Know More About Garage Floor Painting

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See How Garage Floor Painting Can Help

Garage floor painting is a great way to update the look of your garage to a more sleek and clean finish. The easiest way to paint garage floor is to apply a layer of epoxy paint yet depending on the condition and age of your floor additional steps may be necessary. With garage floor painting it may be best to rely on a professional in order to have a more even and mess-free application. As such, garage floor painting will require specific steps if the job is more extensive. Until then, consider the following basic information regarding garage floor painting to see what options may work for your property.

Is painting a garage floor a good idea?

Garage floor painting can offer a layer of protection to the integrity of your garage floor and how it handles natural or unnatural wear. Depending on the type of paint used you can resist water, mildew, chemicals, mold and oil stains. 

Can I paint my garage floor with regular paint?

There are two types of paint that are used for garage floor painting; epoxy paint and latex acrylic. Although latex is the cheaper option it’s more of a short term fix. Garage floor paint epoxy is what’s typically used for painting a garage floor which is specially designed to work with concrete floors and will provide a more durable finish. It also creates a better bond which will make it more chip resistant.

Should I paint my garage floor?

Garage floor painting can be beneficial in creating better protection by increasing its durability. I t can also brighten up the garage and provide a cleaner surface. Garage floor painting can come in different shades and colors yet most opt for lighter options in order to create an illusion of more open space.

How do you paint a garage floor?

Garage floor painting will first be cleaned if needed and a primer can be applied prior to paint application. Then a coat of epoxy paint can be laid out along the edges of the garage with a brush. A roller will then need to be used in order to fill in the rest of the flooring.

How long does garage floor paint last?

Garage floor painting will need to be cured for three to four days or a full week for concrete driveways. As such, garage floor painting can last for a year or two before needing to be retouched.

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What is best paint for garage floor?

  • KILZ 1-Part Epoxy Concrete and Garage Floor Paint – Best Paint to Withstand Hot Car Tires
  • True Value Painter’s Select – Best Paint for Areas with Minimal Ventilation
  • Valspar 1500 Latex Satin Enamel – Best Wear Resistant Paint
  • RUST-OLEUM Urethane Finish Paint – Best Anti-Skid Texture Finish
  • KILZ Masonry, Stucco, and Brick Flat Paint – Best Paint to Camouflage Small Imperfections

How do you paint an old concrete floor?

Garage floor painting when the floor is old concrete will first need to be washed. Usually, power washing is applied to get rid of a majority or surface-level dirt and stains. WIth uneven areas or old paint sanding the floor is necessary to level the floor. Afterward vacuuming the floor of the dust or residue from sanding will be necessary. With any areas that are cracked or covered with holes mixing a concrete patch compound and the following package, instructions can assist with filing any damaged areas in order to provide an even flat ground. Once all areas have been given time to set and dry a primer can be applied to the floor before a layer of epoxy paint is applied. Once the number of coats you’d like to apply is determined you can finally apply masonry sealer to the garage floor.

How much does it cost to paint garage floor?

Garage floor painting will cost somewhere between $1.45-$3 per square foot than $0.50 to $2.50 per square foot to seal it with a high-performance epoxy or urethane (not including labor.)

Contact A Professional

When you’re looking to apply garage floor painting to your property make sure to contact trained professionals to do the task. The application of garage floor painting by a professional home improvement company can ensure that all layers are even without accidental application to areas such as walls of your garage. Your local garage floor painting services are usually attached to home improvement companies and garage specific related services. If you’d like to see if any other areas of your home require updates or maintenance get a residential home inspection so a professional can look around your property for proper system functions. Garage floor painting will protect your garage floor from scrapes and wear so be sure to get in touch with a professional today to get started. If you have any questions or concerns a professional will be able to discuss them with you and keep you updated on the processes.

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