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What is the Longest Lasting Garage Floor Covering?

garage epoxy coating with vehicles

Learn About Garage Floor Coverings

The garage floor. Just how much of an impact does it have on your home’s overall appearance and value? Well, much more than it did back in the 40s, 50s, and 60s! And before that, they were called carriage houses, but as cars got bigger, so did the garage. And back then, there weren’t any garage floor options, dirt was the only option. 

Today though, for homes in communities and neighborhoods, the garage floor is poured when the foundation of the house is poured, often along with the driveway. When it comes to garage floor options, this is something that you choose after-market as an upgrade. 

Options to Choose From

There are homeowners that choose to have their garage closed in to create an additional room. That room may be for a bedroom, den, game room, or even an office. In those instances, the garage floor options include flooring like the home in most cases, either carpeting, tile, or wood flooring. 

But today, when it comes to garage floor options for actual garage use, they become more plentiful with side selections. Those options include: 

  • Acrylic Epoxy
  • Concrete resurfacing
  • Epoxy resin
  • Floor paint
  • Floor patching
  • Floor sealer
  • Floor stain
  • Garage floor coverings
  • Garage floor tiles
  • Polyaspartic
garage floor two empty slots

How do you know which of these garage floor options is best for your home? 

An effective way to determine which of the many garage floor options is best for you, think about whether you want to coat it or cover it. These are four choices for garage floor covering:

  • Painting and Epoxy: Both are applied by a brush or roller in a thin coat directly to a concrete floor slab.
  • Tiles and Mats: Both of these are laid on top of the existing garage floor and are moveable. These garage floor options can withstand the rigors of a busy garage life.

Of garage floor options, what are the benefits of epoxy paint?

There are 5 benefits that can make epoxy garage floor coatings ideal for your garage. Those benefits include: 

  • Resistance to chemicals, heat, heavy shock, and water. If your garage has exposure to corrosive chemicals, this is the best of all garage floor options.
  • Cost-effectiveness as epoxy paint is added to the existing flooring, making the floor coating process less expensive and fast. 
  • Long lifespan once the installation is complete. This is a durable material that is hard-wearing, ideal for a garage with a lot of traffic.
  • Protective by creating a shield over the flooring, protecting it from cracking, staining, and extensive wear and tear.
  • Maintenance is minimized with this garage floor option because it is dust-resistant, keeping dust from circulating and settling while providing a flat smooth surface that is easy to clean using a broom, mop, or vacuum.

What are some of the drawbacks of an epoxy paint garage floor option? 

There are pros and cons to any of the garage floor options available today. Where the flooring will be installed is one consideration, so choosing a flooring material that will meet the needs and space where it will be installed. The drawback to epoxy garage flooring options include: 

  • It Is Temporary

Epoxy flooring is durable, yet temporary. The daily wear & tear can take a toll on this flooring, requiring it to be replaced sooner than you may care. 

  • It is Slippery

Most epoxy floors provide a skid-resistant surface, but when it gets oil or water on it, it becomes slippery and stays slippery until thoroughly dry. If your garage is susceptible to spills, oil, water, etc., then epoxy garage floor options are not for you. 

  • The Preparation

Before an epoxy garage floor coating can be installed, the original concrete must be thoroughly cleaned and any cracked areas must be filled. 

  • The Application

In addition to the time-consuming preparation, the application process is just as time-consuming. After a thorough cleaning, the first coat of epoxy is applied. The contractor must wait for that to thoroughly dry before the next coat can be applied. The drying process can take 2 to 3 days, maybe longer depending on the humidity in the air. 

  • The Smell

Epoxy is one of the smelly garage floor options. The darker the color, the stronger the odor. 

  • Sensitive

Epoxy is a sensitive coating and following directions to the final letter is a must. This should only be installed by a flooring professional. 

  • The Adherence

Epoxy garage floor coating is not a good choice for a moist environment, like a basement. The dampness will cause the epoxy to peel, and you’ll need to have it recoated a lot sooner than you desire. 

  • The Removal

After epoxy flooring is applied, if you decide to change the purpose of the garage or whatever area you have the coating applied, the removal is labor intensive.

Laying It All Out

Shop the different garage floor options before choosing anything, and work with a flooring professional. They can visit your home or business, talk to you about the use, and help you choose the best of all the options for your needs.

Custom Garage Works provides different selections with garage floor options in Haslet and Fort Worth, TX. Call our team at 214-494-9068 to learn more.

How Long Does an Epoxy Garage Floor Last?

Fresh epoxy floor installation

Consider Epoxy for Your Garage Floor Coating

When we think about doing home improvements, typically it is upgrading the windows, adding insulation, new flooring and painting, and perhaps getting new appliances. But in recent years, before the COVID quarantine, homeowners have found the garage to be a useful part of the home that needs attention. This brings us to installing garage floor epoxy coating. 

What is Garage Floor Epoxy? 

Garage floor epoxy is a coating system that not only makes the garage floor attractive, but it protects a concrete garage floor. Garage floor epoxy is a two-part system that consists of a hardener and a resin. When these two things are combined, they form a coating that is attractive, durable, and protective, adding and extending the life of concrete flooring. 

How Long Does it Take for Garage Floor Epoxy to Cure? 

When appropriately installed, garage floor epoxy will cure between 24 and 48 hours. The climate and weather can affect the curing time. Once it has cured, how long will a garage floor epoxy coating last?  Well, that depends on a few things, starting with the quality of the installation. 

In a residential garage, floor epoxy coating that is properly cared for will give you a lifespan of 10 years or longer. Garage floor epoxy coating in a commercial environment will vary based on foot traffic and other traffic on the flooring. In most cases, a factory, garage, or restaurant will get up to three years of lifespan. 

Are There Advantages of a Garage Floor Epoxy Coating? 

The main attraction of a garage floor epoxy coating is the durability it provides. The chemical and stain resistance is another big attraction, especially in settings with customer traffic, like a showroom. Other benefits of a garage floor epoxy coating include: 

  • The Attractive Appearance

A garage floor epoxy coating provides a flooring color and style choices available. This coating can be installed in a color and style that matches any décor and architecture. Epoxy flakes are available in different sizes ranging from 1/32” to 1”  and larger, making a significant impact on the area. 

  • Safe, Slip-Resistant

Garage floor epoxy coating creates a slip-resistant surface. This is a big plus for big box stores where customer foot traffic is heavy, especially in areas where the flooring is often wet. 

