Having a garage floor coated is a very tough choice to make when spending that type of money. I interviewed 4 different contractors, two which came out to the house and presented bids and two who I guess where lazy or who really didn’t want the job, but the two who gave a bid over the phone where not even considered. The two bids left I was very apprehensive and the one I went to check a job that he gave me to look at. The third contractor was crossed off the list because his epoxy job was not the best workmanship. Custom Garage Works came to the house on time for the bid and presented his bid for a 800 square foot garage. He explained everything in detail and a step by step process. No deposit was required and JD never said anything bad about the competition, but just the facts and difference.

The selling point was that he and his brother did the work not some subcontractor. Custom Garage Works wasn’t the cheapest or not the most expensive. Custom Garage Works left a detailed bid and dates available. After leaving I did plenty of research on the company, reviews and product. I was impressed by everything I read and called JD and set a time and date. On the date for doing the floor, they said that they would be here at 9 AM and they arrived 15 minutes early. They helped move four workbench tables and began work grinding the floor. To make a long story short; they were absolutely wonderful, just what I expected and the floor is beautiful. Custom Garage works did what they said they would do, on time and very very clean. I could not be any more pleased and I made the right choice. Their process took one day, no acid or water required and it looks beautiful. My wife loves it and she agrees it was worth the money. I would recommend Custom Garage works to anyone and invite anyone to come look at our floor if you are undecided. They did a great job very commendable.

-Patrick O. Southlake, TX