded the house was inside, so yes, by adding more storage space and updating with sealed flooring, you can make your garage more useful and enjoyable.
  • Income Booster: Again, a year of mandated quarantine caused businesses to downsize or close. Perhaps you lost an income during this time, and you could use an extra avenue of money coming into your home. Garage remodels can give you that extra income by converting yours into a garage apartment. There are others that experienced a job loss or reduced employment too. They’re looking to get back on their feet that could use cheaper rent for a while. Garage remodels have proven to be a win-win for homeowners and those looking to get back out on their own again.
  • Mother-n-Law Suite: Maybe you have a parent that doesn’t need to be living alone in a full house, and they aren’t ready for a ‘home’ either. Garage remodels are popular for creating a small apartment as a mother-in-law suite too. Mom is close by for mutual helping, but she has her own space too. Garage remodels have been excellent for that young adult child that lost their own place and needs temporary living arrangements. 

Do houses with garages sell better?

What if your home doesn’t have a garage, never did, is it worth building one?  Absolutely!  Nationwide, a house with a garage will sell for as much as $25,000 more than a house without one. That is over 10% ROI for a basic property upgrade. Maybe garage remodels aren’t always a high ROI, but having a garage is something home buyers are looking for, and preferably a 2-car garage. 

Does enclosing a garage add value?

Garage remodels that include closing in a one-car garage of a small home can boost the home value by at least $5,000. However, you want to make sure that any type of garage conversion you consider that includes enclosing the garage for that den or extra bedroom doesn’t take away from having off-the-street parking. Make sure there is still room for at least one vehicle to be parked off the streets. 

What is the average cost of garage remodels? 

Well, this is going to be based on the size of the garage and how detailed and fancy you plan to remodel and upgrade the space.  Here we provide three different levels of garage remodels or updates and what each can provide: 

Partial Garage Remodels

Partial garage remodels can start at around $500 and reach upwards of $5,000. There are different forms for partial garage remodels, like updating with a new garage door, or resurfacing the floors. If you have an older home and garage, a partial remodel will improve your chance of selling the house at a higher dollar. 

Full Garage Remodels

Full garage remodels can start at $7,000 and reach upward of $15,000 on average. Full garage remodels are most common among homeowners that need to store an antique, classic car. They want the best for their car and will have high-quality floor coating installed and finish the walls. They have custom cabinets built and add storage units and install new garage doors. Full garage remodels can take on many looks in many styles to meet a wide range of needs.

Garage Conversion Costs

A garage conversion is a financial commitment that can start at $20,000 and go up to $75,000 or more. A garage conversion is usually done to convert a car storage area into a living space, perhaps a bedroom, playroom, office, or a full but small apartment. Word of caution with a full garage conversion: If you’re planning on selling the house in the future, you need to add a garage after you’ve completed the conversion, or you could lose the resale value of a home with the remodeled garage because most homebuyers want to off-the-street parking, especially in an area where the weather can cause a lot of damage to the car, such as hailstorms. 

a well-organized garage after remodeling

In Closing – A Few Ways to Upgrade Garages

Here are a few suggestions that experts say will give you the most bang for the buck no matter if you stay or if you sell: 

  • An easy-to-open/close garage door
  • Insulation and ventilation
  • Smart storage 
  • Adequate, well placed, lighting
  • Easy-to-clean flooring
  • Ample electrical outlets
  • An exterior and interior walk-through door that locks
  • Space for the car

Remember that if you’re going to spend the money and time for garage remodels, you want to make sure you’re getting the most valuable garage upgrades.