JD, the owner, and one of his guys installed an epoxy-like coating on our garage floor and also hung overhead storage racks from the ceiling joists above our garage door. The floor looks amazing! He backs up his work with a lifetime guarantee and also described how the floor coating is pretty much 100% return on investment when you go to sell your house. I know the floor will put our garage heads and tails above other houses when we go to list the house many years from now. The overhead storage is so helpful in getting once a year items out of the way and off the garage floor. The garage looks like a completely different space, neat, clean and a place we can now use as expanded outdoor living space. I used to drive into the dingy garage surrounded by piles of auto items, toys, lawn & garden, sports gear and seasonal items, plus all the boxes of cast offs. Now, most items fit into the overhead storage and the frequently used items are better organized in a wall system we reorganized. Now, our kids play on the floor with no worries. We simply use a leaf blower to keep it dust free and hose it out a couple times a year when muddy boots, etc. add up. I spilled paint on it, and most wiped up easily or with minor scrubbing. The Process: I called Custom Garage Works in January for an estimate. JD, the owner, was very responsive and we set up an appointment for a couple of days later. He came out and described the process to put the epoxy-like coating on our garage floor. He also offered ideas on garage storage solutions, such as cabinets, moveable cabinets on casters and overhead storage racks to get stuff off the garage floor. He was not pushy into any of his products, but answered many of my questions on the process and the cost. He brought along samples and an array of colors of finished floor coatings. Many looked just like granite! He beat the prices of another place (even with their Angie’s List discount) and offered a lifetime guarantee on the flooring. We set up the overhead racks install about 2 weeks later and the floor coating install a few days after. They arrived on time for the overhead racks and again days later for the floor coating. They cleaned out the garage floor, blowing and vacuuming everything out. We had previously emptied out the garage. They diamond grind the concrete to create a rough surface so the materials adhere to it better. They cleaned it again and then they painted the floor the base coat and moved ahead with the several step process. They came back the next morning and finished with the last sealant coat. They also applied the coating to a workbench so it would hide the damaged top and give it new life. It looks super! We waited another 24-30 hours to drive on the floor because the temps had been in the 40s and 50s in February. JD followed up with me a week later to get any feedback and to make sure we were satisfied with the work. Every time, he thanked us for our business. Overall, JD and his crew were on time, professional and sincere in providing us storage solutions that fit our needs and budget. Others we got bids from were more expensive and only provided 2-3 year warranty on the epoxy floor coating (a different kind) they provide. It was a no brainier for us: a lifetime guarantee and a better price. Today, we are so glad we made the investment and we are enjoying the space more than we thought possible. (We also painted the garage walls, ceiling, trim and doors, reorganized the wall Rubbermaid system we already had, and put in other storage solutions in on our own. It is a completely different space that is 1000 times better than the start.) I highly recommend calling JD Justice with Custom Garage Works for garage floor coating and storage solutions.

-Jennifer & Ben University Park