Epoxy Floor Coating vs Paint

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What is epoxy garage floor coating?

Did you know that your garage floor doesn’t have to be stained with grease, oil, and whatever else comes from vehicles?  Whether you just purchased a house that a DIY car enthusiast lived in before or you are the DIY car enthusiast / grease monkey, your garage floor can look clean and be easy to clean. Epoxy garage floor coating can take your garage floors from yuck to wow.

An epoxy garage floor coating is an actual thermosetting resin, one part epoxide resin and one part polyamine hardener. The part polyamine is catalyst and why epoxy needs to ‘cure’, not dry like paint. Epoxy garage floor coating purpose is to strengthen, protect, and prevent corrosion and decay of the garage floor. For example, epoxy is used on pipelines as a protective coating that strengthens the pipes. 

Why use epoxy garage floor coating vs paint? 

Many people have confusion about the differences between an epoxy garage floor coating and paint. Garage floor pain is latex acrylic and while there are some that have epoxy added that makes them more durable than basic paint, it not as durable, protective, and strong as an epoxy garage floor coating. 

What are the disadvantages of epoxy flooring?

For an area that will have heavy foot traffic, you want the flooring to be durable, which can be more expensive, but looking into the future, it will save you money because cleaning, maintenance, and repairs are minimized. This is where having an epoxy garage floor coating is a consideration.  There are pros and cons to anything, and epoxy garage floor coating isn’t any different. So, just what are the drawback to an epoxy garage floor coating? 

  • Temporary: Epoxy garage floor coating is durable but  temporary. Eventually, after daily wear and tear, it will begin to crack. 
  • Slippery: Most epoxy garage floor coating are skid resistant, until it has an oil spill. If there is a tendency for oil and water spilling, epoxy garage floor coating may not be the best solution. 
  • Preparation: There is a lot of required effort to get ready for an epoxy garage floor coating to be installed. There cannot be any grease or oil on the surface, and any cracks need to be filled.
  • Application: The floor prepping is time consuming and application process of an epoxy garage floor coating is even more time consuming. The first coat of the epoxy coating has to be completely dry before a second coat is applied. That drying time takes several days.
  • Odor: Epoxy garage floor coating has strong fumes and the darker the color, the strong ammonia odor after it has been applied. 
  • Sensitive: Epoxy garage floor coating directions to install must be followed to the very end of the directions. When any difference is made from the directions, it can shorten the lifespan. This is one of the biggest reasons it is always best to have an epoxy garage floor coating installed professionally. 
  • Adherence: Epoxy garage floor coating will not adhere well in a moist environment. This is another reason why it should be installed by a professional. They have the experience and knowledge to combat this issue if needed. 

How long will epoxy garage floor last?

Epoxy garage floor coating has become a popular choice for homeowners over the past few years. Everyone wants their garage floor to look like a dealership show room. When an epoxy garage floor coating is applied by a professional, and you take proper care and maintenance of this flooring, you can expect a lifespan up to 10 years, or longer.  Other benefit you can expect are: 

  • Appearance and Defects Covered: Epoxy garage floor coating will transform your garage area into a complete, elegant, modern, and sleek area. The shiny surface will complement the lighting, decorative or work purposed, allowing the light to bounce off the epoxy, adding a new dimension. Epoxy garage floor coating will cover up and previous defects and is available in several colors and designs to outfit your garage while hiding any imperfections thoroughly. The professional contract that knows how to apply epoxy garage floor coating can add decorative mica or quartz chips for that speckled look which increases traction.  
  • Cost Effectiveness: An epoxy garage floor coating is an affordable option and can be installed over your current flooring when installed by a professional. This is a worthwhile investment that can give you up to 10 years, or longer, of use. 
  • Resistance Factor: An epoxy garage floor coating is resistant to the possible harmful elements that garage floors are subjected to. It is resistant to chemicals, heat, heavy shock, water, and corrosive chemicals. 
  • Protective: Epoxy garage floor coating will seal and protect the concrete flooring, making the concrete longer lasting. This rubbery, thick coating is stain-resistant, a bonus for anyone’s garage floor! 
  • Strong: Epoxy garage floor coating is impact-resistant, shock-resistant, and can withstand substantial weight loads. With tensile strength, epoxy is a sturdy covering that will enhance the concrete underneath ability to withstand up to 3,000 pounds per square inch or more. It won’t peel or tear, providing a standard rigid surface that will hold up awhile looking like glass. 
  • Maintenance Ease: Another advantage of an epoxy garage floor coating it the ease of maintenance and upkeep. Dust is reduced, general sweeping will keep it clean and shiny. Salt residue from winter roads won’t affect epoxy, and any build-up is easily removed by broom, mop, or vacuum. Even contaminants like bacteria, germs, and grime can’t adhere to an epoxy garage floor coating. Clean with detergent and water, no acidic chemicals needed.

Can you recoat an epoxy garage floor?

Yes, with the assurance and knowledge that the  existing epoxy garage floor coating is a two-part resinous product of either epoxy, polyaspartic, polyurea, or polyurethane, and you’re using a product that is compatible. Read the product label to be sure what you’re applying to accomplish this recoating without issue.

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Is it worth it to epoxy garage floor?

Nothing can make a garage floor look better than to upgrade with an epoxy garage floor coating. The cost is on the high end, depending on the size of your garage, estimate between $1,000 and $2,500. However, the results and the lifespan of looking that great for 10 years or longer makes it well worth that expense. 

Can you epoxy your garage floor yourself? The answer is yes, apply your own epoxy garage floor coating can be a great DIY project, if you have the patience and the time to have the patience. The patience in cleaning it before you begin applying the epoxy and the patience to let it dry (days) before you apply a second coating and allow drying time (again, days). 

By hiring a professional to install your epoxy garage floor coating, you have the benefit of guarantee and warranty. By doing your own, any errors or problems are on you, and the manufacturer of the epoxy may not honor their warranty if not applied by a professional. Call 214-494-9068 today for your epoxy floor coating in Haslet and Fort Worth, TX.