Put your new Garage Floor Coating company to the TEST

Custom Garage Works has been providing many years of top quality garage floor coating, storage and auto lift systems in the Dallas/Ft. Worth market. I like to think that we are the best garage floor coating contractor in North Texas, but the fact is, there are many different options in the DFW area for garage floor epoxy services. Unfortunately, there are a lot of self serving contractors out there that don’t have your best interest in mind, that don’t have customer service, and don’t carry proper insurance. I can’t stress enough the importance of getting estimates from a qualified contractor. Here are a few tips on how to pick right contractor that fits you.

First, you want to check at least 3 reviews or references from previous customers. Ask the estimator for access to ample reviews so you may make the most informed decision before hiring your desired company for your garage floor coating installation. Some example questions that you may ask yourself are:

  • Did the installers show up on time?
  • Were the installers neat and clean on the job site?
  • Did the previous customers feel like they got good value for their money?
  • Who was actually doing the installation of the garage floor coating?

By asking these types of questions, you will get a good feel on what type of contractor you will be entering into an agreement with.

Next, be sure that you are comparing products of a similar nature. Make sure that whatever garage floor coating business you hire is using the products that you are looking for. There are big differences in the quality of the workmanship of the installation as well as the actual floor coating being applied. Always remember to ask if you are being quoted for concrete paint, basic concrete epoxy flooring, polyaspartic floor coating systems or some other garage floor coating system that is unfamiliar to you. This information is very important in determining your specific needs and wants for your individual floor coating system.

Finally, make sure that your contractor carries insurance. There are occasional accidents that happen on job sites, like any other business, and when those accidents occur, the homeowners are protected. With so many companies offering cut-rate project prices, something has to give and hopefully it is not your peace of mind because you may not be covered in case an accident occurs.

Hopefully these will be a few tips for hiring the right contractor. Call us today to receive an estimate for the garage floor you have always dreamed of at no charge or if you have any questions.