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The Benefits Of A Residential Garage Remodel

If you’re a homeowner, you know that there is always something else that you want to do or add to your home. Sometimes these changes are to add monetary value to the home, and some of these changes are simply to suit our personal tastes. At Custom Garage Works, we specialize in garage remodeling services such as floor coatings, organization, and even vehicle lifts. Today we will discuss residential garage remodels, and some of the benefits they can bring.

Property Value

garage remodel

Can Your Home Benefit From A Garage Remodel?

Some clients want to convert their garages into an additional room for the house. Not only is that very expensive, it can also hurt the value of your home. Remodeling the garage into a brighter and more finished area, however, will likely improve the value of your home.

Ease Of Access

A remodeled garage is generally just a better space to enjoy! If you are the kind of person that enjoys spending time in the garage, sealing the floors and adding more storage space can truly increase how enjoyable your garage is.

Extended Living Space

While transforming your garage into a room in the house can hurt property value, you don’t want the garage to be disregarded as just a storage area either. By painting the garage, adding storage, sealing the floors, and so on, you can effectively use the garage to extend the living space of the home.

If you are interested in learning more about how a garage remodel can benefit your business, give us a call at  214-494-9068  to speak with an expert!

Benefits of Slatwall Panels

Slatwall Panels in a Garage

Free Up Space In Your Garage With Slatwall Storage Panels.

The garage is supposed to be the place where you park your car to keep it out of the elements. Unfortunately, many homeowners park their cars in the driveway because they have too much stuff in their garage and no good way to organize or store it. One great way to organize the stuff in your garage and make room for your car is by installing slatwall panels that will allow you to hang your stuff on the walls.

Why Choose Slatwall Panels?

Slatwall panels are different from pegboards, which have been the traditional style of wall storage in garages for many years now. A peg board is essentially a board with holes that you can put pegs into. You can then hang things on these pegs. Unfortunately, you are limited to what you can hang on a peg board by size and weight. With slatwall panels you can hang pretty much anything, regardless of how tall or heavy it is.

Slatwall panels are essentially just a bunch of panels that are attached to the wall of your garage. These panels have grooves that you can slide a variety of hanging accessories on. You can use slatwall panels to increase the shelving space in your garage. You can also customize the height or width of your panels, which allows you to hang up tall items such as rakes, or you can even turn an entire wall of your garage into a giant storage area.

Contact Our Office

Slatwall panels allow you to organize the stuff in your garage so that it is up off the floor and still visible when you walk out into the garage. Whether you want to hang up your garden tools or your sports equipment, contact Custom Garage Works at 214-494-9068 to learn more about the benefits of a slatwall in your garage.

3 Garage Car Lift Benefits

John Thomas 21If you’re a car enthusiast but lack the necessary space in your home garage, car lifts could be the perfect solution for you. Custom Garage Works offers car lifts in DFW, TX. If you’re tired of having to store your prized vehicles in a 3rd party garage, the time is now to invest in a custom garage car lift to increase your space’s usability and protect your possessions under your own roof. Here are 4 garage car lift benefits:

Additional Space

If you have a 2 car garage, you might be forced to park a 3rd vehicle in the driveway, or on the street. With car lifts, you can pack 3 or more cars into a 2 car garage. Have a 1 car garage? You can turn that into a 2 car garage in no time. All you need to do is contact Custom Garage Works in Dallas/Ft. Worth and invest in the storage you’ve been dreaming about.

Ease of Maintenance

Another benefit of a lift in your garage is it’s convenience regarding maintenance. Many of us understand that the hardest part of diagnosing a car issue is not being able to see clearly underneath the underside. With garage lifts you will be astonished by how much simpler it becomes. It is important to take extra precaution when working underneath the massive weight of a vehicle. You should ensure that both the lift and vehicle are safe for use.

Investment Protection

We all know the amount of money poured into the auto industry each year. But more than that, car enthusiasts pour their heart, soul, and time into many of these vehicles. When a car is protected in your garage, it is far less likely to be vandalized by neighborhood teenagers, or worse, stolen by professional thieves. Call 214-494-9068 for car lifts in DFW.

Concrete Paint VS Polyurea Coatings

polyaspartic coatings

Polyurea Out-Performs, Out-Shines, And Out-Lasts Concrete Paints.

