What Are Car Lifts?

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Learn More About Car Lifts

Oftentimes there isn’t enough roof to fit multiple cars in a given space especially when new car purchases are made. With car lifts, you won’t have to worry about parking on the street as you can incorporate another car into your garage. Car lifts are a great way to use the space that you have and compartmentalize your vehicles to fit. If you’re wondering about the different kinds of car lifts that could work for your space get in touch with your local garage shop for more information. Until then here is some general information regarding car lifts that can provide some clarity for you.

What are car lifts used for?

Car lifts can be used to store and display certain items by raising them on a lift so more space can be given on the floor below. They are mostly used in vehicle maintenance, car dealerships, and the like for cars and are used very often in the day as essential equipment in the shop. Car lifts are also advantageous for residential properties that need more parking space for vehicles. 

Can car lifts fail?

Car lifts can hold significant loads and are safe to operate after learning proper handling. Vehicles should never be operated without proper safety training. People operating lifts should follow manufacturer and safety guidelines at all times. Failing to do so can result in property damage, bodily injury, and liability claims with a car falling from a lift.

How do car lifts work?

Hydraulic car lifts work by using a pump that pushes oil from a cylinder which then pushes a piston that in turn pushes the lift off from the ground. In order to go down, the valve will open and oil will be able to flow back into a reservoir. This will allow a gravitational force to push the lift back down.

Can I put a car lift in my garage?

Car lifts can be optimized into any space no matter the size. Car lifts can fit into one bay space and can optimally have 11-12 feet clearance height. There can also be modified garage doors put into place in order to accommodate car lifts.

Can a car lift be installed outside?

Car lifts can be installed outside however maintenance will increase in order to keep car lifts in safe working order. What can be done to ease these tasks is to install portable care lifts that can be used outdoors but stored indoors so there aren’t risks in outdoor damage.

Cars raised on car lift in auto service. Open hood.

What are the best car lifts?

  • BendPak MD-6XP Mid-Rise Portable Specialty Car Lift
  • 6,000 lb BendPak XPR – 10AS Asymmetric Dual Width 2 Post Lift,
  • 10,000 lb Dannmar MaxJax Portable Two Post Car Lifting System 6,000 lb Capacity
  • BendPak MD-6XP Mid-Rise Portable Specialty Car Lift
  • 6,000 lb BendPak XPR – 10AS Asymmetric Dual Width 2 Post Lift
  • 10,000 lb Dannmar MaxJax Portable Two Post Car Lifting System 6,000 lb Capacity

Are car scissor lifts safe?

Scissor car lifts should be used with just as much care as 2 post lifts. Both use the same lift points so the chance of a car flipping off would be just about the same. 

What is car lift jack?

Car lifts use jacks as the mechanical lifting device which will apply great force to lift heavy loads. Car jacks, also known as a floor or garage jacks will lift vehicles so maintenance tasks can be performed on vehicles. Jacks usually have a standard for lifting a maximum of a few tons in capacity.

Car Lifts and Ramps

Car lifts will have a ramp included to load the car onto the lift either attached to the lift, detached, or having the lift itself act as the ramp with maneuvering the mechanics of operation.

How much does it cost to install a car lift?

Car lifts can range in price depending on the type of car lift being incorporated into your property from two-post car lifts to four posts. These two types of car lifts will run a couple hundred to several hundred dollars while car lifts such as in-ground lifts can run far more in price for the installation. 

Get In Contact With A Garage Shop

If you’re interested in incorporating car lifts to your property reach out to your local garage shop for more information. They will be best able to provide you with recommendations that will best with your property specifications and vehicle needs. They will also be able to provide you with guidelines and safety information for future use. Car lifts will be very beneficial for those needing a lift to conduct car maintenance or add more storage for vehicles in a given space or garage. Implement car lifts today and have more ease of use for your property.

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