How Do I Remodel My Garage?

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Is Converting a Garage a Good Idea?

Would you like to maximize the space of your home? Converting a garage is an idea that appeals to many homeowners. You can convert your garage with a fair amount of grunt work, and do it inexpensively if you research the right methods and use the right contractors for professional tasks like remodeling, electricity, and plumbing. When you empty the contents of your garage and clean it from top to bottom, you have a great template. At a certain point, it will be important to determine what your aesthetics will be, and what you want to accomplish with your garage remodel.

How Do I Remodel My Garage?

Settling into a garage remodel is a remarkable and excellent way to move forward with improving the value of your home. But how do you accomplish such a task? Please review the following bullet points to learn more.

  • The first thing that you need to do is remove the clutter. Completely clear out the area. You can donate items that have value to a resale shop or charity. If things don’t have value, you can throw them away or recycle them as appropriate.
  • Clean the space. If you are going to keep the floors, clean them, and seal them where appropriate. If the walls need to be replaced, find a suitable contractor who is insured and possessed certifications where applicable.
  • Determine how you are going to use the space. If there is going to be a living space in the garage, determine the orientation of the furniture. Think about the materials that you want to use on the walls and the floors. How will they work together and what aesthetic would you like to promote in your remodeled garage?
  • For professional jobs, use professional companies. A licensed and insured company will be able to provide the kind of expertise that is necessary to make a good project a great one.

Is Converting a Garage a Good Idea?

According to leading experts, converting a garage is faster and less expensive than building a new addition to the home. If you would like to remodel your garage, you can easily find a number of ways of revamping the space so that it adds value to the home. If you’re working with an existing structure, you won’t have to pay additional costs like laying down a new foundation or building new walls. If you would like to maximize the current space in your home, one of the most innovative ways to accomplish that goal is by converting a garage into a more versatile space.

Does Converting a Garage Devalue Your House?

While it is a great idea to make existing spaces clean and versatile for property owners, there are cases where a converted garage can actually devalue the home. If the conversion does not reflect a positive impact on the home for potential buyers, the value could be lost in translation. If the conversion goes through, it is important to have ample additional parking for the homeowners and additional storage space. Making spaces versatile and practical is better than revamping spaces that then lose practicality. Cleanliness, order, and versatility can add structure to a nondescript space.

Do I Need a Permit to Enclose My Garage?

Are you wondering if you need a permit to enclose your garage? If you are exchanging how space will be utilized for the future, then it is likely that homeowners will need to procure a building permit. This necessity varies based upon the location to location. If you do need to apply for a garage conversion permit, then your best move is to contact your city’s Zoning Department. From there, you can move forward using good procedures and policies.

How to Remodel Garage Walls

A very affordable way of remodeling garage walls is to use shiplap. Shiplap is durable, affordable, and actually quite easy to install. The solid wood of shiplap makes it great for securing posters, pictures, and memorabilia to the walls. The speed of installation is also optimal. If you choose to go with drywall for your garage walls, it is also easy to install and comes with a degree of fire resistance. Oriented strand board, also known as OSB can be screwed to the wall framing and does not need taping and finishing.

How to Remodel Garage into Living Space

The first thing that you should do when contemplating a garage remodel is to calculate how much that conversion will impact your budget. Each garage conversion is slightly different, and each space has different needs. For example, if you would like to install a sink, you will need to consult with a plumbing professional.

Garage Remodel into Bedroom

There are many different conceptions of what a garage can become. One of those ideas is a garage remodel into a bedroom. It will be important to consider different professional opinions, which is why it is urgent for homeowners to consult with a garage remodel company.

garage remodel

Garage Remodel to Master Suite

One of the most exciting remodeling ideas that homeowners can undertake is to convert a garage into a master suite. In order to make sure that the home is not devalued, it will be important to make sure that additional parking is available and the space is versatile and clean.

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