How Do I Remodel My Garage?

garage remodel

Is Converting a Garage a Good Idea?

Would you like to maximize the space of your home? Converting a garage is an idea that appeals to many homeowners. You can convert your garage with a fair amount of grunt work, and do it inexpensively if you research the right methods and use the right contractors for professional tasks like remodeling, electricity, and plumbing. When you empty the contents of your garage and clean it from top to bottom, you have a great template. At a certain point, it will be important to determine what your aesthetics will be, and what you want to accomplish with your garage remodel.

How Do I Remodel My Garage?

Settling into a garage remodel is a remarkable and excellent way to move forward with improving the value of your home. But how do you accomplish such a task? Please review the following bullet points to learn more.

  • The first thing that you need to do is remove the clutter. Completely clear out the area. You can donate items that have value to a resale shop or charity. If things don’t have value, you can throw them away or recycle them as appropriate.
  • Clean the space. If you are going to keep the floors, clean them, and seal them where appropriate. If the walls need to be replaced, find a suitable contractor who is insured and possessed certifications where applicable.
  • Determine how you are going to use the space. If there is going to be a living space in the garage, determine the orientation of the furniture. Think about the materials that you want to use on the walls and the floors. How will they work together and what aesthetic would you like to promote in your remodeled garage?
  • For professional jobs, use professional companies. A licensed and insured company will be able to provide the kind of expertise that is necessary to make a good project a great one.

Is Converting a Garage a Good Idea?

According to leading experts, converting a garage is faster and less expensive than building a new addition to the home. If you would like to remodel your garage, you can easily find a number of ways of revamping the space so that it adds value to the home. If you’re working with an existing structure, you won’t have to pay additional costs like laying down a new foundation or building new walls. If you would like to maximize the current space in your home, one of the most innovative ways to accomplish that goal is by converting a garage into a more versatile space.

Does Converting a Garage Devalue Your House?

While it is a great idea to make existing spaces clean and versatile for property owners, there are cases where a converted garage can actually devalue the home. If the conversion does not reflect a positive impact on the home for potential buyers, the value could be lost in translation. If the conversion goes through, it is important to have ample additional parking for the homeowners and additional storage space. Making spaces versatile and practical is better than revamping spaces that then lose practicality. Cleanliness, order, and versatility can add structure to a nondescript space.

Do I Need a Permit to Enclose My Garage?

Are you wondering if you need a permit to enclose your garage? If you are exchanging how space will be utilized for the future, then it is likely that homeowners will need to procure a building permit. This necessity varies based upon the location to location. If you do need to apply for a garage conversion permit, then your best move is to contact your city’s Zoning Department. From there, you can move forward using good procedures and policies.

How to Remodel Garage Walls

A very affordable way of remodeling garage walls is to use shiplap. Shiplap is durable, affordable, and actually quite easy to install. The solid wood of shiplap makes it great for securing posters, pictures, and memorabilia to the walls. The speed of installation is also optimal. If you choose to go with drywall for your garage walls, it is also easy to install and comes with a degree of fire resistance. Oriented strand board, also known as OSB can be screwed to the wall framing and does not need taping and finishing.

How to Remodel Garage into Living Space

The first thing that you should do when contemplating a garage remodel is to calculate how much that conversion will impact your budget. Each garage conversion is slightly different, and each space has different needs. For example, if you would like to install a sink, you will need to consult with a plumbing professional.

Garage Remodel into Bedroom

There are many different conceptions of what a garage can become. One of those ideas is a garage remodel into a bedroom. It will be important to consider different professional opinions, which is why it is urgent for homeowners to consult with a garage remodel company.

garage remodel

Garage Remodel to Master Suite

One of the most exciting remodeling ideas that homeowners can undertake is to convert a garage into a master suite. In order to make sure that the home is not devalued, it will be important to make sure that additional parking is available and the space is versatile and clean.

If you would like to discuss your garage remodel in Haslet and Fort Worth, TX, our team is here to help. Please reach out to us at 214-494-9068 to reach a member of our staff.

What Are Car Lifts?

Garage with cars on service or repairing. Top view on professional service station , some cars on service maintenance, one car lifted up on hoist. Some free space

Learn More About Car Lifts

Oftentimes there isn’t enough roof to fit multiple cars in a given space especially when new car purchases are made. With car lifts, you won’t have to worry about parking on the street as you can incorporate another car into your garage. Car lifts are a great way to use the space that you have and compartmentalize your vehicles to fit. If you’re wondering about the different kinds of car lifts that could work for your space get in touch with your local garage shop for more information. Until then here is some general information regarding car lifts that can provide some clarity for you.

What are car lifts used for?

Car lifts can be used to store and display certain items by raising them on a lift so more space can be given on the floor below. They are mostly used in vehicle maintenance, car dealerships, and the like for cars and are used very often in the day as essential equipment in the shop. Car lifts are also advantageous for residential properties that need more parking space for vehicles. 

Can car lifts fail?

Car lifts can hold significant loads and are safe to operate after learning proper handling. Vehicles should never be operated without proper safety training. People operating lifts should follow manufacturer and safety guidelines at all times. Failing to do so can result in property damage, bodily injury, and liability claims with a car falling from a lift.

