How Long Does an Epoxy Garage Floor Last?

Fresh epoxy floor installation

Consider Epoxy for Your Garage Floor Coating

When we think about doing home improvements, typically it is upgrading the windows, adding insulation, new flooring and painting, and perhaps getting new appliances. But in recent years, before the COVID quarantine, homeowners have found the garage to be a useful part of the home that needs attention. This brings us to installing garage floor epoxy coating. 

What is Garage Floor Epoxy? 

Garage floor epoxy is a coating system that not only makes the garage floor attractive, but it protects a concrete garage floor. Garage floor epoxy is a two-part system that consists of a hardener and a resin. When these two things are combined, they form a coating that is attractive, durable, and protective, adding and extending the life of concrete flooring. 

How Long Does it Take for Garage Floor Epoxy to Cure? 

When appropriately installed, garage floor epoxy will cure between 24 and 48 hours. The climate and weather can affect the curing time. Once it has cured, how long will a garage floor epoxy coating last?  Well, that depends on a few things, starting with the quality of the installation. 

In a residential garage, floor epoxy coating that is properly cared for will give you a lifespan of 10 years or longer. Garage floor epoxy coating in a commercial environment will vary based on foot traffic and other traffic on the flooring. In most cases, a factory, garage, or restaurant will get up to three years of lifespan. 

Are There Advantages of a Garage Floor Epoxy Coating? 

The main attraction of a garage floor epoxy coating is the durability it provides. The chemical and stain resistance is another big attraction, especially in settings with customer traffic, like a showroom. Other benefits of a garage floor epoxy coating include: 

  • The Attractive Appearance

A garage floor epoxy coating provides a flooring color and style choices available. This coating can be installed in a color and style that matches any décor and architecture. Epoxy flakes are available in different sizes ranging from 1/32” to 1”  and larger, making a significant impact on the area. 

  • Safe, Slip-Resistant

Garage floor epoxy coating creates a slip-resistant surface. This is a big plus for big box stores where customer foot traffic is heavy, especially in areas where the flooring is often wet. 

  • Finish Choices 

Garage floor epis coating is available in polyurethane topcoats over poly aspartic, the most recommended option by flooring experts. The topcoat provides a faster cure time but is still viscous in reducing slipping. 

  • Fast Installation

A garage floor epoxy installation is typically completed within two days. For companies offering a faster installation time, you should research the company and its product. 

What Types of Surfaces Can Garage Floor Epoxy be Applied To? 

A garage floor epoxy coating can be applied on almost any hard floor surface. The most popular uses are on concrete, but it has become popular on metal and wood flooring. 

What Preparation is Needed to Apply a Garage Floor Epoxy Coating? 

Garage floor epoxy coatings should be applied to flooring that is in good condition. Such as a concrete floor should be thoroughly cleaned and any chips, cracks, or spalls repaired. The following steps should be followed in the preparation of having a garage floor epoxy coating applied: 

  1. Clean and degrease the flooring using a broom and shop vac, making sure all debris is removed from the floor. 
  2. Then use a degreaser and stiff wire brush to remove any grease and rinse thoroughly with clear water. 
  3. Prepare the area using wide painter’s tape where the walls meet the floor, and protect any baseboards with plastic. 

Can I Apply My Own Garage Floor Epoxy Coating? 

Yes, but you must take the preparation steps we just listed and follow the following steps to get the best results: 

  1. Mix the two-part epoxy of the catalyst and the resin after the preparation is completed and the flooring has completely dried. 
  2. Stir the resin and then add the catalyst while stirring. 
  3. Apply the garage floor epoxy as soon as it is ready and be able to complete it within 2 hours using a 3” paintbrush along the edges. 
  4. Allow the garage floor to thoroughly dry before allowing any foot traffic. 

Enjoy Your Epoxy Flooring Today

Start walking …. on your new garage floor epoxy coating! If this is your business, now it is time to get your furniture and merchandise placed. Enjoy this finished product with pride, and if you’re selling your business or home, you want to point out the recent upgrade of your garage floor epoxy coating! 

In case you may sell your business or home in the near future, choose a color and style that is open to match any décor. Working with a professional to install your garage floor epoxy coating will allow you their experience and knowledge in choosing the right color and style, and you’ll have their warranty too!