Will A Garage Remodel Increase Resale Value?

Garage Remodel

This Garage Has It All, With A Premium Floor Coating And Plenty Of Storage Space!

Are you trying to sell a house or property? DFW is known as one of the leading 3 cities in fashion and design, so it’s no surprise that a garage remodel in Haslet and Fort Worth, TX can significantly increase a property’s resale value. In fact, recent research indicates that homeowners who remodel the garage, as opposed to leaving it unfinished or converting it into another living space, see a higher return on investment than those who don’t. Adding a quality polyaspartic floor coating is a great way to improve the overall appearance of the garage, and added storage space is a major bonus for the majority of home buyers. At Custom Garage Works, we offer a wide selection of services that can help you double the storage space in your garage, as well as floor coating services that blow the competition away. Call us today at 214-494-9068 or 817-308-1305 to ask about our garage remodel packages, and to get your free estimate!

Garage Upgrades

While many experts warn against garage conversions, it is important to understand that this only applies to transforming a garage into an additional living space. Completely ignoring the garage, and leaving it as a dingy storage area of the house, can be off-putting to potential buyers. If you really want a home to stick out in today’s market, a finished floor can go a very long way. Home buyers are looking for simplicity, and with a polyaspartic floor coating, simplicity is by design. From simple clean-up to improved durability, men and women alike will enjoy the benefits of a garage floor coating. When it comes to the ultimate ROI for a garage remodel, however, every general contractor knows that built-in storage is an absolute favorite for potential buyers. The more storage they get in the deal, the more likely they are to choose your property over another property. That’s why we offer overhead storage racks, to utilize the high garage ceilings, along with built-in garage cabinets that can hide garage eyesores such as hot water heaters and circuit panels.

Get Started!

If you are interested in a garage remodel that will improve the resale value of your property, as well as increase the curb appeal, give us a call at 214-494-9068 or 817-308-1305 and speak to one of our friendly associates. When you work with us, you not only get incredible value, but you will also see a high rate of return because the quality is plain to see. Unlike many cut-rate contractors that can actually damage the value of your property with faulty epoxy coatings, we work with only high-quality products that are designed to impress. And as an added benefit, our garage remodels take a fraction of the time our competitors take, and we are always on time. Looking for inspiration? Check out our gallery here! When you need a professional, affordable, and fast garage remodel in Haslet and Fort Worth, TX, count on Custom Garage Works, the company contractors trust