How do car lifts work?

Hydraulic car lifts work by using a pump that pushes oil from a cylinder which then pushes a piston that in turn pushes the lift off from the ground. In order to go down, the valve will open and oil will be able to flow back into a reservoir. This will allow a gravitational force to push the lift back down.

Can I put a car lift in my garage?

Car lifts can be optimized into any space no matter the size. Car lifts can fit into one bay space and can optimally have 11-12 feet clearance height. There can also be modified garage doors put into place in order to accommodate car lifts.

Can a car lift be installed outside?

Car lifts can be installed outside however maintenance will increase in order to keep car lifts in safe working order. What can be done to ease these tasks is to install portable care lifts that can be used outdoors but stored indoors so there aren’t risks in outdoor damage.

Cars raised on car lift in auto service. Open hood.

What are the best car lifts?

  • BendPak MD-6XP Mid-Rise Portable Specialty Car Lift
  • 6,000 lb BendPak XPR – 10AS Asymmetric Dual Width 2 Post Lift,
  • 10,000 lb Dannmar MaxJax Portable Two Post Car Lifting System 6,000 lb Capacity
  • BendPak MD-6XP Mid-Rise Portable Specialty Car Lift
  • 6,000 lb BendPak XPR – 10AS Asymmetric Dual Width 2 Post Lift
  • 10,000 lb Dannmar MaxJax Portable Two Post Car Lifting System 6,000 lb Capacity

Are car scissor lifts safe?

Scissor car lifts should be used with just as much care as 2 post lifts. Both use the same lift points so the chance of a car flipping off would be just about the same. 

What is car lift jack?

Car lifts use jacks as the mechanical lifting device which will apply great force to lift heavy loads. Car jacks, also known as a floor or garage jacks will lift vehicles so maintenance tasks can be performed on vehicles. Jacks usually have a standard for lifting a maximum of a few tons in capacity.

Car Lifts and Ramps

Car lifts will have a ramp included to load the car onto the lift either attached to the lift, detached, or having the lift itself act as the ramp with maneuvering the mechanics of operation.

How much does it cost to install a car lift?

Car lifts can range in price depending on the type of car lift being incorporated into your property from two-post car lifts to four posts. These two types of car lifts will run a couple hundred to several hundred dollars while car lifts such as in-ground lifts can run far more in price for the installation. 

Get In Contact With A Garage Shop

If you’re interested in incorporating car lifts to your property reach out to your local garage shop for more information. They will be best able to provide you with recommendations that will best with your property specifications and vehicle needs. They will also be able to provide you with guidelines and safety information for future use. Car lifts will be very beneficial for those needing a lift to conduct car maintenance or add more storage for vehicles in a given space or garage. Implement car lifts today and have more ease of use for your property.

If you’d like to know more about car lifts in Haslet and Fort Worth, TX call 214-494-9068 with Custom Garage Works!

Are Garage Cracks Normal?

garage floor cracks

Why are There Cracks in my Garage Floor?

We understand, homeowners take every detail of their homes seriously, so when your home is freshly completed and cracks appear in your garage, it’s easy to feel alarmed. Custom Garage Works assures any homeowner however that just discovers cracks in their newly finished garage floor that those cracks are all part of the home owning process. Here are some of the reasons why there are cracks appearing in your garage floor:

  • Foundation settling
  • Response to heat or cold
  • Concrete dehydration 

When happening for the above reasons, minor cracks often appear naturally in houses both new and old. However, some cracks are large and unseemly, going from simply being large to making an uneven surface. These cracks are caused by reasons such as:

  • Poor material in construction
  • Poor craftsmanship
  • Ground shifting 
  • Bad drainage or moisture buildup 

Moisture can be the bane of any part of construction, that includes your garage floor. Most cracks however, are not as bad as they often look. When you get a new garage or a freshly refurbished one, Custom Garage Works has preventive solutions for cracks that will leave your garage looking far better thanks to our many solution services

Are Cracks in a Garage Floor Normal?

While many cracks in your garage foundation may seem sudden and unordinary, it is actually normal for cracks to appear on your garage floor. Especially with the natural soft soil in Haslet and Fort Worth, TX, structures have need for settling before becoming fully stable. Particularly however, when installing further customization into your garage such as car and auto lifts, minor cracking is possible and does happen on occasion. That is why we recommend having your garage floor coated with products such as epoxy flooring, which we provide. Epoxy flooring coats your flooring and makes it stronger than the concrete underneath, holding it in place with a more sturdy grip.

Cracks in Garage Walls

Cracks in your walls are just like those in your floor, they can be from a multitude of reasons and are generally normal. Your garage is no different, only if the crack is widening or is past half an inch should you consider getting it inspected. Before panicking about that crack that has appeared in your garage wall, consider:

  • Is there a moving part like a door or garage door
  • Shelving or hanging decorations could be settling 

Another factor to consider if you find cracks in your brick the exterior walls of your garage is that much of the time a wall like a brick wall is partly decoration. When coupled with a door or a garage door, there will more than likely be minor cracking due to the pathway. Unless more than minor, cracks around a garage door are normal due to settling and due to the constant motion the mechanism provides. When you consider storage in your garage, trust a first rate garage customization company, trust Custom Garage Works. We offer a wide variety of storage options that can both hand on your wall as well as based on the ground or even the ceiling.

