How is Garage Floor Epoxy Applied?

Garage Floor Epoxy

Epoxy is Also Used as a Floor Coating to Enhance Floor Protection and Aesthetics.

Epoxy floors can provide outstanding results for your garage flooring, if installed correctly. Many D.I.Y. enthusiasts (and some shady contractors) like to utilize an acid etching method to install their epoxy product, but this leaves your flooring vulnerable. The epoxy often starts to flake and you’re left with an irritating mess. If you want a garage floor epoxy to last, ensure its success with a floor grinding installation.

How Long Do Epoxy Floors Last?

Epoxy flooring is created with a combination of resin and hardeners that produce a rigid, durable flooring. A properly installed, maintained floor can last for many years. That being said, not all epoxy products are created equal. It’s important to find a quality product with guaranteed results. The problem is, many garage owners purchase cheap epoxy products from discount stores. These sub par products don’t provide the necessary UV protection to prevent the floors from failing, which can happen in as soon as three months.

Is Epoxy Flooring Scratch Resistant?

A quality epoxy product is much more resilient against scratching than a discounted material, especially when it is installed with floor grinding. It also offers protection against oils, grease, and moisture that would corrode other types of flooring. While you should go throwing heavy objects on your flooring, epoxy can withstand a great deal of foot and vehicle traffic. Just make sure to re-coat your floors every few years when heavy usage has started to take a toll.

Contact Customer Garage Works for Epoxy Flooring

Are you interested in garage floor epoxy for your home or business? Make sure you choose an epoxy product with strong scratch and chemical resistance! You can guarantee that your floor will last for years by choosing Custom Garage Works for your professional installation. Our team is very skilled and experienced with the floor grinding process that’s crucial to your floor’s longevity. Our diamond grinding method is incredible effective for creating durable, resilient flooring. If you’re interested in finding out more about the benefits of garage floor epoxy, feel free to give our team a call at 214-494-9068