  • Finish Choices 

Garage floor epis coating is available in polyurethane topcoats over poly aspartic, the most recommended option by flooring experts. The topcoat provides a faster cure time but is still viscous in reducing slipping. 

  • Fast Installation

A garage floor epoxy installation is typically completed within two days. For companies offering a faster installation time, you should research the company and its product. 

What Types of Surfaces Can Garage Floor Epoxy be Applied To? 

A garage floor epoxy coating can be applied on almost any hard floor surface. The most popular uses are on concrete, but it has become popular on metal and wood flooring. 

What Preparation is Needed to Apply a Garage Floor Epoxy Coating? 

Garage floor epoxy coatings should be applied to flooring that is in good condition. Such as a concrete floor should be thoroughly cleaned and any chips, cracks, or spalls repaired. The following steps should be followed in the preparation of having a garage floor epoxy coating applied: 

  1. Clean and degrease the flooring using a broom and shop vac, making sure all debris is removed from the floor. 
  2. Then use a degreaser and stiff wire brush to remove any grease and rinse thoroughly with clear water. 
  3. Prepare the area using wide painter’s tape where the walls meet the floor, and protect any baseboards with plastic. 

Can I Apply My Own Garage Floor Epoxy Coating? 

Yes, but you must take the preparation steps we just listed and follow the following steps to get the best results: 

  1. Mix the two-part epoxy of the catalyst and the resin after the preparation is completed and the flooring has completely dried. 
  2. Stir the resin and then add the catalyst while stirring. 
  3. Apply the garage floor epoxy as soon as it is ready and be able to complete it within 2 hours using a 3” paintbrush along the edges. 
  4. Allow the garage floor to thoroughly dry before allowing any foot traffic. 

Enjoy Your Epoxy Flooring Today

Start walking …. on your new garage floor epoxy coating! If this is your business, now it is time to get your furniture and merchandise placed. Enjoy this finished product with pride, and if you’re selling your business or home, you want to point out the recent upgrade of your garage floor epoxy coating! 

In case you may sell your business or home in the near future, choose a color and style that is open to match any décor. Working with a professional to install your garage floor epoxy coating will allow you their experience and knowledge in choosing the right color and style, and you’ll have their warranty too! 

Identifying the Best Garage Updates

a messy garage filled with various items

Updating Your Garage

When you’re preparing your home to sell, there are many standard improvements and upgrades that are known to bring higher offers from potential buyers. Remodeled and updated bathrooms and kitchens are on the top of the list. Upgrading the back deck for a luxury outdoor living area is another. But one upgrade that many homeowners do not consider is garage updates.

Why should I update my garage?

This is likely your first question. The garage is often a forgotten space. It’s there, we utilize it, but most of us aren’t getting as much usable space as we could. That’s a shame, because getting more space is something that doesn’t require adding more square footage! Read on for a few ways to gain usable space in the same space you already have with garage updates: 

Extra Storage

Adding storage is most functional garage updates that you can do. It is helpful and productive to store away things we only use on holidays, or things we just save simply because. And the storage of our every day or weekly things is important too, and organization is key. 

Garage storage upgrades should start with creating a structured storage section by installing shelving for storage bins and tubs. From the floor to the ceiling, this vertical storage space will make it easy to find things because labeling these bins and tubs should be part of all garage updates! 

Safety Precautions

There are probably very few garages that don’t have dangerous things in them. Automotive fluids, lawn and garden chemicals, and tools. Garage updates should include installing specialized ways to put these things out of reach for children, whether it is a locking cabinet or high upon a shelf, or a combination of both is better. 

Versatile Space

A garage is more than just a place to park our vehicles, and garage updates should take that into consideration. A double or triple-car garage can be divided up into a specific space for the car(s), and another area for an art studio, woodworking hobby, or party area complete with a bar, counter, refrigerator, and comfy seating. 

Higher Resale Value

Organized garage updates increase home value. Plain and simple! Take your garage from a dull area of your home and make it functional – something a potential buyer could picture themselves using. 

Energy Efficiency

Spend a little money on garage updates can save you money when you use energy-efficient ideas and materials. Garage door upgrades and window upgrades can bring your home more value. Insulate the walls and attic space, then make it temperature controlled is even more value. 

Neighborhood Envy

When you open your garage door now, it may be embarrassing as the neighbors drive or walk by. Garage updates can give you more organized space and that can give you a garage to be proud of when the doors open! A Garage floor upgrade is one of the most eye-catching things you can do that will make your neighbors envious! 

Technology Upgrade

There is so much technology that can make our lives easier, even in the garage. Adding technology is a big part of garage updates today. Start with new garage doors that can be opened and closed remotely from your cell phone.  If you’re a car buff, add a car lift made especially for residential garages. 

Self-Sufficient Kids

As a parent, it can be frustrating when the kids don’t put their stuff away or can’t get to the stuff they need or want. Garage updates should include a way for their sports equipment to be easily stored so that they’ll utilize it every time. 

What can I update my garage with?

Professional organizers suggest the following as some of the best Garage Remodel Ideas you can do: 

  1. Install and upgrade garage door(s)
  2. Insulate and ventilate the garage space
  3. Create a purposeful storage strategy
  4. Gain adequate, ample lighting
  5. Include flooring that is easy to clean
  6. Add more electrical outlets
  7. Add a walk-in door

What are the most cost-effective garage updates?

With garage updates, like any home update, you want to get the most bang for the buck, and these are what real estate professionals recommend: 

  • STORAGE: From vehicles and crates to lawnmowers and sports equipment, a garage can get crowded fast. But with a well-planned storage system, you have more footage available than you realize. Go vertical and don’t forget the ceiling has ample storage with hooks. 
  • INSULATION: Garage updates that include insulation are not overkilling! There are many benefits that you aren’t realizing, but not only will your car be protected, but all the stuff you’re storing will be safer too. 
  • ELECTRICAL: In a garage, updates with more electrical outlets is never going to be a waste.  
  • FLOORING: If your garage concrete flooring is cracked, crumbling, and stained, fix it up! Clean it, patch cracks and holes, and consider applying paint or sealer. Waterproofing the garage floor is a huge improvement that will bring a good ROI.
  • DOOR: An updated garage door is the most effective improvement to the curb appeal of your home, and it doesn’t have to be the most expensive door! 
a well-organized and updated garage space

In Closing

So, all that being said, what are the current best garage updates? Everything we’ve discussed here can be a great choice when you’re seeking garage updates. But, if your budget needs you to pick and choose, these are the ones to focus on: 

  • Storage
  • Flooring
  • Doors

If you can only do one, determine which of the 3 is the worse condition and go with that one. If you can do all three, even better! 