How do I fix a Crack in my Garage?

Whether on your floor or in your wall, it is absolutely possible to fix both when it comes to cracks appearing. Before thinking about fixing any cracks in your garage, an important process to go through is to clean the surface where the crack is. The importance of cleaning the surface keeps debris and moisture from being caught inside the crack when the coat is applied. Cracks that appear in your garage often can be filled with a grainy substance that packs in and can last accompanied by an epoxy coating. 

While there are multiple ways to avoid damages in your home, avoiding cracks is perhaps one of the most difficult things to do because it often happens outside of the homeowner’s control. As mentioned, cracks around a garage door and general entryways to your garage often create natural cracks into the walls that are generally minor if not hard to detect. The cracks that can often be avoided are those made by shelves and decorations. While many cracks happen on the surface level of your wall after hanging decorations and shelves, they tend to be supported by a stud or in a material that is more supportive such as concrete. 

As mentioned before, cracks in your garage can be filled. The most important process part of filling the crack however is to clean it before filling. As a premier garage customization company, Custom Garage Works understands there are people that want to try to do the job yourself. When dealing with garage cracks, break away any loose material that could fall off in the filling process, vacuum out the area, and make doubly sure to check there is no moisture. We recommend that when you feel a crack needs service, call 214-494-9068 for one of our professionals to come out and check it out so we can give you an accurate estimation on whether repairs are needed and if customization is possible with it there. 

Epoxy application

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Know More About Garage Floor Painting

Hand painting garage floor, soft selective focus, toning

See How Garage Floor Painting Can Help

Garage floor painting is a great way to update the look of your garage to a more sleek and clean finish. The easiest way to paint garage floor is to apply a layer of epoxy paint yet depending on the condition and age of your floor additional steps may be necessary. With garage floor painting it may be best to rely on a professional in order to have a more even and mess-free application. As such, garage floor painting will require specific steps if the job is more extensive. Until then, consider the following basic information regarding garage floor painting to see what options may work for your property.

Is painting a garage floor a good idea?

Garage floor painting can offer a layer of protection to the integrity of your garage floor and how it handles natural or unnatural wear. Depending on the type of paint used you can resist water, mildew, chemicals, mold and oil stains. 

Can I paint my garage floor with regular paint?

There are two types of paint that are used for garage floor painting; epoxy paint and latex acrylic. Although latex is the cheaper option it’s more of a short term fix. Garage floor paint epoxy is what’s typically used for painting a garage floor which is specially designed to work with concrete floors and will provide a more durable finish. It also creates a better bond which will make it more chip resistant.

Should I paint my garage floor?

Garage floor painting can be beneficial in creating better protection by increasing its durability. I t can also brighten up the garage and provide a cleaner surface. Garage floor painting can come in different shades and colors yet most opt for lighter options in order to create an illusion of more open space.

How do you paint a garage floor?

Garage floor painting will first be cleaned if needed and a primer can be applied prior to paint application. Then a coat of epoxy paint can be laid out along the edges of the garage with a brush. A roller will then need to be used in order to fill in the rest of the flooring.

How long does garage floor paint last?

Garage floor painting will need to be cured for three to four days or a full week for concrete driveways. As such, garage floor painting can last for a year or two before needing to be retouched.

Empty Garage Interior With White Floor

What is best paint for garage floor?

  • KILZ 1-Part Epoxy Concrete and Garage Floor Paint – Best Paint to Withstand Hot Car Tires
  • True Value Painter’s Select – Best Paint for Areas with Minimal Ventilation
  • Valspar 1500 Latex Satin Enamel – Best Wear Resistant Paint
  • RUST-OLEUM Urethane Finish Paint – Best Anti-Skid Texture Finish
  • KILZ Masonry, Stucco, and Brick Flat Paint – Best Paint to Camouflage Small Imperfections

How do you paint an old concrete floor?

Garage floor painting when the floor is old concrete will first need to be washed. Usually, power washing is applied to get rid of a majority or surface-level dirt and stains. WIth uneven areas or old paint sanding the floor is necessary to level the floor. Afterward vacuuming the floor of the dust or residue from sanding will be necessary. With any areas that are cracked or covered with holes mixing a concrete patch compound and the following package, instructions can assist with filing any damaged areas in order to provide an even flat ground. Once all areas have been given time to set and dry a primer can be applied to the floor before a layer of epoxy paint is applied. Once the number of coats you’d like to apply is determined you can finally apply masonry sealer to the garage floor.

How much does it cost to paint garage floor?

Garage floor painting will cost somewhere between $1.45-$3 per square foot than $0.50 to $2.50 per square foot to seal it with a high-performance epoxy or urethane (not including labor.)

