J.D. came to me in my moment of extreme emergency. I had just closed on a beautiful brand new home, and as always in all the homes I’ve had over the years put down some Epoxy based garage floor coating (the kind you can get at any home improvement store). All was good until I applied the clear coat. When the clear dried, it turned the floor splotchy and milky white, I had just wasted two weekends of prep/application work. I found Custom Garage Works on-line and submitted a request for an estimate. I was extremely impressed with JD and he made me a believer instantly. We had a day scheduled for him and his crew to begin and low and behold he called me a couple of days earlier and was able to complete the entire process in one day. When I first say my new floor I was in complete AWE!!!! It was beautiful and much, much better than any epoxy coating I had put down before. All of my neighbors remarked at how gorgeous it came out and I could’ve parked on it the very next day but didn’t just to be on the safe side. The best part is there aren’t any tire marks from my truck..ever, and the floor matches my granite counter tops perfectly (it actually does look like granite in my garage). While their product is more expensive than the store bought crap, it is without a doubt worth every penny…..Did I mention a lifetime warranty as well? I would recommend their services to anyone and plan on calling them for cabinets once I am completely settled in.

-T. Rohrbach Fort Worth