Are Garage Cracks Normal?

garage floor cracks

Why are There Cracks in my Garage Floor?

We understand, homeowners take every detail of their homes seriously, so when your home is freshly completed and cracks appear in your garage, it’s easy to feel alarmed. Custom Garage Works assures any homeowner however that just discovers cracks in their newly finished garage floor that those cracks are all part of the home owning process. Here are some of the reasons why there are cracks appearing in your garage floor:

  • Foundation settling
  • Response to heat or cold
  • Concrete dehydration 

When happening for the above reasons, minor cracks often appear naturally in houses both new and old. However, some cracks are large and unseemly, going from simply being large to making an uneven surface. These cracks are caused by reasons such as:

  • Poor material in construction
  • Poor craftsmanship
  • Ground shifting 
  • Bad drainage or moisture buildup 

Moisture can be the bane of any part of construction, that includes your garage floor. Most cracks however, are not as bad as they often look. When you get a new garage or a freshly refurbished one, Custom Garage Works has preventive solutions for cracks that will leave your garage looking far better thanks to our many solution services

Are Cracks in a Garage Floor Normal?

While many cracks in your garage foundation may seem sudden and unordinary, it is actually normal for cracks to appear on your garage floor. Especially with the natural soft soil in Haslet and Fort Worth, TX, structures have need for settling before becoming fully stable. Particularly however, when installing further customization into your garage such as car and auto lifts, minor cracking is possible and does happen on occasion. That is why we recommend having your garage floor coated with products such as epoxy flooring, which we provide. Epoxy flooring coats your flooring and makes it stronger than the concrete underneath, holding it in place with a more sturdy grip.

Cracks in Garage Walls

Cracks in your walls are just like those in your floor, they can be from a multitude of reasons and are generally normal. Your garage is no different, only if the crack is widening or is past half an inch should you consider getting it inspected. Before panicking about that crack that has appeared in your garage wall, consider:

  • Is there a moving part like a door or garage door
  • Shelving or hanging decorations could be settling 

Another factor to consider if you find cracks in your brick the exterior walls of your garage is that much of the time a wall like a brick wall is partly decoration. When coupled with a door or a garage door, there will more than likely be minor cracking due to the pathway. Unless more than minor, cracks around a garage door are normal due to settling and due to the constant motion the mechanism provides. When you consider storage in your garage, trust a first rate garage customization company, trust Custom Garage Works. We offer a wide variety of storage options that can both hand on your wall as well as based on the ground or even the ceiling.

How do I fix a Crack in my Garage?

Whether on your floor or in your wall, it is absolutely possible to fix both when it comes to cracks appearing. Before thinking about fixing any cracks in your garage, an important process to go through is to clean the surface where the crack is. The importance of cleaning the surface keeps debris and moisture from being caught inside the crack when the coat is applied. Cracks that appear in your garage often can be filled with a grainy substance that packs in and can last accompanied by an epoxy coating. 

While there are multiple ways to avoid damages in your home, avoiding cracks is perhaps one of the most difficult things to do because it often happens outside of the homeowner’s control. As mentioned, cracks around a garage door and general entryways to your garage often create natural cracks into the walls that are generally minor if not hard to detect. The cracks that can often be avoided are those made by shelves and decorations. While many cracks happen on the surface level of your wall after hanging decorations and shelves, they tend to be supported by a stud or in a material that is more supportive such as concrete. 

As mentioned before, cracks in your garage can be filled. The most important process part of filling the crack however is to clean it before filling. As a premier garage customization company, Custom Garage Works understands there are people that want to try to do the job yourself. When dealing with garage cracks, break away any loose material that could fall off in the filling process, vacuum out the area, and make doubly sure to check there is no moisture. We recommend that when you feel a crack needs service, call 214-494-9068 for one of our professionals to come out and check it out so we can give you an accurate estimation on whether repairs are needed and if customization is possible with it there. 

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