Contact A Professional

When you’re looking to apply garage floor painting to your property make sure to contact trained professionals to do the task. The application of garage floor painting by a professional home improvement company can ensure that all layers are even without accidental application to areas such as walls of your garage. Your local garage floor painting services are usually attached to home improvement companies and garage specific related services. If you’d like to see if any other areas of your home require updates or maintenance get a residential home inspection so a professional can look around your property for proper system functions. Garage floor painting will protect your garage floor from scrapes and wear so be sure to get in touch with a professional today to get started. If you have any questions or concerns a professional will be able to discuss them with you and keep you updated on the processes.

If you’re interested in garage floor painting in Haslet and Fort Worth, TX call 214-494-9068 with Custom Garage Works!

How To Remodel Garage

Front View of Double Garage Doors

Learn More About A Garage Remodel

Your garage actually holds more opportunities and interior value than you think. It’s an extra space that can be converted for more space, storage, you can add a garage lift and you can even spruce up the paint. Essentially you can make the area cozier for your car or you can completely transform it as an extra room or workspace. When a garage remodel comes to question the possibilities are endless. If you’re curious as to what you can do to convert your garage contact a professional garage door service for assistance. Until then, here are some helpful ideas or information that may be of use to you with your garage project. 

Does finishing garage add value?

Finishing a garage remodel or project won’t necessarily increase the value of the home’s appraisal however that isn’t to pull away from the fact that it can provide a visual aesthetic that is very much appreciated by potential buyers. It can separate it from other properties and therefore shorten the amount of time that the house is in the market. 

What adds more value to a house a garage or extra room?

According to MSN Real Estate a small one-car garage can add $5,000 a home’s value. With a garage remodel conversion if it’s done in an area where there is still space for homeowners to park off the street you may see an increase of 6% or more in the home’s value.  

Do you need planning permission to change a garage into a room?

A garage remodel into a room will require planning permission as is the case with any home remodeling project as there are compliance and regulations that need to be met. With a garage remodel in particular you’ll need to address fire safety, building regulations and local zoning codes.

What is the average cost for a garage conversion?

The average cost of a garage remodel with a conversion will be $12,817 with a large factor in the overall price is dependent on the contracted labor that is involved. Most contractors will have a flat fee based on 10-20% of the cost of the final project. Hourly builders, in turn, will price on average around $15 per hour.

Interior Garage with Tools, Shelves, Lighting

Garage Remodel On A Budget

  • Cabinets
  • Countertops
  • Flooring
  • Lighting
  • Overhead Storage Racks
  • Painting
  • Secondary Refridgerator
  • Shelves
  • Wiring
  • Wall Covering

Should you drywall your garage?

In the US when it comes to a garage remodel with drywall you’ll typically only need it between the garage and living space but not on any exterior walls.

Is it worth it to insulate a garage?

With a garage remodel it is worth it to insulate the garage as it can help maintain overall building temperatures which will help you save on energy costs. What’s more insulating the garage can reduce unwanted outside sound from traveling as it creates an internal barrier from the exterior world. It’s recommended to insulate both the walls, ceiling, and door of the garage.

How To Finish A Garage Interior

A garage remodel can be finished efficiently by implementing a plan of action from the planning process to the finishing touches. When getting in touch with a professional you will determine what you want versus what you need and if it matches with local codes and more. From a garage remodel with lift installation to painting walls it’s best to consult a professional in order to make sure steps are followed as necessary to avoid future problems. Once plans have been made areas of the garage will be tackled first such as drywall and insulation in order to work on the garage remodel basically from the skeleton of the home. Lighting, countertops and other additions are then worked on with painting and flooring typically following after. With appliances or such additions that only require adding them into the room, these are typically done as the final steps. All  Implementations and tasks are made on a schedule based on materials arriving and labor schedules.

Contact A Professional Garage Service Company For More Information

Have your garage remodel endeavors handled by a professional for more well-rounded coverage of your project that tackles all necessary areas as well as desirable results. Your garage remodel will be best handled with a garage service company as they will be able to assist you with any specifications and characteristics that are wanted for your garage. Your garage will match with your property,  local codes and more so problems don’t arise in the future. With the help of a professional, you’ll benefit from fast and efficient services that will secure your garage remodel project. You may simply search for such terms as garage remodel near me for more assistance. For any other services having to do with your car like a mobile car detail service reach out to the necessary avenue of a car detailing service for assistance.   

If you’re interested in a garage remodel in Haslet and Fort Worth, TX call 214-494-9068 with Custom Garage Works! 

What Is the Best Garage Storage System?

White Garage Storage Cabinets in a Garage.

How Do I Organize My Garage?

Are you tired of going into your garage due to all of the excess clutter? You might be wondering to yourself, “How do I declutter my garage?” If you are wanting to get rid of some stuff, then purging and donating items is a great way to start, but if you are looking to keep the belongings in your garage, you may consider a garage storage system. There are several types of garage storage systems such as slat wall storage and overhead storage, two types of garage storage systems that tend to be real popular are garage storage cabinets and shelves. When deciding on garage storage, there may be a garage shelves vs cabinets dilemma. So which one is the better system?

Both of these storage systems are able to free up floor space in your garage, which is the main goal of organizing and decluttering your garage. However, we need to look at how things are stored. With shelves all of the items are organized directly on the shelf and on full display for everyone to see. For a lot of people this is okay, but if you want to hide away your belongings and not have them in full view garage cabinets are a good choice. Hiding away any clutter can make the garage seem bigger and this can add more value to your garage.

