Based on Angie’s List, and thanks to other member’s comments and experiences, we found JD of Custom Garage Works. I always wanted a finished garage floor, and with moving into this new house, I decided it was time to look into. I figured it was one of those things that if I didn’t do it now while the garage was empty, it might never get done once all of my tool cabinets, equipment, storage, stuff etc. are moved in. Check out his website – it has a lot of great info on the install process, examples and chip/color samples, as well as why his process is so superior, and has a lifetime warranted, compared to typical epoxy type installations. I met JD at the house exactly on schedule, and he took the time to explain the process, costs, and take a look at the job of course. Quote was provided next day, and date was set for the job. I’d point out that “price” is Not inexpensive by any means, but this is a case of you get what you pay for both in prep and quality of the materials…AND how long it is going to continue to last looking great. JD and his brother arrived on the day as scheduled and it was completed by 5:30pm that afternoon. I checked in during the day to see the different phases being done … cool to see all the work and care that went into it. Besides the quality of the system overall, I was most impressed by the attention to detail in the prep and finishing work. It’s all very manual labor, and nice to see the care being put into each step and No corner-cutting. If you look at the pictures you can see where they carefully got in and around and under the garage door hardware as well as the lip under the drywall all around. They also bull-nosed all the square edges on the garage opening lip and the back step as well. One interesting with the final result is that even though the floor has a glassy/wet 3D look to it, it is physically not glass-smooth slippery. JD’s application results in a good slip-resistance texture to the surface. So while spills etc. are very easy to wipe up due to the hard “glassy” surface, you also have slip resistance while walking on it. As far as personal interactions, JD is a knowledgeable, easy-going guy to talk plans over with, and during the install he won’t hesitate to take time to explain what’s going on, or address any questions. Once the job was done he also made sure to go over the basic easy-care instructions and how to address different spilled liquids, car AC water or other drips, etc. Wipe and go basically or a little diluted Simple Green for the tough spills. The install only took one day as promised, and we let it dry overnight. The results are superb and will be enjoyed for many years to come! We would not hesitate to recommend JD, and in fact he’s coming back to do the floor in the house we’re moving out of.

-Steve H. Richardson TX