I have always wanted a beautiful, coated garage floor, but other than look at the “do it yourself” epoxy kits at Home Depot, I’ve never done anything about it. When the closing date was set on my awesome new house, I had to do the research, and decide what I wanted to do about the new 3-car garage floor. First I had someone quote an epoxy coat which would have been a couple of guys actually applying 3 of those Home Depot kits. The quote was $1,650, and who knows what kind of result I would have gotten…..and how long it would last. Then I came to Angie’s List, and found Customer Garage Works. Not only did they have the most reviews, but they were also all positive. So I contacted J.D. with Custom Garage Works. J.D. was very responsive, and quickly set an appointment to meet me at the new house for an estimate. He really knows his stuff, and he’s good at what he does. We met at the house, and within a few minutes he had given me the estimate, and described the process as well as the results I could expect. Initially I had a little bit of sticker shock from all the pricing I was getting from different companies(most I found were either only in business a year or less or they were tied to a franchise….I did not want to go that direction for sure) to do the garage floor. It seemed like a lot compared to $1,650 for epoxy, so I took a couple of days to think about it. My conclusion was that paying a little more to professionals like JD and his crew who do this every single day with a produce that is virtually indestructible would be much smarter than paying $1,650 to people who would probably do the same quality job that I would do with a product that might not last over a couple of years.So I called J.D. Closing on the house was scheduled for February 19, so work was scheduled to start that day! I didn’t want to move a thing into my new garage until the floor was finished! On February 19, J.D. and Daniel showed up perfectly on time to start the project. They filled in all the imperfections in the concrete to assure the floor was perfectly smooth, and slightly bullnosed the edge you drive over when you enter the garages. After they sanded the surface for maximum adherence, they applied the coat with the color as well as the “spinkles.” I choose Saddle Tan. They did the entire 3-car garage floor as well as the various stem walls and steps which lead into the house. Within 4 or 5 hours they were finished for Day 1. They returned 24 hours later on February 20 to apply the final clear coat. Again, they were right on time. Parting instructions were that I could walk on it the next day (Feb. 21,) and drive on it the day after that (Feb. 22.) Everything worked out perfectly, and the results were as described. Totally dry to walk on the following day, and cars were on it the day after that with no problems. I LOVE MY GARAGE FLOORS! I have this beautiful, NEW house, but the first thing I want to show people is the garage floor! It’s so bright, shiny, and perfect! I’m glad I used Custom Garage Works. I’d do it again, and recommend their work to you. I’m considering having them come back to add some overhead storage shelving. You couldn’t hope for nicer guys who do exactly what they say they’re going to do!

Gary C. Castle Hills TX