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What is the Best Car Lift for Home Garage?

What is the Best Car Lift for Home Garage?

When you are considering a custom garage car lift, it is important for you to review your options on the market. If you would like to discover more recommended car lifts for a home garage, please review the following list.

  • The TRIUMPH NT-9 Two Post Floor Plate Lift
  • The QuickJack Car Lift
  • The BendPak Portable Mid-Rise Scissor Lift
  • The TRIUMPH NSS-8 8,000 Lbs 4 Post Service Lift

For more options, please be sure to contact your local garage car lift installation experts. A good company will have great recommendations to offer based on budget, car considerations, space dimensions, and more. 

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What’s the Best 2 Post Car Lift?

Are you wondering what the best 2 post car lift is? If so, it will be important for you to review the recommendations that experts in the industry suggest. Many of the brand names are the same, but there are variations according to size and car lift specifications. The BendPak Dual-Width 2-Post Asymmetric Car Lift is quite highly-recommended, as is the BendPak 4-Post Car Lift. This previously listed lift is able to lift up to nine thousand pounds. Another lift that is capable of lifting nine-thousand pounds is the TRIUMPH NT-9 Two Post Floor Plate Auto model.

Which is Better 2 Post or 4 Post Lift?

There is a distinct difference between 2 post lifts and 4 post lifts. One of these differences relates to the size of these lifts. A four-post lift will take up a lot more room than a two-post lift. It is also true that a two-post lift will raise a car “higher” in a garage that has a low ceiling. Two post lifts will be able to lift most vehicles about six feet off the ground, particularly in the setting where the garage has a ten-foot ceiling.

Are 2 Post Car Lifts Safe?

If you are pondering a new garage installation such as a two-post car lift, it is essential for you to think about whether or not they are safe. Thankfully, two-post car lifts are quite popular because they are safe when they are used in the appropriate ways. They are also quite reliable. Two post car lifts also have high lift capabilities. Each brand is slightly different, which is why it is advisable to review the warranty for each model that you are contemplating on buying.

How Thick Should Concrete Be for a 2 Post?

If you are thinking about an installation pertaining to a 2 post lift, you might be interested in some engineering facts. If you have a two-post car lift that is under 12,000-pound capacity, you will need four inches of concrete at 3,000 PSI. Alternatively, if you have 12,000-pound two-post lifts at a higher capacity, you will want six inches of concrete at the same PSI, 3,000.

Car Lift for Garage

There are many considerations to keep into account when it comes to purchasing a car lift for your garage. Several of these factors include power requirements, minimum height, lifting height, overall length, overall width, and capacity. A good garage car installation experts will be able to go over the current dimensions and space in your garage, and make a recommendation based upon your car needs, and your current budget.

Car Lift for Garage Storage

One of the most interesting things about a car lift is that you have the ability to lift storage, and not just your vehicle. Some brands of car lifts advertise this unique service, marketing it as the ability to not only lift six thousand pounds of car, but also six thousand pounds of storage. One of the features that car lift manufacturers enforce are automatic locks for these engineering marvels. Automatic locks will ensure that proper safety precautions are met.

Car Lift for Garage Dimensions

Are you wondering how much space is necessary for a car lift to operate properly? According to a leading car lift distributor, there are some great guidelines available. These guidelines include counting six feet of space underneath the apparatus. You will also need to measure five to six feet for vehicle height and one foot of clearance. Overall, this entails that you will need, at minimum, a height of twelve feet in order to install and work with your auto lift in a comfy setting.

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Car Lift for Garage Near Me

If you would like to purchase a car lift for your garage, one of the best tools in your arsenal is Google maps. By typing in relevant search terms, you can discover nearby car lift companies, and determine your best car lift for garage options.

If you have a need for a car lift for garage in Haslet and Fort Worth, TX, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 214-494-9068. We are here to provide exemplary support when you have any garage conundrums.