How To Install Auto Lift

An auto car lift raised a few feet off the ground with a white van on it.

Learn More About Auto Car Lifts

There could be many reasons to consider auto car lifts. If you’re someone that wants to create more space in your two car garage then a lift is a great way to make space! Perhaps there’s no room for parking on the street, you have too many cars to fit in your driveway, or maybe you don’t even have a driveway! The possibilities are endless. Suffice it to say, auto car lifts are a great way to organize space and store cars on your property. If you’re skeptical about the load bearings of these machines, they can hold as low as 7,000 lbs and can even carry as much as 18,000 lbs! With its many different secure attachment options, you can even pick and choose which type of car lift would best fit with your preferences. With auto car lifts it’s important to consider the types of cars you have, the size of the garage, and the type of lift you want before you make a commitment. If you’re interested in Auto lift installation in Fort Worth, TX it’s important to conduct auto lift inspection to determine the right fit for your vehicle. While you’re at it, consider heating system maintenance as well!

Reasons to Install an Auto Lift

  • Creates more room for storage
  • Organizes cars into a sections
  • Great for underbody mechanic work
  • Protects the car from outside damages/inclement weather

How much does it cost to put a lift in a garage?

Installation of auto car lifts can fall around $500 for a two post lift and $1000 for a four post.

Will a car lift fit in my garage?

Car lifts come with different adjustments yet there is a standard height that should be considered within a garage before deciding on auto car lifts.

How high does a garage have to be for a lift?

Typically it’s recommended that your ceiling at least be 11-12 feet high for safer handling. (22 feet is considered the best.) You may get away with 10 feet yet it’s best to be safe and have more room than skimming it by a hair with your auto car lifts. Make sure to do the necessary measurements in order not to be surprised when your car stacking hits the ceiling and their’s no room for the car below.

What is the best automotive lift?

There are several types of auto car lifts that may fit with what you’re looking for or fit with your case in particular. Consider the two types of car lifts out in the market, frame engaging and wheel engaging. Frame engaging auto car lifts have suspension attachment points and rocker panel boxes that help to secure the jacking areas near the perimeter of the frame of a car. These arms then lift the car frame up with secure support which leaves the wheels free to hang around. This type of lift can come with fixed-position pads or steel arms that can be pushed in or out to align with each vehicle’s different secure points. Wheel engaging auto car lifts support a car on a platform under the wheels as if a floor level is lifting. These support decks, however, do have space underneath to allow for access to the underbody of a vehicle. If you prefer this option but would also like an option for wheels-off work you can purchase an extra set of hydraulic jacks and cross beams.

How thick of concrete do I need for a car lift?

For safe auto lift installation, it’s recommended to have a minimum of 4 inches or 100mm of reinforced concrete slab for both two and four post hoists.

An empty auto car lift in the center of a mechanic shop with a cut off one on the right with a black van on it.

Safety & Recommendations

If you’re considering an auto lift for a home garage than consider some recommended auto lift equipment to have. Auto car lifts can be dangerous if mishandled so it’s stressed to only buy lifts with a slack-cable safety latch, lock or device. Most auto car lifts have a mechanical locking pawl which is designed to slide into and hang onto adjustable holes incremented on the sides of the bars to raise the deck’s position. These pawls with catch and lock with the lifting cable and prevent your car from falling all the way down onto the floor which is why this mechanism should be available as an additional safety precaution when lifting or lowering a car.

Another point of consideration as far as auto car lifts and their safety features are to make sure the lock holes are even on each of the sides of the lift. Double check the alignment of these holes before engaging in using the auto car lift as even one side that’s uneven can cause a car to sag or roll. Some auto car lifts may offer supply shims or screw adjusters to aid in adjustments. Finally, better-made lifts should have large sheaves that are externally lubricating or self-lubricating with bushings or bearings. These will allow for slower turning which will slow down wear on auto car lifts. Options without bearings or bushings can lead to premature galling and failure.

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