Do Garage Remodels Up the Value of Your Home?

a messy and cluttered garage

Garage Remodeling Projects

Maybe you’re considering putting your home on the market or maybe you’re just needing to improve the area. Either way, there are many reasons to perform garage remodels! Before you dive into the project or commit a budget, most likely, you have concerns and questions, like does remodeling your garage add value to your home?

If you’re looking at garage remodels for a resale feature, most real estate experts will tell you that while a prospective buyer may be impressed the garage is clean and organized, don’t expect a high ROI. Unless a prospective buyer is a gearhead or has a hobby like woodworking, the value of garage remodels isn’t worth going into major debt. However, there are benefits of garage remodels: 

  • Property Value: Okay, yes, we just said most real estate experts say that garage remodels will not give you much ROI, but that doesn’t mean any value at all. If you have a small 2 or 3-bedroom home and no den, office, or playroom, then garage remodels can add some value for resale. After a year of quarantine that had families together under the same roof 24/7, that spare room or an extra bedroom has the value-add that maybe it didn’t 5 years ago.  Whether it is a game room for the whole family, another bedroom to give kids space, or an office for work-from-home aspect, garage remodels were being done, and still are today. 
  • Access and Enjoyment: Remodeling garages has been done simply to give homeowners a better space to enjoy or utilize. Maybe you didn’t realize you needed some space until 12 months of mandated quarantine. Then you realized just how crowded the house was inside, so yes, by adding more storage space and updating with sealed flooring, you can make your garage more useful and enjoyable.
  • Income Booster: Again, a year of mandated quarantine caused businesses to downsize or close. Perhaps you lost an income during this time, and you could use an extra avenue of money coming into your home. Garage remodels can give you that extra income by converting yours into a garage apartment. There are others that experienced a job loss or reduced employment too. They’re looking to get back on their feet that could use cheaper rent for a while. Garage remodels have proven to be a win-win for homeowners and those looking to get back out on their own again.
  • Mother-n-Law Suite: Maybe you have a parent that doesn’t need to be living alone in a full house, and they aren’t ready for a ‘home’ either. Garage remodels are popular for creating a small apartment as a mother-in-law suite too. Mom is close by for mutual helping, but she has her own space too. Garage remodels have been excellent for that young adult child that lost their own place and needs temporary living arrangements. 

Do houses with garages sell better?

What if your home doesn’t have a garage, never did, is it worth building one?  Absolutely!  Nationwide, a house with a garage will sell for as much as $25,000 more than a house without one. That is over 10% ROI for a basic property upgrade. Maybe garage remodels aren’t always a high ROI, but having a garage is something home buyers are looking for, and preferably a 2-car garage. 

Does enclosing a garage add value?

Garage remodels that include closing in a one-car garage of a small home can boost the home value by at least $5,000. However, you want to make sure that any type of garage conversion you consider that includes enclosing the garage for that den or extra bedroom doesn’t take away from having off-the-street parking. Make sure there is still room for at least one vehicle to be parked off the streets. 

What is the average cost of garage remodels? 

Well, this is going to be based on the size of the garage and how detailed and fancy you plan to remodel and upgrade the space.  Here we provide three different levels of garage remodels or updates and what each can provide: 

Partial Garage Remodels

Partial garage remodels can start at around $500 and reach upwards of $5,000. There are different forms for partial garage remodels, like updating with a new garage door, or resurfacing the floors. If you have an older home and garage, a partial remodel will improve your chance of selling the house at a higher dollar. 

Full Garage Remodels

Full garage remodels can start at $7,000 and reach upward of $15,000 on average. Full garage remodels are most common among homeowners that need to store an antique, classic car. They want the best for their car and will have high-quality floor coating installed and finish the walls. They have custom cabinets built and add storage units and install new garage doors. Full garage remodels can take on many looks in many styles to meet a wide range of needs.

Garage Conversion Costs

A garage conversion is a financial commitment that can start at $20,000 and go up to $75,000 or more. A garage conversion is usually done to convert a car storage area into a living space, perhaps a bedroom, playroom, office, or a full but small apartment. Word of caution with a full garage conversion: If you’re planning on selling the house in the future, you need to add a garage after you’ve completed the conversion, or you could lose the resale value of a home with the remodeled garage because most homebuyers want to off-the-street parking, especially in an area where the weather can cause a lot of damage to the car, such as hailstorms. 

a well-organized garage after remodeling

In Closing – A Few Ways to Upgrade Garages

Here are a few suggestions that experts say will give you the most bang for the buck no matter if you stay or if you sell: 

  • An easy-to-open/close garage door
  • Insulation and ventilation
  • Smart storage 
  • Adequate, well placed, lighting
  • Easy-to-clean flooring
  • Ample electrical outlets
  • An exterior and interior walk-through door that locks
  • Space for the car

Remember that if you’re going to spend the money and time for garage remodels, you want to make sure you’re getting the most valuable garage upgrades.

Can a Cracked Garage Floor Be Repaired?

close-up of cracks in concrete

Does the flooring in your commercial garage or automotive shop, even your personal garage, have cracks and stains, becoming unsightly, even embarrassing? With a professionally applied garage floor coating, it doesn’t have to be! 

A garage floor coating with polyurea/polyaspartic can transform a dirty, grimy, ugly space into a brighter, cleaner space looks good enough for a mother-in-law suite! Or create a garage floor that is extremely durable, tough, and is long-lasting.

You may be asking, “Is it worth coating your garage floor?”, and the answer is yes, consider the following benefits a garage floor coating can provide:

1. Extremely Durable – Polyurea/polyaspartic garage floor coating is exceptionally durable and resilient, holding up to heavy equipment and machinery. A polyurea/polyaspartic coating will give your garage floor the ability to hold up to hard impacts and surface abrasions, and chemical or oily spills common in a garage. 

2. Moisture and Stain Resistance – A polyurea/polyaspartic garage floor coating is moisture resistant. This gives you the ideal garage floor where leaks and spills are frequent. With a high resistance to melting frozen water, petrochemical spills, and other contaminants that can be wiped up easily or cleaned with basic soap and water. 

