Kim’s New CGW Garage Makeover – Arlington, Texas

Kim had another garage company do her garage a few months back and it started bubbling up and causing major floor failure. After we were done Kim had a new garage that was fitting for her and her home. If your garage floor is looks bad from either a bad DIY kit experience or another Garage Floor Coating company in the DFW, Dallas area did the floor wrong and it’s peeling up or the surface looks stained and dirty. Give Custom Garage Works a call. We have been doing garage floor coating and epoxy floors here in the DFW area for years and can help you out of that bad looking garage floor. Not all garage floor coatings are the same, there is a lot of garbage out there in the market, some sold by the big box stores and on line. Remember you get what you pay for….and it’s all in the prep!

Happy Garaging!