What is the Longest Lasting Garage Floor Covering?

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Learn About Garage Floor Coverings

The garage floor. Just how much of an impact does it have on your home’s overall appearance and value? Well, much more than it did back in the 40s, 50s, and 60s! And before that, they were called carriage houses, but as cars got bigger, so did the garage. And back then, there weren’t any garage floor options, dirt was the only option. 

Today though, for homes in communities and neighborhoods, the garage floor is poured when the foundation of the house is poured, often along with the driveway. When it comes to garage floor options, this is something that you choose after-market as an upgrade. 

Options to Choose From

There are homeowners that choose to have their garage closed in to create an additional room. That room may be for a bedroom, den, game room, or even an office. In those instances, the garage floor options include flooring like the home in most cases, either carpeting, tile, or wood flooring. 

But today, when it comes to garage floor options for actual garage use, they become more plentiful with side selections. Those options include: 

  • Acrylic Epoxy
  • Concrete resurfacing
  • Epoxy resin
  • Floor paint
  • Floor patching
  • Floor sealer
  • Floor stain
  • Garage floor coverings
  • Garage floor tiles
  • Polyaspartic
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How do you know which of these garage floor options is best for your home? 

An effective way to determine which of the many garage floor options is best for you, think about whether you want to coat it or cover it. These are four choices for garage floor covering:

  • Painting and Epoxy: Both are applied by a brush or roller in a thin coat directly to a concrete floor slab.
  • Tiles and Mats: Both of these are laid on top of the existing garage floor and are moveable. These garage floor options can withstand the rigors of a busy garage life.

Of garage floor options, what are the benefits of epoxy paint?

There are 5 benefits that can make epoxy garage floor coatings ideal for your garage. Those benefits include: 

  • Resistance to chemicals, heat, heavy shock, and water. If your garage has exposure to corrosive chemicals, this is the best of all garage floor options.
  • Cost-effectiveness as epoxy paint is added to the existing flooring, making the floor coating process less expensive and fast. 
  • Long lifespan once the installation is complete. This is a durable material that is hard-wearing, ideal for a garage with a lot of traffic.
  • Protective by creating a shield over the flooring, protecting it from cracking, staining, and extensive wear and tear.
  • Maintenance is minimized with this garage floor option because it is dust-resistant, keeping dust from circulating and settling while providing a flat smooth surface that is easy to clean using a broom, mop, or vacuum.

What are some of the drawbacks of an epoxy paint garage floor option? 

There are pros and cons to any of the garage floor options available today. Where the flooring will be installed is one consideration, so choosing a flooring material that will meet the needs and space where it will be installed. The drawback to epoxy garage flooring options include: 

  • It Is Temporary

Epoxy flooring is durable, yet temporary. The daily wear & tear can take a toll on this flooring, requiring it to be replaced sooner than you may care. 

  • It is Slippery

Most epoxy floors provide a skid-resistant surface, but when it gets oil or water on it, it becomes slippery and stays slippery until thoroughly dry. If your garage is susceptible to spills, oil, water, etc., then epoxy garage floor options are not for you. 

  • The Preparation

Before an epoxy garage floor coating can be installed, the original concrete must be thoroughly cleaned and any cracked areas must be filled. 

  • The Application

In addition to the time-consuming preparation, the application process is just as time-consuming. After a thorough cleaning, the first coat of epoxy is applied. The contractor must wait for that to thoroughly dry before the next coat can be applied. The drying process can take 2 to 3 days, maybe longer depending on the humidity in the air. 

  • The Smell

Epoxy is one of the smelly garage floor options. The darker the color, the stronger the odor. 

  • Sensitive

Epoxy is a sensitive coating and following directions to the final letter is a must. This should only be installed by a flooring professional. 

  • The Adherence

Epoxy garage floor coating is not a good choice for a moist environment, like a basement. The dampness will cause the epoxy to peel, and you’ll need to have it recoated a lot sooner than you desire. 

  • The Removal

After epoxy flooring is applied, if you decide to change the purpose of the garage or whatever area you have the coating applied, the removal is labor intensive.

Laying It All Out

Shop the different garage floor options before choosing anything, and work with a flooring professional. They can visit your home or business, talk to you about the use, and help you choose the best of all the options for your needs.

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