Not only can garage storage cabinets with doors hide away items, but you can also add shelving within the cabinets, so you are getting the best of both worlds. Another great thing about garage cabinets is that you can lock up your belongings in the cabinets and not have to worry about anyone taking them or leaving out dangerous items for your younger kids to find. With shelving, everything is out in the open, so anyone is able to take things of the shelves whenever they want. It really is up to a person’s personal preference, but garage storage cabinets are a great garage storage system that will reduce clutter and keep your home safer.

What Is the Best Material for Garage Cabinets?

If you are interested in garage cabinets to store everything in your garage, the next step you need to take is deciding what type of material you want for the cabinets. There are a couple of materials to choose from when choosing garage storage cabinets for you garage.

  • MDF: MDF, or medium density fiberboard, is a material that is manufactured with a wood core, but the outside material is made of laminate. These are good if you want the look of wood without the added expense, but this type of material is prone to moisture and they are usually really heavy.
  • Metal: If you are wanting that industrial look, then metal garage storage cabinets are the way to go. They come in both aluminum and steel, and they are long-lasting and can hold a ton of weight. Some of the issues with metal cabinets is that they are expensive and they can corrode if they are not coated.
  • Plastic: Plastic is a great material as its really affordable, lightweight, and is resistant to things like rot, moisture, and corrosion. Things to be wary about is that they can’t hold a lot of weight and can start to crack or splinter over a period of time.
  • Wood: Wood garage storage cabinets are great if you want a versatile look. This type of material comes in a range of wood finishes, shapes, and sizes. They are also a great choice because they are very durable, but they can be prone to moisture, which leads them to either form wood rot or cracks.

How Much Does Garage Cabinets Cost?

The Interior of a Garage with Red Garage Storage Cabinets.

Garage Storage Cabinets Cost

When it comes to the cost of garage cabinets, its going to depend on a couple of variables. First, the materials used for the cabinets will come into play, and then the number of cabinets plus the height will also be taken into consideration. Plastic and MDF cabinets are going to be less expensive than metal cabinets, but again, the number of cabinets plus the size will be a big factor in the cost of garage storage cabinets. Getting these types of garage storage systems installed in your garage will range from hundreds to thousands of dollars. In order to get a better idea of what the cost of garage storage cabinets in Haslet and Fort Worth, TX will be, you should call the experts at Custom Garage Works. We are able to answer any questions about cost, garage storage cabinet plans or ideas, or any type of question you might have concerning this type of storage. Whether you want to know, “How deep should garage cabinets be?” or you want a rough ballpark on how long this project will take to complete, we are the professionals to contact for custom garages. You wouldn’t call a random person if you needed concrete driveway installation, so why work with someone who doesn’t have the knowledge or experience to answer your questions. Give us a call at 214-494-9068 to learn more about garage storage cabinets!

What can I store in my garage?

Garage With Some Garage Storage Solutions

Utilizing Your Garage

Almost every home today is built with a garage as well. Most will be attached to the house, but there are several homes that will have a detached garage. In either case, a garage is an excellent place for storage. Of course, some of the first images that come to mind are boxes and boxes of stuff in almost a comical way. Unfortunately for many homeowners that is often the case, but it doesn’t have to be. Garage organization and storage are easy tasks to put off, but in order to get the best use of your space, these are necessary steps. And today, there are several companies that offer organization services that you can use. For example, Custom Garage Works offers services organization and garage storage in Haslet and Fort Worth, TX. We build custom storage systems so you can have the most efficient use of your space. For more information, call us at 214-494-9068.

Custom Built Cabinets for Garage Storage

Garage or Storage Building?

Fairly often, homeowners debate whether or not to rent or build a storage unit outside of their garage. Depending on the overall size of your garage, storage space can be limited. More than that, custom built systems can be quite expensive, deterring homeowners from considering or purchasing them. But storage systems can actually be a much more economical investment, at least compared to storage units. With a custom storage system, you can reduce clutter and make your storage in your garage more efficient. Even if you don’t want to invest in custom storage systems, you can always DIY something to get more accessible storage out of your garage.

Garage Storage Ideas

When it comes to storage ideas, there are a lot of options to choose from. As a homeowner, you have to decide how much you want to do yourself and how much you want to outsource to garage storage experts. Building your own storage systems can absolutely work, but you may run into the issue of reliability and longevity.  

  • Handy Bins: A great and inexpensive storage idea are the plastic bins you can pick up at any home supply store. They provide easy storage for multiple items and can be organized on shelves, in cabinets, or left loose throughout your garage.
  • Cork or Peg Board: Another simple, and inexpensive solution, for garage storage are cork and peg boards. These provide a great place to store tools and other items that you don’t want to lose. Additionally, it keeps things from cluttering floors, drawers and shelves.
  • Overhead Storage: When you are really strapped for space, overhead storage could be a good solution for you. Hiring a garage storage expert to help with planning and installation is probably the best way to go. 
  • Custom Shelves and Cabinets: Probably one of the best storage ideas you can work with are custom made systems. These will make sure that you are maximizing the space and preventing future clutter and chaos. 

