Messy Garage Floor Tiles In Frisco, TX

So a few weeks back we had the opportunity to redo a clients garage floor coating that had been previously installed by the former homeowners. But before we were able to apply our superior marine-grade garage floor coating, we first had to take up the interlocking garage floor tiles that the former owner had put on top of the failing garage floor coating that they had applied. The tiles were a simple, standard gray color that not only discolored over time but also had been stained from tires rolling in and out of the garage. The interlocking garage floor tiles that are on the market look nice with their vibrant colors out of the box, but quickly lose there luster once exposed to the elements. Also, since the garage floor tiles are made out of plastic petroleum based products, they will crosslink with your vehicles tires, since they are also made out of petroleum based materials. When this crosslinking happens, you are left with tire stains and marks. Now the time you invested in making your garage floor nice and fancy, looks very drab and dingy. Now this is just how the top of the garage floor tiles appear. Once we took these tiles up, there was all kinds of water, dirt and mold that had accumulated through the cracks between the tiles. Many people are not aware of all the mess and stink that builds up underneath the tiles. It happened to be a very hot and extremely dry day, but with lack of circulation underneath the garage floor tiles, water and grime will be allowed to stand and fester.

Once we were able to take up all the stained tiles and clean up the standing water, we began our process by grinding away all the previous garage floor coating and cleaning the concrete substrate surface. Once the surface was back to a clean, dust-free environment we then applied our multi-layer heavy duty garage floor coating.

It is always nice to turn someone’s drab and dingy garage floor into a beautifully coated, easy to keep clean surface. Because we do not use lower grade epoxy, our garage floor coatings will not amber or discolor from UV exposure. Also, our garage floor coatings will retain there sheen and beauty as long as they are cleaned with simple household products, no fancy cleaners required.

So while you may think garage floor tiles offer many different varieties of looks, you should think about the many color variations and fleck blends that we offer to help you achieve a beautiful, sanitary garage floor covering. Call us anytime with your questions and we will be happy to offer advice and answers, 817-308-1305 or 214-494-9068.