3. Resurfaced Quality – For a commercial garage floor that is already cracked, damaged, and stained, a polyurea/polyaspartic garage floor coating can repair the floor, giving it a new self-leveling surface that will hide the previous damages, marks, and stains. 

4. Limitless Designs – Polyurea/polyaspartic garage floor coatings are available in an unlimited number of colors and designs. This is ideal for a showroom or converting a garage to a live-in quarter. You can even customize your business garage floor with your company logo! 

5. Fast Installation – A polyurea/polyaspartic garage floor coating is fast to install, minimizing the amount of downtime for your business. 

What makes a garage floor crack?

Here are four common reasons for cracked garage flooring. 

Shrinkage: Cracks caused by shrinkage are common and not anything to cause concern. It is part of the natural curing process.  

Settlement: The soil under any structure will move, shift, and sink. Over time, this settling process is normal, but it does put pressure on the garage flooring and results in cracking.  These cracks are more serious because they will usually continue to grow, leaving the equivalent of open buckets collecting water., and that creates more problems. 

Among the problems created are the garage flooring sinking in areas and an increased risk for flooding. Some areas of a garage floor will develop more pressure from weight, like parked vehicles. That weight causes more cracks and settlements. The wider the crack, the more serious of a problem it can create. The sooner you identify the issues and have a professionally installed garage floor coating the better.

Poor Installation: The original construction is a frequent cause of cracking garage floors. It can be from no rebar reinforcement being used, the slab is too thin, an improper base, the soil being disturbed or uneven, or an insufficient amount of gravel.  

This allows any water built- up in the garage floor to seep into or under the house. This needs to be addressed sooner than later, with either a garage floor coating or adding another layer to the original garage floor slab. 

Flooding or Underground Water Source: Water can be the enemy to your garage and home. It plays a huge role in crack formations of garage floors and house foundations. This is especially so when water can’t drain away. If there is heavy clay or other types of dense soil present, it will cling to any excess moisture, freeze in the winter, and expand, cracking the slab as it expands. This is common near garage doors because this is where the most exposure to cold and frost occurs.  A professional garage floor coating can repair the crack and an inspection around the perimeter to find where water is getting in and fixing it is recommended. 

Are cracks in a garage floor serious?

Not all cracks in a garage floor need to cause concern, but if you have seen any of the following, it may be worthwhile having them inspected: 

  • A lot of cracks
  • Deep and wide cracks 
  • A crack running up from the floor to the garage wall
  • Cracks that are becoming considerably worse rapidly
  • Your home and garage are on a hillside
  • Your garage has space under it
  • If the flooring is unlevel on either side of the crack 
  • Water is pooling in areas of the garage

Can you put polyurea/polyaspartic over cracked concrete?

Depending on deep and wide the cracks are in your garage floor, and where they are located, it is best to have a professional that knows how to fix cracks in a garage floor.  The initial answer to this question when you google it is no because poly aspartic does not adhere to the concrete. 

However, there are newer versions of this product and newer methods where it will adhere and result in a beautiful garage floor.  The polyaspartic garage floor coatings today are more flexible than the epoxy material that comes with the DIY garage floor repair kits and methods. 

What is the best garage floor coating?

Today, the new kid on the block is taking the garage floor coating market by storm – Polyaspartic. The appearance is indistinguishable from an epoxy garage floor coating, but there are some significant differences, starting with durability. This gives you a longer-lasting floor regardless of dropped tools and heavy equipment! 

The mixture has a lower odor and dries within two hours. This makes the installation process less obnoxious. Even with exposure to all-day sunshine, polyaspartic flowing won’t fade or yellow like epoxy garage floor coating.

A downside to polyaspartic garage floor coating, it can be slippery. This can be offset by adding a traction material in the last coating. And it is vulnerable to battery acid whereas epoxy can withstand that chemical interaction better. 

Is a garage floor coating slippery?

Yes, most materials used for garage floor coatings are non-porous which means they’ll be slick, just as we mentioned about polyaspartic. You can upgrade your installation with a traction material added to the final layer of coating to eliminate this problem. 

view of an empty garage

Putting It All on The Floor – How long should a concrete garage floor last?

On average, your concrete garage floor should give you up to 25 years of useful life. By year 20, you’ll want to start inspecting it closer for cracks that could indicate any of the problems we’ve mentioned here. This gives you time to find a professional contractor that knows how to finish a garage floor and can discuss the options available to you. 

Garage Organization Tips and Tricks

well-organized suburban garage

Garage Organization Tips and Tricks

The day after Thanksgiving is the popular day to get the Christmas decorations out and start decking the halls with boughs of holly. As you start that project, you begin thinking maybe you could get this better organized so it’s easier next year. But where do you get garage organization ideas to get started with this project?

In this piece, we’re going to answer some questions and provide some suggestions that can help you get started! Garage organization ideas are all over the internet and even on television, and believe it or not, you don’t have to blow your holiday budget! Still, you’re wondering – how much does garage organization cost?

The Cost of Garage Organization

Well, how much garage organization systems cost will depend. Are you going to do this yourself or have it professionally done? Another factor that will determine the cost is the size of your garage. Like anything with your home, size will be a determining factor for almost anything you have done. 

The next factor in pricing is the complexity of the garage organization system you’re looking for. How detailed are your garage organization ideas? Whether you’re doing it yourself or hiring a professional, your garage organization ideas are an important factor in what is needed. So yeah, your budget will come into play at this point. Nationally, the average cost for hiring a professional can start as low as $500 and go upward to $1,500 or more. This will be for their service and garage organization ideas. The materials needed will typically add to that cost.

What if you want to do your own garage organization? Well, it will take more time than if a professional does it, but it can be done more cheaply with some of the garage organization hacks we have found to share with you! 

Nobody will argue with you that by implementing some great garage organization ideas and setting up a good storage system will ensure that everything has a place. And when everything is put in its place, it is easier to get jobs done around the house. 

There are options where you can buy an entire garage organization system and make it work with what you have. This saves the worry of producing your own garage organization ideas, which is the biggest part of the battle for many. So, what is the best garage organization system and where to get garage organization? Keep reading to see what we have found for you: 

  • Best Overall: The Husky Steel Garage Cabinet Set

This versatile six-piece system is available at Home Depot and includes cabinets, pegboards, shelves, trays, and a workbench.

  • Best Budget: The Imillet Wall Mounted Organizer 

This wall-mounted design is available at Amazon at an affordable price, doesn’t take up a lot of space (ideal for those one-car garages), and helps keep things organized. 

