JD, I wanted to thank you and the guys for the work you did on my garage floor. I have been looking at garage floor coatings for several years and discussed this with my wife. Other things took priority and the garage was always placed on the back burner. This past Christmas, we were opening gifts. My wife passed me a large gift box and when I opened it I found a 12 by 12 tile covered on both sides with 2 different samples of floor coatings. I was not sure what to make of the tile and my wife told me there was a gift certificate in the box. It was a gift certificate for a garage floor coating from Custom Garage Works! I was very surprised! This was the best Christmas gift my wife has ever bought me! I immediately began looking at the different color samples on your website. I had narrowed down my choices and you brought out the samples and my choice was made. The garage floor was finished and I couldn’t be happier! This has motivated me to repaint the garage and put up trim so the rest of my garage looks as good as the floor. Thanks again!

-T.Anderson McKinney TX