Similar to how you would hire someone to help with tree planting around your home, you will want to hire someone that knows garage storage inside and out. Whether you want a custom garage storage cabinet with doors or you just want some help organizing, there’s no shame in getting some help.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Garage Storage


  • Cars and car-related tools. Just make sure everything is in storage appropriate containers and up high enough to be avoided by small children and animals.
  • Paint and chemical cleaners. 
  • Yard and gardening tools.
  • Infrequently used items


  • Items that cannot handle drastic temperature changes
  • Items that can leak like propane tanks
  • Fragile items
  • Extra refrigerators and freezers. When the weather warms up, they’ll have to work double time to keep cool which will hike up your energy bills.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the best garage storage system?
    • There are a lot of premade systems on the market, but the best storage system will be custom built. Companies like Custom Garage Works offer beautiful, custom built cabinets and storage systems for affordable prices.
  • How much are garage cabinets?
    • It depends on what you need and what will work best for your storage needs. Open-faced shelving will cost you about $100 to $150. But complete shelving and cabinetry could run you closer between $300 and $700.
  • How do I organize my garage?
    • The overall organization is completely up to you. The best way to start, though, is to completely clear out your garage. Remove everything and take inventory of what you have, what you need and what you plan to get rid of. Install shelves, cabinets, or a combination of the two and replace everything you are keeping.
  • How much does garage shelving cost?
    • DIY shelving can cost you between $50 and $75, depending on how extensive your installation is. Hiring someone to install larger, custom built shelves or just larger standard shelving units, can run you about $200.
Garage Storage Can Be Done With Overhead Hanging Shelves

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What’s the Best Garage Floor Coating?

We Have the Knowledge and Experience to Help You Pick the Proper Floor Coating for Your Needs!

How Do I Protect My Garage Floor?

Many people who keep their vehicle in a personal garage don’t give any thought to the aesthetics or value of the floor or walls. Typically, a standard and unfinished concrete floor is functional, but has problems. They’re cold, not especially fuel efficient, and make your garage seem darker than normal. That’s why many homeowners are beginning to look into garage floor coating options for their added benefits. You may be happy to find out that if you’re tired of parking on something standard and bland, this is a great way to personalize your space. But “What Is Garage Floor Coating?” and what specific benefits could it possible add to your home?

Garage Floor Coating Benefits

  • Design Benefits Concrete is drab, but garage floor coatings come in a wide array of colors and other patterns. This means you can decorate your vehicle storage however you want. Whether you’re looking for something like a bright color that reflects light and brightens up the room, or if you’re looking for a specific paint that matches the colors of the walls, you should be able to find what you’re looking for easily since there are so many styles and materials available. It’s great for people looking to build a custom garage for your home.
  • Easy Installation Most floor coatings can be installed quickly and easily. A professional can pour the epoxy or paint the floor without much problem. They can ensure your garage floor coating is spread evenly and on every part of the surface, then ensure that it dries undisturbed. The installation and drying process limit your access to your garage for a few to several hours, as opposed to having a new garage floor installed which would include destroying the concrete, removing it, prepping the foundation for new concrete, pouring it, then letting it dry. A new garage floor means you won’t have access to your garage for many days, but a new floor coating can do the job for a fraction of the cost and time.
  • Highly Durable Garage floor coatings protect the concrete underneath it from moisture, dirt, oil, and other problems. Many different kinds are resistant to impacts or heavy traffic, as well as general wear and tear. If it’s epoxy, you won’t have problems with water removal as it wipes up easily, your main problem will be improper installation, so always seek out professional service to minimize those chances.
  • Revitalization If your current floor is old, cracked, damaged, or unsightly, a new garage floor coating is your perfect chance to give it new life without the same effort, time, or money as a full floor replacement. While ripping it out and installing a new floor would take contractors a lot of time, heavy machinery, and money, most floor coatings take approximately the time to install and dry. Add this to the many different designs, color, and other aesthetic options, and you have every opportunity to take a drab or disgusting part of your garage and make it look brand new.
  • Stain Resistant Anyone with a garage and a vehicle have probably experienced an oil leak at some point. For people who park on concrete, this usually means a new and unsightly oil stain that that is never going to come out, no matter how hard you scrub, stain, or try. That’s where certain floor coatings shine, as some epoxy and other options repel most heavy-duty liquids that typically stain other materials. The only problem you would have is if the oil sits for a long time, but it should still be able to be scrubbed out if that’s the case.
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Different Types of Coating and Coverings

We’ve listed off some of the benefits of typical garage floor coatings, but that doesn’t narrow down your choices as there are different styles, types, and materials for people who are asking themselves “What should I put on my garage floor?” Some people choose the simplicity of floor mats, which are fast and easy to put in place and help protect the concrete underneath, but are not waterproof since they still have edges. If that doesn’t work for you or if you find yourself asking “How do I waterproof my garage floor?” then your next choices are between an epoxy or paint garage floor coating vs tiles. Tiles take a while to install as you have to measure the entire area, lay the tiles, put in the grout, and let everything dry. If you don’t have time for that, your best options are paint or an epoxy-based garage floor coating, which can be applied quickly and will be finished once the materials dry. For the people wondering “What is the most durable garage floor paint?” it’s important to acknowledge that most garage floor paints are either latex, acrylic, or a combination of the two with a small percentage of epoxy for added durability.