  • Best Cabinet: The Seville Classics UltraHD Steel Heavy-Duty Storage Cabinet 

This is another heavy-duty product from Amazon. This stainless steel cabinet on wheels will hold as much as 600 pounds while still remaining easy to maneuver.

  • Best Pegboard: The  Everbilt Interconnecting Plastic Pegboard 

From Home Depot, this is a customizable and space-efficient choice for storing hand tools. Ideal for the gardener, hobbyist, or homeowner that has small DIY projects around the house. 

  • Best Overhead: The  Fleximounts Overhead Garage Storage Rack 

From Amazon, this overhead storage rack will give you maximum space in the garage by keeping the holiday or seldom-used things up above. Great for seasonal garage organization for toys from summer or winter. It’s also a great choice for organizing sports equipment of all kinds, from baseball to basketball to football or hockey! 

  • Best Tool Chest: The  Craftsman 10-Drawer Steel Rolling Tool 

You can get this beauty at Lowe’s and help your garage organization ideas come to life. This system offers great storage that is both convenient and portable. 

For many homeowners with kids, garage organization is challenging, as there is a need to keep items such as bikes and helmets from becoming a hazard in the driveway or garage. If biking is an everyday activity, you want to keep them where they are easy to reach for everyone. Fortunately, you can find floor racks that hold multiple bikes and storage for helmets, gloves, water bottles, and everything else bike-related. 

For the household where biking is primarily a weekend activity, you can put them on wall-mounted hooks for horizontal or vertical positions, including the helmets. The hooks fold so they are out of the way when the bikes are on the road! These hooks can bring a whole new level to your ideal garage organization ideas. 

The next big issue for homeowners is garage organization for lawn tools and Home Depot has the answers for you! Their Slatwall System will put the empty walls in your garage to work, leaving floor space for the cars! Made from recycled PVC, this system fits flush to the wall and has grooves where brackets, hooks, even wire baskets fit in to hold the rakes, shovels, gloves, and more. 

man pulling a tool from a rack in a garage

A Few Final Garage Organization Ideas

When it comes to making your garage organization ideas and dreams come true, knowing where to get garage organization is the biggest help. Yes, the DIY television shows are wonderful for getting your mind rolling, but for hands-on, visit your local home improvement stores. Most will schedule an appointment with you so that you have their full attention.

How-To: Garage Storage Ideas

interior view of a cluttered suburban garage

Running out of Garage Storage Space

If you’re the average homeowner, even as your family grows, the size of your house doesn’t. Before you realize it, that two-car garage you were so happy to have is now full of everything but cars. From bikes and trikes to camping gear and holiday décor, it is now garage storage space. 

Adding on to your home or garage may not be feasible, nor is moving to a house with a three-car garage, so what are you supposed to do? In our article today, we’re going to discuss storage solutions for garages that may not seem big enough for the things you need to pack away. When you work with or research the professionals that know how to layout garage storage, you’ll be surprised by how much garage storage you actually have.

One of the first things you’ll want to do is determine what you need, want, and why storage is important to your home and family. What will you put in your garage storage? Are there things in there that could go in the attic or perhaps things you could post for sale on Facebook Marketplace? Once that’s done, you need to put some paper and pencil together and sketch out a general idea of what can be done for garage storage and counter space. This is because no matter how small your garage is, storage and counter space are going to be needed. 

Smart Garage Storage Solutions

Here, we’ve listed a handful of storage solutions ideal for small spaces. These have been found to be some of the best storage solutions today, and some of them may be ‘old school’, but hey – if it works, there’s no reason not to use these garage storage solutions. 

Build Garage Storage Cabinets

If you’re storing items in boxes and keeping those boxes stacked on the floor, it is time to build some garage storage cabinetry. Whether you build it yourself from lumber or purchase metal or plastic shelve or cabinets, you’ll be surprised how much space you’ll have when you get things out of those boxes and those boxes off the floor. Among garage storage solutions this is one of the simplest space savers and you can do it with one, or maybe two, cabinets.

Wall Organizers

Other than garage storage cabinetry, the walls are a blank canvas that can be used as space savers too. Purchase some big hooks to get your yard equipment up off the floor and leaning against the wall. Not only will you realize how much floor space you have been hiding, but everything you need will be visible.

Add Overhead Storage

The ceiling can be a useful storage space too, so when the wall space is used up, look up. Purchase some ceiling-mounted racks and create overhead garage storage for things like seasonal items that are on hiatus, and you’ll have a better eye-level view of your garage. 

A Foldable Workbench

What garage doesn’t need a workbench? Whether you’re into crafts, woodworking, or automotive stuff, a workbench is a must for many homeowners. But that doesn’t mean your garage has the space for one. If that’s a problem, a folding workbench will do the job and when you’re done with your project at hand, it can be put out of the way.  

Magnetic Boards

For automotive hobbyists that have a collection of bolts, nuts, and other small parts, a magnetic board is a must-have for your garage storage organization. 

Go Mobile

When the garage is small and garage storage is an issue, often a workspace is limited too. Create one that rolls around! A DIY mobile cart for your crafts or wood projects can be put away when you’re done, keeping that small garage space clear. 

Adjustable Shelving

Adjustable shelving is ideal garage storage for things like out-of-season clothing and holiday decorations. You’re able to rearrange the storage boxes and cartons as best suited at the moment, and next season you can move it around again as needed. Open wall shelving is ideal for those plastic containers you have color-coded for the holiday or season. 

Pegboards and Hooks

Some call this old school, but we like to call it the cheapest storage solution available for garage storage issues and it will maximize the space you have without taking up extra floor space. You can use these for holding yard tools like rakes and shovels. 

Safe Power Tool Storage

These aren’t used every day, so there’s no need to have them out in the open. Because these often take up the most space, you can find garage storage that keeps them out of the way and hidden for safety too. 

In Conclusion – Do It Yourself!

Maybe you can’t find the right garage storage to hang from the ceiling, or it could be out of your budget, they are pretty pricy. Steps on how to build garage storage from the ceiling are here: 

Step 1

Measure between the garage door track and the ceiling to determine how much space you have to work with. We recommend leaving at least a 4” space between the bottom of the shelf and the track. 

after that, determine what you’re storing there and what the size of it will be. For example, plastic totes will usually be about  30″ deep. Make the shelf stretch as far across your garage as you want it – most people work in 10-foot sections. Then you can cut the plywood as needed using a circular saw before you pre-nail the nails partly to make assembling easier when you’re on the ladder 

 Step 2

Locate the ceiling beams and attach your vertical support, going 30” out with 1-1/4” screws.  

