Three-Car To Four-Car Conversion

Recently, we at Custom Garage Works had the opportunity to convert a three-car garage to a four-car garage. We were thrilled at the opportunity to completely transform an otherwise normal garage, into a wide-open space, designed for optimal storage, floor space and work areas.

Durable Earth-Friendly Floor Coating

First, we covered the floor with a multi-layered, full-broadcasted flake floor coat. Made from industrial strength polyurea/polyaspartic material, this durable and easy to clean coating will protect the floor of this garage from any kind of stain, spill or leak imaginable. Out of the hundreds of different floor coat textures and colors available at CGW, the owner went with Sedona to compliment the interior walls of the garage. Hey — Just because this is a man-space doesn’t mean design has to take a back seat.

Optimized Storage Space for Organization and Efficiency

With the floor coat evenly set and ready for some traffic, next we moved on to the heart of the garage — storage and work-space. This was a huge 3 car garage to begin with, but with a little bit of strategy, we were able to blow it wide open and allow this monster to reach its full potential. We started by installing 10 feet worth of brushed metal storage cabinets, mounted directly to the interior wall studs. This eliminates the need for cabinet feet and legs that typically take up valuable real estate on the floor. These custom made, Bulldog cabinets included a built-in work-bench, ideal for the DIY man. Above the work bench and on the side wall, we installed a slat-wall storage system, allowing the owner to choose where to store his tools, bikes, and lawn equipment according to size, frequency and ease of use. Most garage owners understand the importance of organization when it comes to his tools and other items. Our slat-wall storage unit keeps everything in its right place, and off the floor.

More Space = More Cars

With our strategically placed storage installations, Custom Garage Works were able to free up enough space to install a 4-post car lift, turning this 3-car garage into a 4-car garage.

Let Custom Garage Works Change the Way You Use Your Garage with a floor that will out-last years of heavy traffic and work. We are particularly proud of this project and ready to take on the next.

If you want to find out how we can transform your garage into an awesome work and storage space, give us a call for a free estimate. We take pride in our work and perform all installations ourselves, ensuring the highest quality — and stability — of one of the most important rooms of your home.