Description Of Work: Filled cracks and uneven surfaces of garage floor with concrete patch, diamond grinding and prep of floor for multi-layer coating with heavy colored flake accents. Installed 6ft stainless steel garage cabinets with shelves and installed garage door track gap system. JD and his Team were fabulous! They turned my dusty concrete garage into a ballroom dance floor! Any and all cracks and uneven surfaces were filled in, leveled out and the final product looks like a granite counter-top. JD suggested that 6 foot stainless cabinets would fit perfectly in my small 2 car garage and solve my storage issues. The cabinets also had locking wheels and could be moved or rearranged when needed. I am extremely happy and will highly recommend this company to any homeowner and/or business owner wanting to refinish and organize their garage area.

-Paulette M. Plano TX