Step 3

Measure 30” down from the ceiling for the bottom of the shelf and raise the shelf you’ve assembled into place with 3-1/4″ nails so they are secure and tight to the wall, making sure to nail into the wall studs. 

Place the front 10-foot board on the shelf assembly, nailing it to the supports. The bottom vertical supports need to be flush to the shelf bottom. 

Step 4

Place your cut plywood on top, which should be lined up in the middle of the supports you installed. Using 2-1/2” nails, tack the plywood into place. Now paint and start storing!

You can find multitudes of DIY shelf building for garage storage online; most will give you a list of what you need to complete the project they’re demonstrating. Or you can take a little bit of info from several and create the garage storage you need. If all that still sounds a bit difficult, or if you’d like a helping hand, you can reach out to us at 214-494-9068

interior view of a well-organized suburban garage

You can find multitudes of DIY shelf building for garage storage online; most will give you a list of what you need to complete the project they’re demonstrating. Or you can take a little bit of info from several and create the garage storage you need. If all that still sounds a bit difficult, or if you’d like a helping hand, you can reach out to us at 214-494-9068

How to Build Garage Storage From Ceiling Space

Cluttered suburban garage.

Making Use of the Modern Garage

Long ago, garages were built for one car. Then we became two car households, and somewhere along the way, garage storage became a normal thing. This is where we stored bicycles, holiday decorations, and lawn equipment. Today, garage storage is standard for most households. 

What do you do when you don’t have garage storage included in the footprint though? Maybe there isn’t much floor and wall space in your garage, but storage is an issue – what do you do then? 

Steps in Building New Garage Storage

Well, the ceiling is the limit my friend! We are going to tell you how to build garage storage shelves using the ceiling space and a little bit of the wall space that meets the ceiling. 

  • Step One: Clean and clear the garage out. If you can’t get the family to help, call over a couple of friends and offer them cold beverages and hot pizza for supper that day. 
  • Step Two: Sketch what you’d like to see built. A garage with 10-foot ceilings is ideal, but you can work with what you have. A goal is to create garage storage that can hold two plastic storage totes stacked side by side all the way across one wall. 
  • Step Three: Determine the lumber you’ll need and if most of the shelving will be the same size, uniformly spaced across the wall. If so, you can cut same-size pieces in batches. 
  • Step Four: Find the wall stud and nail or screw in 2×2 boards horizontally across the wall. Make sure they are level and the same distance from the ceiling. 
  • Step Five: Next, nail 2×2 board across the ceiling the same length across as the ones on the wall. You’ll need help holding the board while you put screws in. 
  • Step Six: Now install 2×4 uprights boards into the ceiling 2×2 boards. You can pre-drill the holes first, making it easier than drilling while standing on a ladder. Again, keep checking that everything is level. 
  • Step Seven: Now attach 2×2 boards across the bottom of the uprights all the way across. 
  • Step Eight: Cut ½” thick plywood to fit this frame you’ve built and screw them into the bottom 2×2 boards. Use flat head screws so they go into the wood and make sliding things in and out of the shelves easier.

With a little bit of elbow grease, lumber, and screws, you now have garage storage and shelving hanging from the ceiling and fastened to the wall. 

What is the best garage storage system?

The garage has become the place where we store things out of the way. Then we can’t find them, so we realize we need amore organized garage storage system so that all this stuff can have a place. Once we have that garage storage system in place, we can actually park our vehicles in the garage! Garage storage with doors is even better so everyone can’t see what we have when the garage doors are open. If you’re not interested in a DIY garage, can storage be purchased and used? Absolutely! Here are a few suggestions: 

  • Best Overall Garage Storage: Husky Steel Garage Cabinet Set offers several different storage options with a built-in workspace and has both open storage and closed storage.
  • Best Budget Minded Garage Storage: Imillet Wall Mounted Organizer is a budget-friendly and ideal for small spaces where you can hang those larger items. 
  • Best Garage Storage Cabinet: Seville Classics UltraHD Steel Heavy-Duty provides awesome weight capacity with the heavy-duty steel that is garage-friendly. It completely closes up and has locking wheels built-in.
  • Best Pegboard: Everbilt Interconnecting Plastic Pegboard, ideal for apartment living where only a few tools are needed. It is customizable, can be added on to and is easy to clean

Another option to maximize the space in your garage is with overhead garage storage that can be lowered. A garage storage lift will let you declutter and organize your garage of all the “non-garage” stuff and leave you room to park your car. This comes with several components that will utilize the space above your car, aka the ceiling. There are some factors that you’ll need to consider before buying a garage storage lift, like: 

  • Size and Capacity: What are you planning on storing in this garage storage lift? You need it big enough for your plans, but it also needs to fit in your garage. Check the weight capacity of the garage ceiling too, how heavy is the lift and add the weight of what you’ll be storing. 
  • Materials and Installation: What type of material do you want the garage storage lift made from, plastic or stainless steel? Pricing will be affected by this decision and the lifespan of the lift as well. Steel is the most popular because of its given strength. 

What are some garage storage and workbench ideas? 

In less than half a day, you can build a workbench for cheap that is sturdy enough for your hobbies or woodworking projects. Add a pegboard above it, mount a bench vise, you’re ready to go! Get the following materials and then follow the steps we’ve provided: 

  • 1-5/8 inch Drywall screws
  • Boards – 2x4s 
  • 3 inch Drywall screws 
  • 4 x 8 plywood half inch thick
  • The Workbench Frame

Build the frame for your workbench to have a top surface and lower shelf.

  • The Legs

Screw four 2×4 boards to the surface frame for the legs.

  • The Lower Frame

Flip the workbench upside down and attach the lower frame for the shelf.

  • The Work Surfaces

Screw the 4×8 plywood into the work surface frames.

  • The Top Shelf Frame & Top

Assemble the top shelf frame and add the top shelf plywood board.

  • The Top Shelf Legs

While the unit is upside down, attach the legs for the top shelf.

  • Put it Together

Connect the top shelf legs with screws to the workshop bench and add the backer board.

Clean, modern, and well-organized garage.

