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Garage Floor Cracks: When Should You Be Worried?

Garage Floor Cracks

Did You Know That Concrete Floor Pros Actually Plan Where Cracks Will Appear?

Don’t you wish that smooth concrete floor in your garage could last forever? While you can gloss it over with a gorgeous paint, garage floor cracks will still show up (eventually). Normally, it’s not a problem that you need to concern yourself with, but there are a couple rare cases where it could spell danger for your home. Follow this quick guide to help you know when to be concerned. 

When Cracks are Cause for Concern

Cracks in your garage floor may be a nuisance, but they rarely present any danger to your home. Here are a few common types of cracks that you may find in your garage…

  • Control Joints
  • Post Shrinking Cracks
  • Foundation Setting
  • Cracks Due to Poor Curing and Compactions

While these planned or accidental deformities may look unpleasant, you needn’t worry about them. On the other hand, deep cracks and elevated cracks could indicate an issue with your foundation, which is a major reason to be concerned. Left alone, this degradation could lead to major structure damage in your flooring. You will want to talk to your local foundation repair company about fixing your slab or concrete pier foundation.

Will Floor Coatings Cracks?

Any flooring can crack when severe pressure is applied to it. That’s why you want to ensure your foundation has completely settled before you apply a coating over your garage flooring. Weaker coatings like epoxy may crack with minor falling impact (say, if you tipped over your heavy toolbox). Stronger coatings are much more resistant to falling damage or even minor floor shifting. 

Schedule Your Garage Floor Coating Installation

Our team at Custom Garage Works offers lovely, high strength polyurea and polyaspartic coating installation, so that you can enjoy a lovely garage floor for many years to come. If you’d like more insight into your garage floor cracks, or if you’d like an estimate on one of our services, you’re welcome to talk with one of our experts. Give us a call at 214-494-9068 (for Fort Worth, TX, you can reach our local office at 817-308-1305).