Home Remedies for Garage Floor Stains

Very Dirty Oil-Stained Floor

Need Some Help Getting Those Oil Stains Out? Try These Home Remedies!

Whether you’re saving up for that overdue roof repair or a backyard pool, we all look for ways to save a little money here and there. When it comes to cleaning off your garage floors, that tends to fall to the bottom of the to-do list. Thankfully, there are a number of very cheap and even creative ways to get those pesky stains out of your flooring.

How Do I Remove Motor Oil From My Garage Floor?

The first step you’ll want to take is to find a highly absorbent substance to apply to the stain. You can try cat litter or saw dust; both are wonderful for absorbing stains. After a day, sweep away the remains and apply a dry dish detergent over the area. Let it sit for about an hour, then wash it away with boiling water and scrub away the remains.

Some Unusual Tools for Stain Treatment

Of course, there are some more interesting home remedies to get assorted stains out, such as:

  • Soda (for oil)
  • Kool-Aid (for rust)
  • Oven Cleaner (grease, oil, and transmission fluid)

You’ve probably heard about people using Coca-Cola to clean off their engines. Now you can use it to clean off your garage floor stains! All it takes is a few cans of lukewarm cola sitting on the oil stains overnight. Old rust stains can be removed with unmixed Kool-Aid (don’t drink the Kool-Aid). For pretty much everything else, try spraying oven cleaner and letting it sit for 10 minutes.

Schedule Your Garage Floor Coating!

Once you’ve finished clearing away the stains, you may want to consider a capable floor coating to prevent any future garage floor stains. Our team would love to help you apply the coating. Simply give us a call at 214-494-9068 and ask about our Custom Garage Works floor coatings.