In Closing 

If none of these suggestions work for you, there are metal and plastic garage storage cabinets you can purchase at big box retailers or online. If you’re not a DIY kind of person, there are professional companies that can come inspect your garage space, ask about what you’re wanting and what you do in that space, then design a space specific to you. If you’d like more help with garage storage in Haslet and Fort Worth, TX you can reach out to Custom Garage Works by calling 214-494-9068.

How Much Is Garage Floor Coating?

concrete garage floor

What is concrete floor coating?

For years, nobody has ever thought much about garage floors. They were there, we parked cars in there, stored bicycles and holiday decorations in the garage. But, the garage floor, coating one for aesthetics and usefulness, that wasn’t anything we thought about until recent years. 

A concrete  floor coating is one-part coating  that has a satin finish. This concrete floor coating is stain-resistant, chemical-resistant, and durable to tire damage. For the garage with a lot of car or any vehicle activity, concrete floor coating is a ‘must have’. 

Along with concrete floor coating in paints, an epoxy coating or cement overlay is just as sufficient to keep not just garage flooring looking good, but basements and porches too. A high quality and well applied floor paint makes any old, unfinished flooring colorful and durable. 

Why garage floor coating?

When you have a professional with experience and knowledge of how to apply garage floor coating, you will benefit from the garage floor coating in 10 different ways:

1. Appearance 

Epoxy garage floor coating will transform your garage space into sleek area that is excellent for a garage or any room in your home. With its shiny surface, it will complement any decorative lighting as the light reflects, adding a new dimension to the garage or room. Epoxy garage floor coating also covers existing defects on a garage floor with various colors and designs. Imperfections are hidden while a durable surface is created.  

2. Cost Effective

Epoxy garage floor coating is an affordable option when compared to removal of current flooring and installing a new material. The garage floor coating can be applied over the current flooring material, a money and time saver.  When any imperfection arises, the quick treatment is affordable.  Garage floor coating that is professionally installed is a worthwhile investment because the flooring stays intact longer, giving you the most ROI possible. 

3. The Resistance

Fortify your basement, garage, or laundry room with an epoxy garage floor coating and block any harmful elements found in high-traffic area. The features of an epoxy garage floor coating includes the reputation of resistance and hardiness. Shock resistant, heat resistant, chemical resistant, and water resistant, the ideal flooring for any garage.  

4. Long Lasting

After a garage floor coating installation is complete, the epoxy doesn’t need reapplying for longer period of time than other floor covering like carpet, tile, or wood. The longevity of an epoxy garage floor coating is cost effective thanks to the longevity it provides. 

5. Protection

Epoxy garage floor coating is a sealant that protects flooring such as concrete and others. It is an impressive shield installed directly over the current surface and the membrane-like coating  bonds even to a rough flooring. It keeps concrete from cracking, crumbling, and wearing down and doesn’t retain stains.  Installing several coats over a period of a few days will result in a rubbery, thick sheet.

6. Strength

Epoxy garage floor coating withstands  impacts, shocks, and substantial weight. A tensile strength sets it apart adhesives and is a sturdy covering. When added to concrete, the weight limit increases the concrete surface to 10,000 pounds per square inch.

7. Maintenance

Another advantage of epoxy garage floor coating is the upkeep is easy and simple. Because it covers concrete, cement particles and dust are reduced and can be swept easily. Winter road salt doesn’t affect an epoxy garage floor coating, and is cleaned up simply with a broom, mop, or vacuum. Bacteria, germs, grime or other contaminants can’t adhere to epoxy garage floor coating, making it a sanitary garage floor coating.

8. Safety and Visibility

Installing an epoxy garage floor coating increases the visibility and adds a safety measure by reflecting light that illuminates the entire space. An epoxy garage floor coating provide traction and anti-slip with additives like aluminum oxide, gravel, polymer grit, mortar, or sand. The fumes during installation  are not harmful when proper precautions are followed. 

9. Vehicle Compatible

Garage floor coating with epoxy will fit any vehicle needs, keeping the tires in good condition on a uniform surface. Unlike how concrete wears tires down, the smooth epoxy garage floor coating has little reaction with tires.  

10. Eco-Friendly

An epoxy garage floor coating is a chemical compound that is eco-friendly because of the few materials required to make the substance. Because it is long lasting, the lack of having to replace it frequently, saves the landfills. 

What is a good garage floor coating?

The most popular and recommended garage floor coating and epoxy is a two-part epoxy. The two part is the most durable because it has a hardener catalyst in the base material. With proper and thorough preparation, applying it with ample ventilation to help the drying process, you’ll have a beautiful garage floor coating. 

coated garage floor

What garage floor coating is best?

 Choosing the right floor coating for garage can be confusing. We offer the following recommendations from experts in this field: 

  • Best Paint Kit: Rust-Oleum  – RockSolid Polycuramine Garage Floor Kit

This polycuramine garage floor coating from Rust-Oleum covers up to five hundred feet with a compound that is self-leveling and fast-drying. The high-gloss finish makes it vehicle ready within twenty-four hours and the color flakes give a touch of style. It is crack-resistant and peel-resistant to keep that look protected in a single coat.  

  • Best Value: KILZ  – One-Part Epoxy Acrylic Interior/Exterior Concrete and Garage Floor Coating Paint

This epoxy garage floor coating comes in silver or slate gray, providing a durable and easy-to-clean garage floor or concrete coating. A one gallon can of this high-quality paint will cover up to five hundred square feet of a smooth surface. Dry to the touch within 2 hours, this chemical-resistant product is safeguarding your garage floor from the moment you install it from gas and oil spills.

  • Best Epoxy Kit: Colored Epoxies 1002 –  Clear Epoxy Resin Garage Floor Coating 

This garage floor coating is 100% solid epoxy and will retains its shape and thickness after curing. Available in different colors, this 15 gallons of garage floor coating is mildew-resistant, mold-resistant, and water-resistant. 

  • Best Concrete Sealer: Siloxa-Tek – Penetrating Concrete Sealer

This industrial-grade garage floor coating from Siloxa-Tek will protect your concrete surfaces from moisture damage with its water resistant nature. The one gallon bottle of this clear product can be brushed, rolled, or sprayed on basement floors, driveways, garage floors, or patios. 

  • Best Concrete Paint: Rust-Oleum  – Epoxy Shield Concrete Garage Floor Coating Paint

This one-gallon can of paint will provide your basement floor, garage floor, or patio with a smooth gray satin finish that is formulated with an advanced acrylic technology. A durable, fade-resistant, and stain-resistant that is easy to use and easy to clean up. 

