What Is the Best Garage Storage System?

White Garage Storage Cabinets in a Garage.

How Do I Organize My Garage?

Are you tired of going into your garage due to all of the excess clutter? You might be wondering to yourself, “How do I declutter my garage?” If you are wanting to get rid of some stuff, then purging and donating items is a great way to start, but if you are looking to keep the belongings in your garage, you may consider a garage storage system. There are several types of garage storage systems such as slat wall storage and overhead storage, two types of garage storage systems that tend to be real popular are garage storage cabinets and shelves. When deciding on garage storage, there may be a garage shelves vs cabinets dilemma. So which one is the better system?

Both of these storage systems are able to free up floor space in your garage, which is the main goal of organizing and decluttering your garage. However, we need to look at how things are stored. With shelves all of the items are organized directly on the shelf and on full display for everyone to see. For a lot of people this is okay, but if you want to hide away your belongings and not have them in full view garage cabinets are a good choice. Hiding away any clutter can make the garage seem bigger and this can add more value to your garage.

Not only can garage storage cabinets with doors hide away items, but you can also add shelving within the cabinets, so you are getting the best of both worlds. Another great thing about garage cabinets is that you can lock up your belongings in the cabinets and not have to worry about anyone taking them or leaving out dangerous items for your younger kids to find. With shelving, everything is out in the open, so anyone is able to take things of the shelves whenever they want. It really is up to a person’s personal preference, but garage storage cabinets are a great garage storage system that will reduce clutter and keep your home safer.

What Is the Best Material for Garage Cabinets?

If you are interested in garage cabinets to store everything in your garage, the next step you need to take is deciding what type of material you want for the cabinets. There are a couple of materials to choose from when choosing garage storage cabinets for you garage.

  • MDF: MDF, or medium density fiberboard, is a material that is manufactured with a wood core, but the outside material is made of laminate. These are good if you want the look of wood without the added expense, but this type of material is prone to moisture and they are usually really heavy.
  • Metal: If you are wanting that industrial look, then metal garage storage cabinets are the way to go. They come in both aluminum and steel, and they are long-lasting and can hold a ton of weight. Some of the issues with metal cabinets is that they are expensive and they can corrode if they are not coated.
  • Plastic: Plastic is a great material as its really affordable, lightweight, and is resistant to things like rot, moisture, and corrosion. Things to be wary about is that they can’t hold a lot of weight and can start to crack or splinter over a period of time.
  • Wood: Wood garage storage cabinets are great if you want a versatile look. This type of material comes in a range of wood finishes, shapes, and sizes. They are also a great choice because they are very durable, but they can be prone to moisture, which leads them to either form wood rot or cracks.

How Much Does Garage Cabinets Cost?

The Interior of a Garage with Red Garage Storage Cabinets.

Garage Storage Cabinets Cost

When it comes to the cost of garage cabinets, its going to depend on a couple of variables. First, the materials used for the cabinets will come into play, and then the number of cabinets plus the height will also be taken into consideration. Plastic and MDF cabinets are going to be less expensive than metal cabinets, but again, the number of cabinets plus the size will be a big factor in the cost of garage storage cabinets. Getting these types of garage storage systems installed in your garage will range from hundreds to thousands of dollars. In order to get a better idea of what the cost of garage storage cabinets in Haslet and Fort Worth, TX will be, you should call the experts at Custom Garage Works. We are able to answer any questions about cost, garage storage cabinet plans or ideas, or any type of question you might have concerning this type of storage. Whether you want to know, “How deep should garage cabinets be?” or you want a rough ballpark on how long this project will take to complete, we are the professionals to contact for custom garages. You wouldn’t call a random person if you needed concrete driveway installation, so why work with someone who doesn’t have the knowledge or experience to answer your questions. Give us a call at 214-494-9068 to learn more about garage storage cabinets!