Garage Organization Tips and Tricks

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Garage Organization Tips and Tricks

The day after Thanksgiving is the popular day to get the Christmas decorations out and start decking the halls with boughs of holly. As you start that project, you begin thinking maybe you could get this better organized so it’s easier next year. But where do you get garage organization ideas to get started with this project?

In this piece, we’re going to answer some questions and provide some suggestions that can help you get started! Garage organization ideas are all over the internet and even on television, and believe it or not, you don’t have to blow your holiday budget! Still, you’re wondering – how much does garage organization cost?

The Cost of Garage Organization

Well, how much garage organization systems cost will depend. Are you going to do this yourself or have it professionally done? Another factor that will determine the cost is the size of your garage. Like anything with your home, size will be a determining factor for almost anything you have done. 

The next factor in pricing is the complexity of the garage organization system you’re looking for. How detailed are your garage organization ideas? Whether you’re doing it yourself or hiring a professional, your garage organization ideas are an important factor in what is needed. So yeah, your budget will come into play at this point. Nationally, the average cost for hiring a professional can start as low as $500 and go upward to $1,500 or more. This will be for their service and garage organization ideas. The materials needed will typically add to that cost.

What if you want to do your own garage organization? Well, it will take more time than if a professional does it, but it can be done more cheaply with some of the garage organization hacks we have found to share with you! 

Nobody will argue with you that by implementing some great garage organization ideas and setting up a good storage system will ensure that everything has a place. And when everything is put in its place, it is easier to get jobs done around the house. 

There are options where you can buy an entire garage organization system and make it work with what you have. This saves the worry of producing your own garage organization ideas, which is the biggest part of the battle for many. So, what is the best garage organization system and where to get garage organization? Keep reading to see what we have found for you: 

  • Best Overall: The Husky Steel Garage Cabinet Set

This versatile six-piece system is available at Home Depot and includes cabinets, pegboards, shelves, trays, and a workbench.

  • Best Budget: The Imillet Wall Mounted Organizer 

This wall-mounted design is available at Amazon at an affordable price, doesn’t take up a lot of space (ideal for those one-car garages), and helps keep things organized. 

  • Best Cabinet: The Seville Classics UltraHD Steel Heavy-Duty Storage Cabinet 

This is another heavy-duty product from Amazon. This stainless steel cabinet on wheels will hold as much as 600 pounds while still remaining easy to maneuver.

  • Best Pegboard: The  Everbilt Interconnecting Plastic Pegboard 

From Home Depot, this is a customizable and space-efficient choice for storing hand tools. Ideal for the gardener, hobbyist, or homeowner that has small DIY projects around the house. 

  • Best Overhead: The  Fleximounts Overhead Garage Storage Rack 

From Amazon, this overhead storage rack will give you maximum space in the garage by keeping the holiday or seldom-used things up above. Great for seasonal garage organization for toys from summer or winter. It’s also a great choice for organizing sports equipment of all kinds, from baseball to basketball to football or hockey! 

  • Best Tool Chest: The  Craftsman 10-Drawer Steel Rolling Tool 

You can get this beauty at Lowe’s and help your garage organization ideas come to life. This system offers great storage that is both convenient and portable. 

For many homeowners with kids, garage organization is challenging, as there is a need to keep items such as bikes and helmets from becoming a hazard in the driveway or garage. If biking is an everyday activity, you want to keep them where they are easy to reach for everyone. Fortunately, you can find floor racks that hold multiple bikes and storage for helmets, gloves, water bottles, and everything else bike-related. 

For the household where biking is primarily a weekend activity, you can put them on wall-mounted hooks for horizontal or vertical positions, including the helmets. The hooks fold so they are out of the way when the bikes are on the road! These hooks can bring a whole new level to your ideal garage organization ideas. 

The next big issue for homeowners is garage organization for lawn tools and Home Depot has the answers for you! Their Slatwall System will put the empty walls in your garage to work, leaving floor space for the cars! Made from recycled PVC, this system fits flush to the wall and has grooves where brackets, hooks, even wire baskets fit in to hold the rakes, shovels, gloves, and more. 

man pulling a tool from a rack in a garage

A Few Final Garage Organization Ideas

When it comes to making your garage organization ideas and dreams come true, knowing where to get garage organization is the biggest help. Yes, the DIY television shows are wonderful for getting your mind rolling, but for hands-on, visit your local home improvement stores. Most will schedule an appointment with you so that you have their full attention.