Which is better, epoxy floor coating vs polished concrete?  For busy garages, epoxy garage floor coating would be your better choice. It can withstand more activity with various types of traffic. The car parts, tools, and  can leave significant damage to a painted concrete floor finish. Call 214-494-9068 today for your garage floor coating in Haslet and Fort Worth, TX.

What is the best car lift for home garage?

car lift lifting cars in garage

Finding your car lift

For Texans, the next best thing to owning a ranch with a herd of Long Horn Cattle would be having a custom garage with an auto lift! Yup, we spend our weekdays branding, riding, and roping, and our weekends working on our cars. How excited many of the regular joes around here would be knowing they could an auto lift for small garage of their own like the big auto garages on television?! 

At one time, a hydraulic auto lift and equipment that goes with a full-fledge auto garage was for professional garages only. Those garages where you pull up to the gas pump, a bell rings, and the guy came out to pump your gas. Today though, if you have a small garage behind your house, you can have your own auto lift. That is a dream come true for many of grease monkey guys and gals. 

Of course, as a homeowner, you’re looking around in your garage asking yourself, “Can I fit a car lift in my garage?”, and we’re here to answer that question and a few more.  The answer to that question is, yes, you can have an auto lift in your garage! There are different  auto lift types available today that fit and work in a home garage if it can meet certain requirements like a concrete floor with a minimum thickness and has a ceiling minimum ceiling clearance. 

So yes, if you’ve been wonder all those YouTube videos of folks working on their dream car on an auto lift were really at home in their own garage, yes, it is possible.  Even your garage may be eligible for a car lift. Keep reading, we have more answers to common and key questions. 

How thick should concrete be for car lift?

Make all your grease monkey friend envious, bring your garage up a big step and get an auto lift installed! In addition to making them jealous, you’ll also make your garage more efficient and keep your dream car safer too. Not to mention, how much easier it will be to turn a wrench standing under the car instead scooting around under it! 

Isn’t that just a dream and wishful thinking though, having an auto lift in your garage at home? No, not anymore, and it isn’t all that difficult either. No, you don’t need area underneath like the oil and lube place does where your wife gets her oil changed.  What you do need is a minimum 6” think concrete floor, 4” thick will work. Cause like everything in Texas, bigger is better, so a thicker concrete floor is better for a 2-post or 4-post auto lift.  

What if your concrete flooring isn’t that thick or it cracked and worn? You can modify and add to your existing concrete flooring to make it work for an auto lift install.  Don’t pour your own concrete unless that’s your paying job of course.   Here are the specs that auto lift manufacturers recommend for the concrete flooring to maintain an auto lift: 

  • Minimum  Strength: 3,500 psi
  • Minimum Aging: 28 Days
  • Minimum Thickness:
  • 8,500 pound – 10,000 pound lifts: 4 inch Minimum Thickness
  • 12,000 pound – 18,000 pound lifts: 6 inch Minimum Thickness
  • Along with those specifications, they recommend the following safety reminders too: 
  • Only install an auto lift on concrete that conforms to the specifications listed above.
  • An auto lift should never be installed on cracked, defective concrete. 
  • An auto lift should never be installed on expansion seams. 
  • All three-fourth inch diameter anchors must be eight inch from control joints, expansion seams, or other inconsistencies. 

NEVER install an auto  lift on hand mixed concrete. Professionally mixed and poured concrete only that meets the specifications listed above. An auto lift is a valuable tool to any garage. It is also equipment that needs the utmost respect to safety.  Other specifications may be required when your garage is inspected for an auto lift installation.

How much clearance do I need for a car lift?

An auto lift isn’t just for making working on your hot rod easier, they can increase your garage’s storage space too. With a lift, you can keep your hot rod suspended in the air during the weekdays and park the wife’s car underneath. Even if you aren’t a grease monkey at heart, an auto lift will give you a way to store the dirt bike up above and the ski-jets underneath, so the garage isn’t cramped. 

An auto  lift  optimizes any size of space you have already, from the roomiest garage to the smallest garage. All you need is a minimum of 11 feel height clearance. What about the auto garage doors opening and closing? No worries!  A professional auto lift installation will include modifying the garage doors to accommodate your new auto lift by extending the tracks for the  garage door to the ceiling. Then the ceiling-mount motor is replaced with a side-mounted shaft operator.

Is there an auto lift for low ceiling garages? 

What if your garage only a 9-foot ceiling? No problem, there are 2-post auto lifts that will fit your garage too!  BendPak is a manufacturer that offers three unique auto lifts, one is a 2-post that fits inside a nine foot ceiling garage giving you fifty-eight inches of workspace! 

What is the safest car lift?

If your passion is working on cars, an auto lift will take your home garage to another level! It will also provide you proper and safer way to work on your vehicles at home, comfortably.  Here are three options that is recommended by the experts for comfort, ease, and most of all safety: 

  • The Tuxedo TP9KAC-TUX: Offers asymmetric two post vehicle lift with  low profile 4-inch lifting pads and saddle pad adapters. Dual lock release with stackable height adapters will give you everything you dreamed of in your garage and keep you, your friends, and more important, your family, safe. 
  • The QuickJack BL-7000SLX: A portable auto lift that  features 14-gauge steel welded frames with quick-connect hoses.
  • The Tuxedo FP8K-DX-XLT: This four post auto lift is  deluxe in the lift/storage service it offer any home garage while staying within your budget. 
setting up car on a lift

Is a car lift worth it?

If you are a car-enthusiast, or a family that is all about anything with a motor and/or wheels, you know what it is like to work on the underside of the car. Or how crowded a garage can get!  Here are 3 reasons why your garage needs an auto lift: 

  • Double Your Garage Space: With a four-post auto lift, you can park the everyday car under the dream hobby car and keep the other bay open for a 2nd everyday driver. 
  • Protect Those Investments: There aren’t many other hobbies as expensive as working on antique or classic muscle cars. With an auto lift, those investments can be kept up high so the kids aren’t banging into them with their bikes. Not to mention the level of difficulty of anything being stolen when its up in the air! 
  • Easier Working Space: The biggest benefit of an auto is having room to work on the underside of your car. 

Even if your interest wains in auto repair, an auto lift will be an investment that you’ll enjoy for years to come. Call 214-494-9068 today for your custom garage needs in Haslet and Fort Worth, TX.