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Pecan Plantation | Granbury Garage Floor Coating

Finished up on a 750ft garage down in Pecan Plantation this past Friday. We love working down in this area, all the deer, golf and cool aircraft that fly over head. The development has two airstrip areas where folks land and then taxi right to their own personal hangers next to their houses. ..way cool. We have done quite a few 5000 sqft hangers here as well over the years.

The golf cart area of the garage is out fitted with a custom golf caddy and storage area. Tons of cubby spaces and storage for all his golf stuff all in the same place as his custom golf cart.

There is also a set of ceiling ladder storage systems installed over the one car bay of the garage.

The floor was finished out in our 4 layer Saddle Tan system and Rick was able to put his garage items, golf cart and cars the next day.

Thanks Rick for choosing Custom Custom Garage Works for your new home. It was great working with you to do the garage of your dreams for your retirement home.

Adding space with a 4-post lift Custom Garage Car Lift

Finished out this over sized 4 car garage in the Castle Hills area with one of our car storage 4-post lifts. It’s a 69 on top and a 2002 Viper in a very cool racing orange color with the black rally stripes. It was a really tight fit in there under the main beam going across the garage, but we made it work!

Thanks Thomas for having Custom Garage Works-TX complete your custom garage dream. There’s room for another 4-post lift on the other side of the garage if another car toy some how follows you home one day!

Colleyville Car Lift & Garage Flooring

Had a few 4 post lift inspections with a client in Colleyville yesterday. We did his 4 car garage and the lifts in the garage for his “car addiction” a couple years ago, lifts checked out great and the floor looked just as good as the day we left 2 years ago.

Here’s a a couple pics on one of his new rides, a sported out Mercedes. Anyone want to take a guess on the sticker price on this bad girl? This is only the third one of these sold in Dallas.

Great seeing ya again Lou!

Classic Car Garage Lifts

Here’s a pic of a 4-post install completed in a 2-car garage with just over 8ft ceilings. It was a tight fit to say the least, but with airbags on the cars the owner was able to lower the car on bottom to accommodate both Impala’s on the lift.

There is a 1963 on top and 1966 on bottom both impala convertibles. 63 total restoration with A/C, digital dash, air ride. 66 older restoration digital dash hydraulics. His next build underway is a 1961 convertible impala. These old Classic Cars are becoming rare as it takes a very special skill set to get these old girls back on the road and looking great.

Thanks for trusting Custom Garage Works-TX with your classic cars!

Garage Storage Gone Bad in Dallas, TX

We all struggle with organization and storage in our garages from time to time. Finding a functional and safe mode of storage can be a challenge as well. We have been providing storage and garage organizational ideas to the DFW and other surrounding areas since 2003. In that time we have seen quite a few creative…and lets say questionable methods of storage overhead. Here is just one example of a overhead storage DIY that had gone really bad and could have gotten worse had we not come up with a “Garage Fix” for this client. IN place we installed a solid constructed 4×8 Overhead Storage Rack that can handle up to 600 lbs and is securely anchored to the ceiling stud joist system with 3″ lag bolts….so it’s not going any where and it wont sag down and potential fail and fall like this one is sure to do if any more weight was put on DIY Garage Storage set up. If your needing additional storage in your garage overhead or on the walls, please give us a shout. I’m sure we have a storage option that would fit your garage need. We also have the best Garage Floor Coating in the DFW areas. Our garage floor coatings are 10x stronger then standard epoxy or urethane and will hold up to any chemical in a car(including battery acid and break fluid) or hot tire peel. Give us a shout for your free garage quote…you wont be sorry.

Turning a 3-car garage into a 4-car garage in Dallas, TX

Finished out another garage makeover for John & Brian in Dallas last week. They have a tandem 2.5 car and needed additional parking for the Aston Martin. With the addition of the 4-post lift we were able to turn this 3 car garage into a full 4-car garage….all for under $4300, not bad for adding another parking spot in the garage!

The floor was also redone with a new coating system as the old one was coming up all over the garage. To keep with the modern look of the house, we went with a granite colored mix on the colored flakes with a deep gray base coat. The garage floor coating system here in Dallas really sets the garage off and complements the modern looking home very well. The lift is a 8000lb cap 4-post that runs on 110v, so no special wiring is required to put one of our 4 post lifts in your garage. The garage ceiling height was just around 9 feet, so it was a tight fit with the car on there and one under it. You can see the hood of the Jeep fits right under it nicely. Congrats Brian & John on the new Custom Garage Works makeover, was great working with y’all on the garage.