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What Garage Floor Coating Is Best?

For homeowners that are trying to pick the appropriate floor coating, it depends on your needs. If you’re looking to keep the underlying concrete from being damaged by wear and tear, you have plenty of options to choose from. If you are looking for waterproofing or keeping the concrete from oil stains, then paint and epoxy coatings are an excellent choice. For people who are thinking of building one and wondering “How much value does a garage add?” then you need to acknowledge an aesthetically appealing and functional garage floor looks better to potential buyers if you’re thinking of putting your house on the market. No matter what option you select, choosing a professional to install it means minimizing the chances that you will have installation related issues or damage, so while doing it yourself might seem like the cheaper option, you could end up spending more money for repairs in the near future if you make a mistake. So if you’re interested in professional garage floor coating in Haslet and Fort Worth, TX, contact the experts of Custom Garage Works at 214-494-9068 for more information today!

How To Install Auto Lift

An auto car lift raised a few feet off the ground with a white van on it.

Learn More About Auto Car Lifts

There could be many reasons to consider auto car lifts. If you’re someone that wants to create more space in your two car garage then a lift is a great way to make space! Perhaps there’s no room for parking on the street, you have too many cars to fit in your driveway, or maybe you don’t even have a driveway! The possibilities are endless. Suffice it to say, auto car lifts are a great way to organize space and store cars on your property. If you’re skeptical about the load bearings of these machines, they can hold as low as 7,000 lbs and can even carry as much as 18,000 lbs! With its many different secure attachment options, you can even pick and choose which type of car lift would best fit with your preferences. With auto car lifts it’s important to consider the types of cars you have, the size of the garage, and the type of lift you want before you make a commitment. If you’re interested in Auto lift installation in Fort Worth, TX it’s important to conduct auto lift inspection to determine the right fit for your vehicle. While you’re at it, consider heating system maintenance as well!

Reasons to Install an Auto Lift

  • Creates more room for storage
  • Organizes cars into a sections
  • Great for underbody mechanic work
  • Protects the car from outside damages/inclement weather

How much does it cost to put a lift in a garage?

Installation of auto car lifts can fall around $500 for a two post lift and $1000 for a four post.

Will a car lift fit in my garage?

Car lifts come with different adjustments yet there is a standard height that should be considered within a garage before deciding on auto car lifts.

How high does a garage have to be for a lift?

Typically it’s recommended that your ceiling at least be 11-12 feet high for safer handling. (22 feet is considered the best.) You may get away with 10 feet yet it’s best to be safe and have more room than skimming it by a hair with your auto car lifts. Make sure to do the necessary measurements in order not to be surprised when your car stacking hits the ceiling and their’s no room for the car below.

What is the best automotive lift?

There are several types of auto car lifts that may fit with what you’re looking for or fit with your case in particular. Consider the two types of car lifts out in the market, frame engaging and wheel engaging. Frame engaging auto car lifts have suspension attachment points and rocker panel boxes that help to secure the jacking areas near the perimeter of the frame of a car. These arms then lift the car frame up with secure support which leaves the wheels free to hang around. This type of lift can come with fixed-position pads or steel arms that can be pushed in or out to align with each vehicle’s different secure points. Wheel engaging auto car lifts support a car on a platform under the wheels as if a floor level is lifting. These support decks, however, do have space underneath to allow for access to the underbody of a vehicle. If you prefer this option but would also like an option for wheels-off work you can purchase an extra set of hydraulic jacks and cross beams.

How thick of concrete do I need for a car lift?

For safe auto lift installation, it’s recommended to have a minimum of 4 inches or 100mm of reinforced concrete slab for both two and four post hoists.

An empty auto car lift in the center of a mechanic shop with a cut off one on the right with a black van on it.

Safety & Recommendations

If you’re considering an auto lift for a home garage than consider some recommended auto lift equipment to have. Auto car lifts can be dangerous if mishandled so it’s stressed to only buy lifts with a slack-cable safety latch, lock or device. Most auto car lifts have a mechanical locking pawl which is designed to slide into and hang onto adjustable holes incremented on the sides of the bars to raise the deck’s position. These pawls with catch and lock with the lifting cable and prevent your car from falling all the way down onto the floor which is why this mechanism should be available as an additional safety precaution when lifting or lowering a car.

Another point of consideration as far as auto car lifts and their safety features are to make sure the lock holes are even on each of the sides of the lift. Double check the alignment of these holes before engaging in using the auto car lift as even one side that’s uneven can cause a car to sag or roll. Some auto car lifts may offer supply shims or screw adjusters to aid in adjustments. Finally, better-made lifts should have large sheaves that are externally lubricating or self-lubricating with bushings or bearings. These will allow for slower turning which will slow down wear on auto car lifts. Options without bearings or bushings can lead to premature galling and failure.

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Preventing Animal Damage to Your Home

Why Do Wild Animals Appear In Your Garage So Much?