When you are choosing a new floor coating for your garage, one of the first things you are going to consider is the cost. Because of this, many homeowners first look into cheap epoxy DIY kits, or even just concrete paint. While both of these products are far from useless, they are not a great choice for high traffic areas, such as a garage floor. Today we will discuss a few of the key differences between concrete paints and polyurea coatings.

Concrete Paints & Epoxy Coatings

As two of the major DIY systems, you can find these products at your local big chain hardware store. Both are also  great fro small areas that need a temporary coating, or areas that won’t be receiving heavy or heated traffic. Driving your vehicle into the garage will almost certainly ruin either of these coatings, particularly on hot tires. Even regular foot traffic causes too much friction for these thin and flaking coatings. Another big problem with these DIY kits is that the prep often requires acid etching, which is not only inconsistent, but also harmful to your concrete flooring.

Polyurea & Polyaspartic Coatings

These coatings are specifically designed for garage floors, and can only be applied by professionals. Our team uses proper diamond grinding to ensure that your floor is properly prepared. Additionally, these coatings are made of several layers that interlock together to create a powerful surface that won’t be disrupted by heavy or regular traffic.

To learn more about our high quality garage floor solutions, give us a call today at  214-494-9068! Our team is happy to help and answer any questions you may have. 

Three Benefits of Garage Storage

garage storage

A clean, empty garage provides a blank slate for our storage solutions.

Aside from floor coatings and car lifts, we at Custom Garage Works also offer solutions for garage storage in Dallas, TX or Fort Worth, TX. Garages traditionally become the dumping ground for all items that do not fit within the house. With adequate garage storage, however, you can maintain a neat space for seasonal items, as well as your yard and car implements. Garage storage from Custom Garage Works comes with many benefits.

Improved Safety

Garages provide storage space for everything from sharp tools, to toxic chemicals and paint. Custom garage storage solutions give you the space and security to lock these items away, rather than leave them accessible on a shelf or the floor. For homes with small children, this added security can itself make custom garage storage a worthwhile expense.

Clutter Reduction

As storage needs exceed the limitations of present space, garages can become cluttered messes. While it is certainly easy to pile boxes wherever you find space, you will have difficulty finding things later. Clutter also reduces the usable space in a garage, to the extent that many people no longer have room for their car. Custom storage reduces clutter and gives everything its proper space.

Increased Home Value

If you ever plan to sell your house, custom garage storage will make it more attractive to potential buyers. Rather than a cluttered, messy space, you can show potential buyers a clean, well-organized area perfect for storage, games, hobbies, or any needs.

At Custom Garage Works, we stand as the local source for garage storage in Dallas, TX and Fort Worth, TX. If you have any questions about our services, do not hesitate to call us today at  214-494-9068.

Garage Floor Coating Frisco TX, With Garage Cabinets & Overhead Storage

Here is a great example of what we can do with a standard size 2 car garage. This Frisco Garage Floor Epoxy Coating is around 400 sqft. We did the floor in a custom 4 layer system coating and a heavy broadcasted colored flake. We then installed a few of our CGW Metal Garage Cabinets and then topped it off with a couple 4×8 overhead storage racks for even more easy access garage storage. This was all done over a 1.5 day period and the client was floored with the way it all came.

Back From Christmas Break

Well it’s the Monday after the Christmas break…. It’s 35 degrees outside and we are starting on 2 large garage jobs in Montserrat in far west Fort Worth today. Too much food and rest makes for a very slow moving Monday for the guys! There is a dusting of snow, or ice on the ground today… Fun fun. Everyone be safe out on the roads, some over passes are still a bit slick.

Garage Floor Coating Frisco, Texas

We did the garage a couple years ago, came back to install 2 4-post lifts as his collection increased but his garage size did not. With the 2 lifts we turned his 3-car garage into a 5 car garage!

Here’s a few garages from last week and some lift installs. Dec has been very busy, sorry to those folks that we had to get to after the Christmas holiday. We like to take a break in Dec for family, hunting, and just to catch our breath… not this year! We have 4 more garages this week before we break for Christmas break on weds evening.

Custom Garage Fort Worth, Texas

Here is a garage completed with a custom cobalt light blue mix. The walls were done floor to ceiling with a slate great Slat-wall system.

The single bay garage portion has 14′ ceilings to accommodate the the extended height/length 4-post storage/service lift. This 4 post is beefed up to handle anything from a Porsche to a extended cab work truck.

This was a totally new custom build in west Fort Worth and the garage was as nice if not nicer than the copper roofed house.