Custom Garage Car Lift In Haslet and Fort Worth, TX

Get The Most Out Of Your Garage!

Are you running out of space for your vehicles? Custom Garage Works® has a creative solution to increase your garage space through the use of an automotive storage lift. With a residential car lift, you can increase your automobile storage space as well as gain the convenience of working on your cars without having to slide under them with a creeper. We offer two different 4-post lifts that have many different features and accessories that can go with the lift. All of our lifts are installed by factory trained installers which also carries with it an extended parts warranty. We have a lift for every budget and application. We also carry a full line of 2-post lifts as well as motorcycle and mid-rise lifts. Give us a call so we can better outfit you with the best garage car lift in Haslet and Fort Worth, TX for your vehicles!

Rotary 4-Post Residential Lifts

Garage Auto Lift

Our Lifts Fit In Most Standard Garages, And Fit Cars as Well As Small Trucks!

Since we specialize in garage storage solutions, we knew we had to find the best method for storing vehicles as well. Rotary Lift is the largest lift manufacturer in the industry. Building lifts for the professional service industry, Rotary has recently developed a storage lift for the home enthusiast. Using their knowledge in the professional auto repair market they designed a lift for use at home. The 9000-pound capacity will lift most cars and light trucks. Two of the biggest benefits of the Rotary enthusiast lift is the fact you can order it with an 110v power unit and you do not have to bolt it to the floor. This means you do not have to scar your beautiful garage floor and with our optional casters, you can move the lift from one area in the shop to another. Rotary Lifts are 3rd party tested and certified to meet the American National Standard ANSI/ALI ALCTV-1998 and ANSI UL Standard 201.

The lifts come in two sizes- a short version with 149″ runways and 63″ rise, and a long version with 175″ runways and 76″ rise. To give you an idea of length, a Chevrolet Suburban has a 167″ wheelbase. The lifts come in black, and we throw in the deal a set of drip trays that go under the car, a sliding jack tray that can be used with your bottle jack, extended ramps for very low cars and a heavy duty caster kit to move the lift in the shop. The Power unit is 110v and is wired and ready to plug and play.

If you are looking for a high-quality auto lift or garage car lift in Haslet and Fort Worth, TX and the surrounding areas, give us a call at  214-494-9068 or 817-308-1305 to learn more! We are centrally located in DFW, and we specialize in providing high-quality custom garage services to clients all over the metroplex. If you are interested in a better quality of garage for your home, give us a call today and receive a free estimate from one of our owners. We look forward to serving you!

4-Post Car Lifts

4-Post Lift

garage car lift

Our 4-Post Garage Car Lifts Are Essential For Making The Most Out Of Your Garage Space!

The Rotary 4-post Residential 4-post is our signature 4-post garage car lift for home lift use. This vehicle lift has been designed to include the industrial style “Double-Lock Ladder Leveling System” and backup safety locks as a secondary safeguard used on our professional level 4-post lift models that you would find in your local car dealership service shops. Rotary has also raised the bar by increasing the lifting height to 76” and it will now clear 72″ under the runway. The Rotary 4-post has more lifting height underneath as well as the ability to level while in a locked position. Only our Rotary Lift provides the same leveling and locked ability and utilizes the same style backup, in the method of secondary safety lock safeguard. No other residential lift in the industry provides leveling for the lift while at rest in the locked position and they do not use a secondary lock system for the safety cables.

“The Double-Lock Ladder Safety System” featured in the Rotary car lift lets you operate the lift on an uneven floor, if in a locked position. The competing lifts are unable to maintain levelness on slanted or angled floor while on the locked setting, despite the fact that you need to lock the lift if you want to use it correctly. Theirs can only operate on non-adjustable locks, which means your vehicle is only as even as your garage floor. This lift not only provides a solution to the issue of leveling but additionally offers a unique secondary lock as a backup. The secondary lock will engage automatically if a cable goes into a slack position at any time.

Our 4-post garage car lift provides you with each of the benefits of our upgraded commercial lifts at a price that is a little easier on the wallet. If we do a Custom Garage Works flooring system in your garage, and you purchase a 4-post Rotary Lift, we will include a Caster Kit, three Drip Trays, and a Jack Tray. All free of charge! This is a total value of over $575 worth of accessories at no charge!

The Rotary Residential 4-post lift is insured by a 5-year warranty for the parts and a 2-year hydraulic power unit/cylinder system warranty.

  • Additional Lift Height
  • Safety System With Double Lock Ladder
  • Approach Ramps Made From Steel
  • Finished With Powder Coat
  • 9,000 Pound Capacity
  • Runways Made With Diamond Plate
  • Lock Release, Single Point

Question: In order to stack my vehicles, how tall do my garage ceilings need to be?
Answer: Take the height of each of your cars, and add another 4″ to that number.

Motorcycle Lifts

Motorcycle Lift

Garage motorcycle Lift

Our Motorcycle Lifts Are A Great Way To Secure And Protect Your Bike!

We install only the best lifts in the industry. Rotary’s Motorcycle Lifts have quickly become the #1 selling motorcycle lift in the industry. Here are a few features that have made the Rotary MC Lift America’s #1 pick. The Rotary garage motorcycle lift comes standard with an extended length table top measuring 93″ and 113″ including the approach ramp (most motorcycle lifts are only 80″-84″ in length). The Rotary MC lift is equipped with a Diamond Plate tabletop and is powder coated Black for a durable and good looking finish. The Rotary MC lift operates on 90–100PSI of air to raise 1000# to a maximum lifting height of 33″. The included foot-operated air valve can be accessed from either side of your motorcycle lift for maximum flexibility. There are 5 safety lock positions and a stabilizer bar for added stability. The vise wheel clamp is lined with rubber to protect your wheels and ensure a proper grip. The lift is portable so if you want to roll it outside on a nice day for some detail work, that is possible. The Rotary motorcycle lift is manufactured in Rotary Lift’s state of the art ISO 9001 certified factory and comes with a full 1-year warranty.

Rotary MC Lift Specifications:

  • The air operated motorcycle lift with vise measures 93″ x 24″ and lifts 1000 lbs 33″ high.
  • Extended length 93” top with an extra 20” removable ramp for a total of 113”.
  • Diamond Plate surface, powder coated to help keep motorcycles stable.
  • 90-100 PSI air power for 1,000 pounds of capacity.
  • Wheel vise is rubber-lined for additional wheel protection when securing cycles.
  • Foot operated control valve can be accessed on either side of the lift.
  • 5 lock positions for a convenient locking system.
  • 1 year limited warranty manufactured in Rotary Lifts ISO 9001 certified factory.