All the best,

The CGW Crew.

Custom Garage Floor Coating For Motorcycle Storage In DFW

Here are two pics of a sweet Granite-Red Rocks garage we did for John H in Dallas. The walls were all painted as well as the cabinets and trim to flow with the new colors of the garage. The clients bikes just look simply amazing in this garage now. A garage floor coating system like many you see in homes in Frisco, Prosper and Coppell will enhance a home and turn the garage from just a place to park ….to a totally customized garage.

Thanks John for choosing Custom Garage Works for your garage transformation. Will get your sister’s garage all fixed up in later next month.


Messy Garage Floor Tiles In Frisco, TX

So a few weeks back we had the opportunity to redo a clients garage floor coating that had been previously installed by the former homeowners. But before we were able to apply our superior marine-grade garage floor coating, we first had to take up the interlocking garage floor tiles that the former owner had put on top of the failing garage floor coating that they had applied. The tiles were a simple, standard gray color that not only discolored over time but also had been stained from tires rolling in and out of the garage. The interlocking garage floor tiles that are on the market look nice with their vibrant colors out of the box, but quickly lose there luster once exposed to the elements. Also, since the garage floor tiles are made out of plastic petroleum based products, they will crosslink with your vehicles tires, since they are also made out of petroleum based materials. When this crosslinking happens, you are left with tire stains and marks. Now the time you invested in making your garage floor nice and fancy, looks very drab and dingy. Now this is just how the top of the garage floor tiles appear. Once we took these tiles up, there was all kinds of water, dirt and mold that had accumulated through the cracks between the tiles. Many people are not aware of all the mess and stink that builds up underneath the tiles. It happened to be a very hot and extremely dry day, but with lack of circulation underneath the garage floor tiles, water and grime will be allowed to stand and fester.

Once we were able to take up all the stained tiles and clean up the standing water, we began our process by grinding away all the previous garage floor coating and cleaning the concrete substrate surface. Once the surface was back to a clean, dust-free environment we then applied our multi-layer heavy duty garage floor coating.

It is always nice to turn someone’s drab and dingy garage floor into a beautifully coated, easy to keep clean surface. Because we do not use lower grade epoxy, our garage floor coatings will not amber or discolor from UV exposure. Also, our garage floor coatings will retain there sheen and beauty as long as they are cleaned with simple household products, no fancy cleaners required.

So while you may think garage floor tiles offer many different varieties of looks, you should think about the many color variations and fleck blends that we offer to help you achieve a beautiful, sanitary garage floor covering. Call us anytime with your questions and we will be happy to offer advice and answers, 817-308-1305 or 214-494-9068.

Does Your Garage Floor Crack You Up in DFW?

If you are applying a garage floor coating, most cracks can be repaired with an epoxy or flexible concrete compound. We must make sure the areas around the cracks have been cleaned and that any large cracks have been washed out and vacuumed to a dust-free surface.

For cracks that are smaller than 1/8?, we can use a high powered blower to clear out the crack and then vacuum it clean. We can then fill the crack with the repair compound and use a putty knife to smooth it over. For larger cracks we ideally want to chase the crack using a 4” grinder, clean it out, and then fill it with the repair compound using your putty knife to trowel it smooth. This is done to remove any weak edges surrounding the crack. crack3

If you have a crack that is ½” wide or larger or that is exceptionally deep, we would clean out the crack and try to create a backward-angled cut. We will also use a grinder with a masonry wheel for this as well. We will fill the crack with fine silica sand till it is about 3/4? from the surface and then apply our repair compound to it. The reason for this is to avoid sinking of the repair compound as it slowly fills the crack while curing. By taking these steps to your garage floor cracks this will help prevent the repair from upheaving further.

This is an essential step in our process of applying our custom garage floor coating. In order for us to deliver a seamless, uniform floor coating, we feel it very important to address any surface imperfections i.e. crack or divots in


the garage floor surface. If your garage floor has the aforementioned imperfections and you would like to see if these blemishes may be taken care of by the application of a custom garage floor coating, please give us a call at 817-308-1305 and let us help bring back the beauty to your garage floor.