Animals often seek shelter in residential places like garages because they are looking for relief from the cold or storms. Some could be searching for food or wanting to have a safe nesting area to raise their young. No matter what the reason, these uninvited guests cause a lot of damage and need to be removed. Animal damage to homes in Haslet and Fort Worth, TX can be prevented with proper garage installation in repair by Custom Garage Works. Call us at 214-494-9068 to learn more.

squirrel on edge of a roof

Animal Damage Can Also Occur On Roofs and In Attics From Bats, Squirrels, and Rats

Common Animal Intruders Found Around Your Home

If you suspect you have a wild animal that is intruding onto your property, whether that is nightly visits into your yard, or making a nest in your shed or garage, you need to be able to identify it to know how to remove it safely. Location, sounds, what parts of your house or yard are damaged, and animal droppings are all common signs that can help you locate and then identify what type of animal it is. You can then either try to remove the intruder yourself depending on how small it is or seek professional help from a wildlife removal company.

  • Bat: enters your home through the roof, chimney, or attic. You will hear a lot of activity in your roof at night which can result in animal damage to your roof.
  • Raccoon: the most likely animal to enter your garage would be a raccoon. This is because they are the animals that love to raid trash the most, and trash bins are often right next to garages for trash pickup. Other ways they can get into your home is by climbing down the chimney or entering from underneath your home through a crawl space in the foundation.
  • Chipmunk or squirrel: A chipmunk damages plants and blooming flowers as it burrows. A squirrel will likely be found in your attic as it enters the home from tall trees. Look for nests in your soffit and fascia and chewed-through roofing as entry points.
  • Coyote or fox: these predators can adapt to any area that have food and water and are known to prey on livestock and household pets, especially small dogs. Foxes burrow in dens, and are known to create these caves under house decks and sheds.
  • Crow or pigeon: birds commonly get trapped in buildings accidentally as they fly through an open window or door. Some intentionally make nests in these places as they deem them safe, so be sure to check your garage or shed as these are secure, quiet, and warm places for the birds to keep their young.
  • Mouse or rat: These rodents love houses and garages, especially in the wintertime, as they are insulated and warm. If your garage happens to have a heated garage floor coating application, this could attract the mice even more in colder temperatures as they seek out heat. Custom Garage Works can re-apply these garage coatings if your garage floor experiences animal damage in Haslet and Fort Worth, TX. Call us at 214-494-9068 today.
  • Opossum: Just like raccoons, these animals love to eat out of garbage, so they are often spotted in neighborhoods. You will often see them in your driveway when it is trash night, so they will make their way up the concrete path to the garage and invade it.
  • Porcupine: these animals need food that have salt residue in them, so they often eat tree bark. They will flock to yards and damage your trees and have been known to damage your tools if they get into your garage or tool shed as well, as the tools taste salty to them!
  • Rabbit: rabbits love to eat gardens, so they will often eat your lawns. It usually doesn’t bug residents too much until the rabbits start to breed, and then the females look for shelter to give birth and raise the young. This is when they seek out sheds and garages and cause tons of animal damage like chewing and droppings galore.
  • Skunk: skunks also burrow, but they dig looking for grub. Known as the scaredy cat animal, they are jumpy and will spray at anything, which is why they often hide out in sheds, garages, and under porches and decks.
  • Snake: while you will most likely experience just the average harmless garden snake, there are possibilities where other more dangerous breeds of this reptile can enter your yard and be a danger to your family and pets. You can call for wildlife control management to come remove it.

How To Keep Wild Animals Out Of Your Garage

raccoon enters residential yard

If Raccoons Have Caused Animal Damage in Your Garage, We Can Repair It!

If you are wanting to know ways to prevent animal damage to your home, there are quite a few deterrent methods you can try. Clean out your garage and make sure there is no leaks, as moisture attracts animals. Look for any holes, cracks, nests, or openings where the pests could be entering or habitating. If you spot any signs of these, make note of where they are for repair. Then you can spray pesticides or use other animal damage control techniques to get rid of the creatures. Professional animal damage management companies in the Haslet and Fort Worth, TX are also available if preferred. For garage repair, you can call Custom Garage Works at 214-494-9068.

Raccoon Removal Techniques

Since raccoons are some of the most common wild animals to enter your garage, here is a brief FAQ on how to remove them.

  • How do I get rid of raccoons in my yard, and will raccoons leave on their own? Raccoons don’t like loud, bright, ot stinky places. By leaving a bright light on all night, placing ammonia-soaked clothes out to permeate the air, and using raccoon removal techniques like their food and water sources by bringing your trash cans and outdoor pet food inside, they will often leave on their own.
  • How do you keep raccoons away? Adding fencing, removing their food source sources like trash bins, and tending to pets will often keep raccoons away.
  • Is animal damage covered by homeowners insurance? Surprisingly, yes, as long as the animal that caused damage to your home was not a rodent. Rodent-like creatures like possums, skunks, birds, and bats do not fall under this category and therefore should be covered by your insurance. Only mice and rats are not. Just be aware that your insurance will most likely only literally cover your home. If a wild animal damages anything not attached to it on your property like a fence, detached garage, or shed, then it is not covered.